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  1. As @gregpokes1/Camdenmentioned earlier and shown off his beautiful Mallard tender (which is a Locomotion Models version that he added various details to), I'm working on various versions of the detailed inserts. These inserts are only a visual representation of the real thing, not dimensionally accurate (sorry)! I do have a few tweaks to do with these versions before counting them as "finished," mainly fixes for printing issues. Below is the other version for the non-corridor tender, a detailed Hornby version, along with the first test print of the raised bunker back. The high backed tender fo
  2. Bringing back an old thread for a question for everyone, where would one get a replacement chimney to make the Bachmann Tornado have the correct real life chimney? I have the 32-550A version, which is the unclipped version.
  3. Same here! Hattons coaches are good chunk more detailed than Hornby's! I'm getting the GWR Terrier pack for Hornby just to try them out, but everything else I want will be from Hattons! I am hoping they make Batch 3 coaches! Even if I'll be buying just a few of the LMR, Metro, and SDJR ones.
  4. Don't forget the super old GWR Mogo van and the GWR Terrier pack with three of the 4/6 wheeled coaches with a shirtbutton on them. R3960 is the product code for that pack. RRP is £179.99, selling at £161.99. Don't look at the announcement pics for the price, it was set at £299.99
  5. So this page shows Batch 3 info, which was updated on Dec 31? The other pages people are showing are from Aug 12th, which have not been updated, like the main page for the range. I now see the "Please note - due to a number of factors, our Great Eastern Railway models have now been moved back to Batch 3, details of which will be provided later in 2021." from their site. But all of the upcoming liveries have now disappeared from their article? https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=594
  6. Yes. As in, look at their main page for the coaches. No sign of Batch 3. That article was from August 12th. Below is from December 31st. https://www.hattons.co.uk/newsdetail.aspx?id=594
  7. And sadly, looks like Batch 3 will not go ahead anymore, as it has been removed from their site... was hoping for a LMR coach or two... Still going to buy some GWR coaches when they are released from Hattons. There’s have better detail below the coaches. Along with some LBSCR coaches!
  8. Oh, I'm sorry! I had word searched each page and never saw it! My bad, but thank you for saying it was discussed! EDIT: Never searched Terrier
  9. Is no one going to talk about how expensive the GWR Terrier Pack (R3960) is? £269? If the loco costs £100 (or even £120 with DCC), and the coaches cost £36-ish, shouldn't that mean the pack would be £205 or £225?
  10. Wasn't 'Lemburg' rebuilt as an A3 in 1927? So shouldn't R30087 be an A3 tooling, not A1? (Yes that's the R code, even checked over at Kernow)
  11. With these new video ads (sometimes one or two of them per page), it completely messed up my phone to the point where it restarts itself because it can’t cope with the processing power needed. Along with loading pages or making messages, it locks up and has to refresh the page, when it allows me to. Every time there’s an update to the page (like making a message, loading an image into the message, checking feeds) all the ads reset and tends to over cook whatever I’m viewing RM on. If I’m on a page too long, the ad finishes and everything operates as normal, until the next ad comes or resets. I
  12. Weird, that's my bad though! If you look it up on the site, you can't find the listing. But if you have the link, you can see it isn't sold out My apologies!
  13. Please check again, as they are all sold out on Hornby's site.
  14. I won't get a NCB version, but would be really nice looking if it had the red connecting rods! I'll probably end up repainting an unlined one into a fictitious livery for the 15xx's, either 'GWR' or the transitional 'British Railways' version. Just depends on how much time I want spend working on sanding off the smokebox plate
  15. I know this may be controversial, but would a fictitious 'British Railways' in GWR green be a feasible addition to line up? I know none of the class ever wore this, neither has 1501. I would prefer a 'GWR' version, but then a new moulding would be needed for the lack of a BR smokebox plate on the door. These will be a great addition to GWR/WR rtr line up and I hope everything goes well with your UK launch!
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