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  1. Nice model work, I do like those long rushes along the waters edge.
  2. The sand and diluted paint technique works really well, I wouldn’t worry about the cobbled alleyway as they would have been a little dirty with grass growing in the gaps. I like to use kiln dried sand as seen on my coal delivery diorama.
  3. Nice start it always great to see a christmasy layout.
  4. Hi thank you to everyone for pushing the likes button. At the moment I am waiting for a couple of items to arrive, then I can start putting the finishing touches to my little diorama.
  5. Hi JRB your wood working looks really good, this is one build I will be watching with interest.
  6. Another great video Callum, I am a fan of micro layouts as they have so much potential and the best thing is they are easily packed away safely into boxes and dust free.
  7. Eh sorry Dickon my typing and yes it does look better.
  8. I agree the trestles doesn’t look much better weathered
  9. Hi I have made a start on my cakebox, the baseboard has been fitted together. I must say SMS do make nice little baseboards. Next job is to start building the coal drop, which I have started. More to follow soon.
  10. Jack this sounds like a great layout to build. I like how the Peckett is crossing Britannia Road, will be watching very closely.
  11. IMHO I think SMS boards are really good and value for money, these are great especially if you have time restraints. Easy to build up and work with.
  12. Thank you for your kind comments and interest in my little diorama build, I still need to add a few more detailed items before it’s finished. I am really happy with the way it’s looking.
  13. Hi my diorama is progressing nicely now, the sandy ballast has been laid last night. The grass work is more or less complete and a few items have been added such as, rusty wagon wheels and a few pallets. Still a bit more to do, I hope you like my pictures.
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