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  1. I always try and get cars I've had onto my layouts, Problem is a mk1 golf GTI don't look right in the 1960s. Must get me some diesels.
  2. Hi everyone, I would like to butt in with another question as usual, if you don't mind. I have ordered a job lot of 1.6 mm x 300 mm copper clad sleeper from Wizard models to use for 3rd sleeper tie bars. As I have so much I fancy having a go at a copper clad turnout. Now, I have a load of EMGS 75 BH but also lots of 75 BH Legacy steel rail. Going to have a go with the steel first but my question is will the BH rail work soldered direct to the sleepers? I know it is not flat bottom but will that make it unusable? Thanks Paul.
  3. I thought I would use this thread for my layout updates and for posting my pictures of the line between Sturminster Newton and Spetisbury halt. Please let me know if it should be on another part of the forum please. I have taken a trip to Blandford to take pictures for the last two summers and I hope to go next year as well. I spend two days exploring different sections of the line and walk the trailway with two old school friends and a couple of pub stops. The first model I want to build for Blandford is the iron bridge. Its almost iconic to me as I used to walk under it twice every
  4. I am building an EM gauge turnout for the passing loop/ fiddle yard for Henstridge. I was showing my wife the difference between code 75 EM 18.2 mm, code 75 Peco 00 gauge Bull Head rail and Peco streamline code 100.(just trying to convince her it's necessary really). Thought I would post a pic if anyone wants to compare. I think the Peco bullhead rail looks really good, a move forward in RTR track I think.
  5. Don't tempt me, I do have another hobby other than trains. The soldering iron may be 75w but these beauties are 300w each speaker cab.
  6. I must admit, I have bought a DCC cobalt ip analogue to try on a few points before I decide any further action. I like that you can wire them in with switches and a power supply, no need for a driver or control unit. DC.
  7. @hayfieldWhat temperature do you use for nickel rail? 350?
  8. Looks nice. When I need to make any tile ridges I use strips of Aluminium kitchen foil. Looks nice when painted up.
  9. I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to soldering, so I don't think I could give a review with my limited knowledge. But. I have been using it today to solder some nickel silver code 75 bullhead rails together at 350 degrees, it heats up really quick I mean in seconds, works nice, but I am going to have to get used to it. It's got an inactive auto shut down that you can set between 10mins to 99mins. That's good for forgetful me.
  10. Hi Jack, How is this building coming along. I am not familiar with this Dapol kit. Paul.
  11. The circuit specialist 75w station and 10 extra tips was delivered at 8.30am today after ordering yesterday. That was speedy delivery. Time to do some tinning.
  12. As a plumber by trade this is what I use, it's great for tinning.
  13. Would that be a regulated supply unit? Alter the power before the iron?
  14. I ordered one just after I posted above, Had a text about an hour later to say it's in the post already to be delivered Monday. That's a fast service.
  15. Is this one good for track work, common crossings etc?
  16. Been working on the coal siding with a trap point. Another turnout built and in place on the north section for the horse box siding, one of my favourite bits of Blandford, I must get a nice horse box to sit in here. Using 1F 41708 for test runs with a Midland inspection coach that seems to run well over my clunky hand made points.
  17. @martin_wynne Thank you, not only for pointing me in the direction of Templot companion but also taking the time to produce such wonderful graphic guides. A really great piece of software you have produced. Thanks again. Paul.
  18. Sorry if the question has been asked before, did a quick search but found nothing. Does Templot have a catch or trap point plan? Or am I missing something? I would like to put one in the coal siding coming off the main line at Blandford. I don't know who to credit the photo to. Maybe the best way to do it would be to model a non-working one with a switch rail?
  19. Looking good already. The Wills bridge kits are really good and come with enough parts for 2 bridges, good value imo. I modify mine slightly, I add a brick profile around the bottom of the arches as they are on most of the bridges on the southern section. Not sure if they are the same further north.
  20. Built the lean to between the toilet and parcels office.
  21. I don't have any photos of Lyncombe Vale but many structures on the S&D seem to be built / repaired in the same way. These are the bridge bases at Sturminster Newton, a mix of stone and engineers bricks.
  22. Looks good. Nice location for the layout by the looks of it, I have to climb into the loft. Nice to see a bigger area used in a micro plank style. Can't help but thinking a double slip would not go amiss in there somewhere.
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