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  1. My club are investigating purchasing a card reader (or two) in advance of our January show. While we will still take cash, the readers will allow the option for the door and second-hand at least, possibly the refreshments also. I've been on the door at a couple of shows (pre-Covid) where there were a few potential punters who wanted to pay the entry fee via a card and decided not to bother when they couldn't - it was only a handful, but I can only see that number growing post-Covid. And certainly on the second-hand there would be definite benefits for those impulse buys. My partner 'solo trades' her art via local art fairs and the vast majority of her sales are card payments - she uses the Zettle reader (sub-£30 as a one-off buy, 1.75% transaction fee, no contract, no minimum amounts per month, etc). SumUp is the other big player, similar cost but the transaction fee is a smidge less.
  2. Marlow, Maidenhead & District Model Railway Club's main annual exhibition. Saturday 8 Jan 2022, 09:30-16:00 Cox Green Community Centre, 51 Highfield Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 3AX More details will be added as they are confirmed. www.mmdmrc.org.uk
  3. until
    Marlow, Maidenhead & District Model Railway Club's main annual exhibition. Saturday 8 Jan 2022, 09:30-16:00 Cox Green Community Centre, 51 Highfield Lane, Maidenhead, SL6 3AX More details will be added as they are confirmed. www.mmdmrc.org.uk
  4. Yup, I was there too I'd need to go though the large box of unscanned pics, as I know there are more from that day.
  5. Veering slightly off at a tangent, on my club's 'Shirebeck' EM layout, I had repainted a Lima model as 47216 and another member had 47299. We'd occasionally park them up next to each other and see if anyone noticed...
  6. I think it's a consequence of the proportionally higher prices of rtr locos, Mick. Whereas you and I cut our teeth on £20 Lima models, where the risk of cocking it up wasn't a disaster financially (and there was an abundant supply of cheap tat to practice on!) folk are generally quite risk-averse, so will be very cautious over even slightly modifying a multi-hundred pound loco. That as much as anything is why fewer and fewer of us are into renumbers, repaints and more involved detailing.
  7. That prototype does, but I've done square corners successfully too. Ymmv, of course.
  8. Must admit I always cut each of my windows out as a single continuous cut, with no issues, on my original Portrait. 10 thou plasticard, 3 passes, downforce 33 and blade 10.
  9. Thanks Bernard, ordered a set for no. 8 last night. In stock, should be going in the post today.
  10. Hi Keith, each side comprises 2 layers of 10 thou, laminated using d-limonene (Mek or other liquid poly cements should work equally as well, with care - 10 thou is easily distorted/melted by stronger solvents) - I clamp the 2 layers between steel rules while the limonene goes off, helps keep everything flat. So my sides are effectively 20 thou (½mm) The 60 thou floor helps at the bottom of the sides and on the test build I also put a 5mm-wide strip of 10 thou (an offcut from the cut-out sheet) along the top edge. I'll take some more pics later (after work) to show more detail.
  11. A couple of questions for those more familiar with 009 than this novice: 1. are scale (or near-to scale) Chopper couplings available? The 'Bemo/Peco' loop/latch don't look particularly attractive to my eyes and I'd prefer to use something more prototypical if I can. 2. are 4mm etched number/name plates available for the VoR trio? My google-fu seem to be broken on both subjects, I've tried various search terms and na-da... TIA!
  12. Fraternal Socialist greetings, comrades! A very early-stages WIP is Lack micro #5, Hasselhöf Nord - a grubby industrial site in the Glorious Socialist Workers Paradise that was the DDR. Set circa 1985, its essentially a shunting plank/diorama, where the Köf II or BR102.1 'Gartenlaube' can shuffle assorted Deutsche Reichsbahn wagen around. Fiddlesticks can be plugged into a 2 roads on the left and 3 on the right end. It's also possible to run the right end as a 5-3-3 inglenook. The fascia window will quite tightly control the viewing angles Structures are an assortment of Kibri, Auhagen and Piko, track is Peco Code 75 and will end up embedded in cobbles to allow the obligatory Trabbi and IFA W50 to bounce their way around the site. Ost is best, comrades!
