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  1. I noticed that I made a few errors, I am going to correct them soon though.
  2. Where can I find one of the Borrows type locos?
  3. Where can I get a proffesional respray (livery change) of an OO gauge Loco?
  4. I have a terrier so I thought it would be an appropriate image to use.
  5. I will have a look then. I saw your Polly mod, and I have one with a broken chassis so I am doing the same thing but I have no where that sells lead near me. Thank you for telling me about liquid gravity. Dan
  6. Here are locomotives by class (That I know of - I will add more when I find out about others). LB&SCR E1 0-6-0T: LB&SCR No. 107 'Alderny' - Hartley Main Colliery No. 30 LB&SCR No. 110 'Burgundy' - Cannock Wood Colliery No. 9 LMS Jinty: LMS No. 7445 - British Oak (NCB), I do not know her number. NSR New L Class NSR No. 158 - Longmoor Military Railway No. 70207(?) 'Marlborough' NSR No. 69 - Manchester Collieries 'King George IV' - I do not know her number. NSR No. 72 - Manchester Collieries 'Sir Robert' - I do not know her number. NSR No. 22 - Manchester Collieries 'Kenneth' - I do not know her number. NSR No. 1 - Manchester Collieries 'Queen Elizabeth' - I do not know her number. NSR No. 2 - Manchester Collieries 'Princess' - I do not know her number. GWR 5700 Class: BR No. 3650 - P.D. Fuels / Stephenson Clarke Ltd BR No. 9642 - Hayes Scrapyard BR No. 7752 - London Transport No. L94 BR No. 7715 - London Transport No. L99 BR No. 5786 - London Transport No. L92 BR No. 5775 - London Transport No. L89 BR No. 5764 - London Transport No. L95 LB&SCR A1 Class: LB&SCR No. 72 'Fenchurch' - Newhaven Harbour Company - I do not know her number. (Most) LB&SCR A1 Class are in a previous post on this topic. LB&SCR D1 0-4-2T: LB&SCR No. 357 'Riddlestown' - Whittingham Asylum Railway No. 1 'James Fryers' (Credit @Tom Burnham)
  7. Sounds about right. I'm thinking of adding 2 more engines, (Nos. 8 & 9). If I do then I will use a hudwell clarke kit from Hardy's Hobbies & a plain black Hunslet 16in 0-6-0ST from Rapido Trains or a Hudswell Clarke Victory Class, I probably will not add them as I do not know what I would call them. - Dan P.S the 2P is for goods services.
  8. My reason is that the 2P is one of my top 3 favourite engines. The reason for there not being a time period is because I am modelling a light railway from a fictional country - im sorry if that makes me look crazy.
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