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  1. Mark I do like how you have replicated the look of paint peeling and becoming weathered on the gates, nicely done.
  2. See dart castings website, look under heading Montys OO gauge and half way down look for ref number MSV24, hope this helps.
  3. Hi can I ask is there any ideas for round 5 of getting Britain modelling.
  4. This looking great kevo. The class24 is a favourite of mine.
  5. Steve you have done a nice job weathering the hut and the clutter looks just right.
  6. Nathaniel this is a lovely little brewery layout. I like how you have kept the brewery and houses the same stone work pattern. That tiny Pug loco is perfect for the setting. Really great work.
  7. Mark what can I say but very well done. This is the perfect Shelfie with beautiful attention to detail. I love Fred the carpenter busying away working on the platform. The overgrown lamp hut with the ivy growing over it is a really nice touch.
  8. This is a great start to your micro layout. I like how you are using different gauges at different levels on the layout. The landscaping structure and plaster covering as turned out well. Lovely work.
  9. You have achieved to build a lovely OO gauge layout within a shoebox. The buildings, wharf and ground coverings are all nicely done.
  10. Tim welcome to the forum and thank you for your comments. It’s great to know people take the opportunity to look at some of my railway modelling. I know I don’t have a layout as such but my diorama builds still have a railway theme. Anyway I hope to complete this little diorama by adding a few more items and of course the clay wagon.
  11. Luke this is a nice little workstation you have built. I’m certain like me others will be happy to have one of these for modelling where space is limited.
  12. Nice work on the kit bash loco body. Loads of fine detail which catches the eye.
  13. Ian that’s great news for you and your layout. I look forward to seeing some photos of you and your layout at the Worlds greatest hobby show.
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