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  1. I'm glad that I purchased some additional Mermaids from Hattons a few days ago as they are now almost sold out. Regrettably these could become collectors items for all the wrong reasons.
  2. From Companies House Website regarding setting up a LImited Company.... "Your registered office address is where official communications will be sent, for example letters from Companies House. The address must be: a physical address in the UK in the same country your company is registered in, for example a company registered in Scotland must have a registered office address in Scotland You can use a PO Box. You must still include a physical address and postcode. You can use your home address or the address of the person who will manage your Corporation Tax. Your company address will be publicly available on the online register." Looks like everyone is correct. Time to give him a break I think, nobody has to order from him if they don't wish to. He hasn't done himself any favours with the (apparent) tone of some of his Posts but that is always the problem with Forums & Social Media. Best just to stick to factual Posts. I will certainly be ordering an N Gauge GT3 if it gets the go-ahead. Saw a superb scratch-built N Gauge version on one of the layouts at the GCR Event yesterday. David
  3. I have parked there in the past on a wet day & there were no problems. This year I'm going by train as it's easier, just as quick (approx 2.5 hours from Maidstone) and good value with a Senior Railcard.
  4. On a more prosaic level I wonder if the Mermaids & Sharks promised for November delivery will ever appear? Personally I imagine not as manufacturing is unlikely to have started yet. On this basis I have just ordered several Mermaids in Dutch Livery from Hattons. Not my era but I will repaint them in Black and/or Indian Red.
  5. https://krmodels.co.uk/products.html
  6. Let's hope so; I have 2 on pre-order with Hattons. I do have a couple of NGS kits which I put on hold when DJM announced their version. Another run of Mermaids would be welcome.
  7. Thanks for the comments so far. I model in N Gauge so losing a few inches all round for insulation would not be a problem. It currently has an electric up-and-over door but it would be simple enough to replace this with a block wall with a UPVC door and window. I am currently using our small 2nd bedroom but the domestic authorities would prefer this to revert to a more traditional function . There is also the option of using the loft space (it's a bungalow) but the access hatch would need to be moved to a different position as the current ladder blocks the hall when down. A friend down the road is currently having a Garden Room constructed so I'll be interested to see how practical this option would be. Plenty to think about. David
  8. I hope this is in the correct section and/or doesn't duplicate any previous topic. We have recently moved to a property with a garage, the first time we have had a garage for around 30 years. It's a 1970s-ish Banbury Precast. It is close to the house, but not joined. It has an electicity supply and received a new roof 10 years ago. Does anyone have any experience of making this type of garage suitable for modelling all year round or would it be more sensible to demolish it & replace with something more suitable? The internal size of the garage is approx 18 feet by 8.5 feet. All suggestions very welcome. David
  9. The N Gauge EOI option now seems to have disappeared completely.
  10. Hi Keith - I made an EOI for the N Gauge version which I really hope goes ahead. Any news on how this is looking? David
  11. My interpretation of the Companies House info is that Dave is the sole shareholder.
  12. It does make you wonder if there is an opportunity for someone to set up a business in the UK to design & manufacture model railway (and similar) products on a subcontract basis. This would minimise the legal & other issues highlighted in this thread as well as probably reducing delivery lead times. Yes I know it would almost certainly be more expensive but by how much? Jim Ratcliffe are you reading this? Gets shot down in flames.....
  13. N gauge Class 28 would be a good choice. D5705 is being restored at ELR which isn't far from Dave in Liverpool.
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