  13. Thanks for the tip Bernard, you are quite correct so the Dundas underframes haven't changed in the meantime. So in the end I made a simple underframe of 60 thou, with Evergreen 3.2mm C channel solebars for the test build, using just the Dundas bogies. I think it looks okay. Seats next, then a roof.
  14. While not strictly 3mm:ft, I do have a couple ol the very nice 1:120 scale SDV Models České Dráhy bogie van kits on the bench, for use on my Nové Město na Nedostatku micro branch terminus.
  15. Drafted up sides for the 'new' VoR stock and cut them on the Silhouette. I used the BR weight diagrams and refined them in Silhouette Studio. 2 brakes and 6 seconds, plus ends and droplights all in 10 thou plasticard. 2 A4 sheets, so just under a quid for the lot. These will go on the Dundas VoR coach chassis.
  16. There are a couple of rtr versions available, mostly German. Faller and Noch certainly do them in H0, and I recall seeing TT, N and even Z ones on my searches which may be adaptable to local needs. Try a search for 'segment drehscheibe'
  17. Am considering a J69 for a micro layout project and this seems the best option, however the 7mm shortness in wheelbase by using the Terrier chassis is a tad too jarring for me - has anyone successfully used the Bachmann J72 chassis (with it's much closer match to J69 wheelbase) under the 3D body, please? There's a fair few early Bachmann J72 on ebay for cheap. Any tips/hints/pics to show the changes required to either chassis or body would be welcome. TIA!
  18. I believe ownership is disputed between NR and EWS, as neither can find it on any official list! This has... complicated... any possible sale into preservation. Another issue is how to extract it from the siding. There's limited access to get it onto a road trailer and the OHLE kind of restricts any ideas about craning it out. I guess it could be jacked and wheel-skated out to somewhere more convenient (assuming there's anywhere left on the GE that fits the bill), but would the cost of that then make preservation unviable?
  19. Happy to report the Shenfield Shark is still there, as of 19:15 this evening.
  20. If you no longer have the service sheet that came with the loco, you should be able to find it on the Hornby website: https://support.Hornby.com/hc/en-gb
  21. They were 0-4-0 DMs, slightly shorter than the much more common 05s. BR Class D1/1 (all 3 were withdrawn before TOPS) and sadly the one sold on to industry before being scrapped in the mid-80s, despite a preservation attempt. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Rail_Class_D1/1 They've been on my 'to-do' list, so I'd be interested in how you tackle yours.
  22. I currently have 3 (arguably 4, including the canal boxfile) layouts 'in progress' at the moment - Dounreay (H0) , Mynyndd y Ddraig (009) and Hasselhöf Nord (H0) - to join the 3 completed micros (Barbers Bridge (EM) , Reading Signal Works (OO) and Nové Město na Nedostatku (TT) and 2 completed boxfiles and the CROC Steampunk diorama. And then Hasselhöf Ost Hbf (H0) can be built. Then Harlem Transfer/B&O 26th St (H0)... haven't 100% decided which, yet. Oh... And something small(ish) in O gauge needs doing at some point... Layout storage space is becoming the issue, at least until the shed gets a tidy once the cooker moved from there to its rightful place in the kitchen! But I do really enjoy the variety of scales, eras and prototypes, plus the 'quick win' and cheapness of serial micro layout building. For me it keeps things fresh and interesting.
  23. Les, not wishing to worry you without reason, but is the restriction on your venue 150 people total, or 150 punters plus however many exhibitors/stewards, etc., you have? Even a small/local show might easily have 50 assorted exhibitors present throughout the duration of the show, which drops your punter capacity down to 100 at any time, if the former scenario applies.
  24. I didn't win, but had fun designing and building CROC and the cost was pretty negligible (using up stuff I already had to hand, including bits already pre-allocated to a steampunk build). The other entries (9 in total from the look of things, including mine) can be found on Bassett-Lowke's various social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) and are all to a very good standard, with some fun ideas and clever use of the supplied items.
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