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  1. I have just watched it thanks, I found it very informative.
  2. I agree with Rob, that feeling of I wonder what is through there but you just can’t quite see adds something to a scene.
  3. Great thread, this is something that I am seriously thinking of doing. Are your end plates off the shelf or did you get them specifically made?
  4. The tin shed is crying out to be modelled, I hope you do it, I have a couple of pictures of a rusting tin structure that I took years ago with a must build that thought.
  5. Just worked my way through the whole thread, it’s a very entertaining read and the layout, and stock is simply stunning. Love the chain wrapped around the front in the last picture.
  6. I was at the show (9 years ago) where it was up for sale, I enquired but someone else had literally just bought it!
  7. That’s the exact conversation I am currently having, trying to justify boarding the garage out rather than the loft as per our previous house. Looking forward to following your fresh start.
  8. Just found this curtesy of the virtual exhibition. What a cracking layout, have read the first few pages with great interest, looking forward to catching up on the rest of the story in the near future.
  9. 1980s, tick, grime, tick. another one to follow
  10. Very good. I like to see pictures beyond the scenic sections.
  11. Thanks Al and Steve I am following your discussion and suggestions with great interest.
  12. Spookily I have been contemplating building a small depot over the last few days and this little cracker pops up. Lovely little layout .
  13. What a great page it is, loved the double class 03s with the coal wagons.
  14. Thanks Richard, I actually managed to sort it without changing anything other than removing the solid plastic behind the grill. It is a pre sound version, probably about 10 years old but it is DCC ready. By having the chip so that the dome piece faced down and into the slot above the flywheel and separating the wires so half are routed each side of the chip and not over it, the body slid all the way down to where it should be.
  15. I have been messing about with one of these and doing research for the last couple of days. It’s so frustrating that the chip just doesn’t quite fit on top of the motor. Not sure at the minute if I should except a tiny gap between the body and chassis or start hacking bits.
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