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  1. Handles are normally made out of etched partsand added on. It’s not as fiddly as you think. I do understand about the thickness of sides. There are etched available of ends and underframes. 2mm is not as scary as many think,
  2. These look fantastic, would they scale down to 2mm scale?
  3. Thank you! The Llangollen Suburban group on Facebook is wonderful - lots of useful photographs. Maybe even a visit.
  4. Hi, I’ve a project underway to build a lot of Mark 1 suburban coaching stock in 2mm finescale for a King Cross Suburban model. Has anyone got any suburban stock photos to share? It would be interesting to see details of ends and interiors. I know there’s a brilliant book available but the 2nd hand prices are sky high. Here’s my contribution an end view of a SLO.
  5. Izzy, thank you so much for this! We have got really helpful and kind members on this forum!
  6. Thank you, I really do appreciate this. I’ve returned to modelling after 20 odd years, most of my reference library has disappeared. I’ve tried googling but not with much success. I can recommend this kit without hesitation.
  7. Hi, I’m really enjoying building the 2mm Scale kit for a BR GUV introduced recently by the association. It fits together like a dream. I’m coming to build the roof. Is there a template or plan for the roof ventilators? Any help would be welcomed.
  8. The new 2mm SA etch for the BR GUV is a delight and has come together good so far
  9. I built the starter kit a few months ago with the same sort of results - the axle boxes were the hardest part. I found solder paste for certain jobs but found the Chinese version of fluxite and reel of solder that came bundled with my soldering iron from Amazon much better. I use a toothbrush and a shower cleaner from Aldi to clean work up with with good results. Currently I’m building up association kits for BR Mark 1 coaches which are fantastic and offer a good challenge.
  10. Hi everyone, Ive just started one of the 2SA kits of the BR CCT. I’ve realised that the parts diagram (the one on the website) is different from the actual etch. Is this right? I’m thinking that it might be that the end plates might simply be too small in 2mm and that the parts diagram is taken from a larger scale etch.
  11. Hi, I model in 2mm finescale. I’ve been building some Mark 1 coaches using 2mm SA kits. I’ve got to the point of painting. Has anyone got any experiences of using Montana spray acrylic paint? We have a Montana shop just 1/2 a Mike from us which stocks the full range. Has anyone been able to match the shades for BR blue and grey? Thanks for any help.
  12. Tom, are these available to buy? The MK1 parts you’ve done look really good. The generic coach body looks really useful.
  13. It’s Association ones I think. The seller said they were etched on 5thou brass and were made from a design several years ago. Buying from Spain doesn’t seem worth it. I’ve found the association mk1 kits a delight to build. Thank you Gentlemen for your sage words. I’ve got some Bill Bedford sides to use in 2mm including a RK.
  14. Hi, Ive seen a seller on EBay who’s selling underframe etches for BR Mk1stock in 2mm scale. Has anyone had experience of these? The seller is michaelw3286
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