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  1. This looks like a great little build project. I like the track you have used and the platform area is nicely constructed.
  2. First of all I would like to say thank you for all the feedback. The diorama is still going strong and I’m waiting on some wild flowers arriving.
  3. Daniel this looks like a great layout plan, love the small loco.
  4. Hi this diorama build involves using a slightly bigger plinth than my previous diorama builds. The diorama is called Waiting, this diorama will have a Hornby J50 waiting besides a coal staithe. The coaling area will be paved and the opposite side of the diorama will have the reminance of a stone building which will have a fenced area and plenty of undergrowth.
  5. Coming together nicely, I like the variation of colours you have used on the scenery sections.
  6. Jack this is the same type of board which was going to go on my sons wall. This I acquired as it was lying around. Another railway modeller Kevin Johnson has used the same item with great results.
  7. Afternoon all, I have managed to weather up the ballasting. A few more items have been added to my diorama, cement bags and pallet are in place now. I have also added my own buffer stop made from joining sleepers together as this type of thing was used on some sidings. I think a few wild flowers and a clay wagon will finish this diorama off nicely. A few pictures of my diorama.
  8. Adam you have produced a lovely layout, full of atmosphere and detail.
  9. Morning fellow modellers, as promised a couple of pictures of the baseboard with a pine structure for extra support. The backboard is also pine and will be walled in due course. Hopefully my track should arrive on Tuesday and then I can begin laying it.
  10. Hi thanks for your comments, 24cms is the size. This I can fit a one left turnout and a couple of straight tracks at 80mm in length. I know it sounds small but I’m used to build small layouts or diorama. I will have a small stick which can be fixed to the turnout for operating.
  11. Thank you for sharing the two examples, plenty of ideas in these two lovely layouts.
  12. Gypsy I like your layout plan, this I will watch with great interest.
  13. Looking good, the scenery work is progressing nicely.
  14. It’s a shame that ARC models stopped trading as this looks like a great resin kit.
  15. Hi first of all can I say thank you for pushing the likes button. Last evening the ballast was laid and it’s dried nicely, just needs a little bit of weathering applied. This morning I have added the static grass and I am happy with the result. Still more to do on this little diorama. A few pictures of my work.
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