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  1. Could this mean more 14xx tanks from Bachmann in the future instead of Hattons/DJM?
  2. GWR Ashburton style train shed please
  3. Is their any new skaledale? Cant see it yet.
  4. Retooled 14xx and a Skaledale set of Ashburton station buildings please. Perfect for a small branch line terminus layout
  5. Always thought a ready made Ashburton Station or even a kit would be a popular model for a company to make.
  6. Ok thanks for the replies. Just fearful of trying to make boards that join? Or is it not as difficult as I fear? Trying to get back into the hobby after a ten year gap as an adult now.
  7. Whats the largest baseboard that can be moved by kne person? Could a 7’ x 1’6” baseboard ve made so it can be moved around the house on my own?
  8. Ive always fancied moddeling Staverton using the scale scenes kit with Bishops bridge loop as well. Although my liking for big engines will probably scupper this. Id love to model Corfe Castle Station but being new to the hobby it looks like a complicated building to begin with scratch building.
  9. The aesphetics of the locomotive are not going to be at risk with the locomotive being owned by Swanage Railway though. If anything they will be improved if its in steam. Aesphetics alone do not mean something needs to be conserved in a museum.
  10. Please can I direct people to the followinf Facebook group https://touch.facebook.com/groups/1441110242787862?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_comment_reply The group are asking to be shared and for people to oppose the following development of the site http://www.dartmoor-npa.gov.uk/planning/pl-forwardplanning/masterplans-and-development-briefs/ashburton-masterplan Objections can be emailed to here [email protected]
  11. Cant put a picture up at moment as not home until sunday night! But its basically double track with a passing loop on each road plus a few sidings for goods yard an engine shed!
  12. Im usdd to semaphore signaling being a heritage railway fireman! Its just in all the pictures ive found ive oy really seen three aspect!
  13. What I was getting at were color lights on the southern always the three aspect variety or the two aspect as well? As just had an impulse purchase of a color light kit from eckon but its a red/green two aspect signal! Was wondering if this is correct as having the layout based on the southern region 1960s with third rail!
  14. Were two aspect signals used on the southern region in the 1960's?
  15. I have a factory weatherd Bachmann std 4 tank is it possible to remove cabside numbers and put transfers on without diaturbimg weatherd finish! I have just renumberd an unweatherd one with fox transfers and just applied satin varnish over thentop?
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