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  1. A few photos of some class 508 as withdrawals of these and sister 507s should start later this year as the new Stadler built class 777s enter service. The following were taken on 28th January 2020 at Kirkdale TMD, with permission and under supervision .
  2. The first bitumen tank train of 2020 from Lindsey Oil Refinery to Colas Ribble Rail ran on 27th January. The last train ran on 20th December 2019 with production problems at Total cited on another forum as the reason for its non-running since then. Colas 56087 and 56049 approaching Brighouse with 6E32, 10.07 Colas Ribble Rail to Lindsey Oil Refinery, discharged bitumen tanks.
  3. Yes. Somewhat frustrating. It seems as though the forum software decided to do its own thing. I only uploaded the post just once and didn't touch the keyboard for the lengthy time that the message 'saving' was displayed. Then lo and behold, four separate posts with images! Anyway, I've added the images back to the original post that had been deleted.
  4. With the closure of the Huddersfield line on 26th January 2020 due to planned engineering work, TransPennine Express services were diverted along the Calder Valley via Hebden Bridge and Rochdale. At least two of the Scarborough diagrams were operated by class 68 and Mark 5s. So off its usual route and Just as the forecast rain started to fall, 68021 'Tireless' together with Mark 5 set TP12 passed through Brighouse with 1E29, 09.20 Manchester Victoria to Scarborough. The only other workings that I saw during the short time that I was out were formed of pairs of class 185s, so I'm unaware if any class 802/2s were out today.
  5. I think I'd blame the wheel sets. Colas has been told before that they should change those Hornby wheel sets for the versions available from Ultrascale Products in Letchworth.
  6. Thanks Ian. You're definitely not seeing something that isn't there. There's certainly daylight between the top of the railhead and centre wheel of the front bogie, as this close up shows. I'm no expert on the rail-wheel interface, so I can't comment on whether this is just highlighting a track anomaly at this point, an issue with the bogie/suspension/wheel set on 56096, or is an unusual but perfectly acceptable set of circumstances. If it's a worrying situation that requires urgent attention and someone needs to take a look, 56096 is booked away from the work site at Heaton Lodge East Junction at 0001 on 27th January.
  7. Engineering work at Colne Bridge, near Huddersfield, on 26th January 2020 required the use of Colas 56096 to work 6X82, 20.55 (25/01/2020) Doncaster Down Decoy to Bradley Junction. On the morning of the 26th 56096 was stabled, shut down, together with some Network Rail autoballasters a short distance in advance of the work site. TransPennine Express services that would normally serve Huddersfield were being diverted along the Calder Valley line.
  8. In addition to the above, there has been a reasonable amount of track fettling carried out to my knowledge over the past 2-3 years along the Calder Valley. Several long stretches between Hebden Bridge and Mytholmyroyd and between the junctions at Greetland and Bradley Wood have been replaced and reballasted. The fact that the Calder Valley acts as the main diversionary route for TransPennine services via Huddersfield, as it is today as it happens due to engineering work , probably has some bearing on its maintenance. That plus the route takes some pounding from the regular Liverpool-Drax biomass workings.
  9. There must be a pretty good chance that this bridge also had the shortest working lifespan as a railway bridge.
  10. I think you must just have been unlucky today Jamie, as they were out and about. On 25th January 2020, in TPE livery, 802213 passing Colne Bridge with 1P22, 10.47 Newcastle to Manchester Airport. Still in the 'base grey' livery, 802218 passing Colne Bridge with 9S11, 11.24 Liverpool Lime Street to Edinburgh. If you're out on 26th January 2020 in search of TPE's new trains, just be aware that the Huddersfield line is closed all day for engineering work with TPE services diverted via the Calder Valley. That itself provides a little bit of variety and although class 68s/Mark5 stock and the 802/2s are cleared for the Calder Valley, a quick peruse of the schedule on Realtime Trains suggests to me that many of the services could be class 185s
  11. DBC 67002 and 67013 were on railtour duty on 25th January 2020. Working UK Railtours 'The Robert Burns', 1Z72 08.10 London Euston to York, the Skips pass Colne Bridge on the approach to Heaton Lodge Junction. The Huddersfield line is booked to be closed on 26th January 2020 for engineering work hence the cabins, assorted bits and pieces and bags of ballast.
  12. It might just be the current standard of BBC research, journalism and reporting, but I’d struggle to see ‘£10 billion pound of work has been carried out to date’. I’d wager what they actually mean is that £10 billion worth of contracts have been agreed to date with work underway.
  13. DRS 20302 and 20305 pass through Brighouse on 17th January 2020 with 0Z20, 08.45 Crewe Gresty Bridge (DRS) to York Parcels Sidings. This was a positioning move for the pair ahead of tomorrows Pathfinder Railtours 'The DRS Class 20 Farewell'. Subject to availability, the rail tour might see the use of three DRS class 20s. 20303 is already at York. Anyone interested in the timings for the rail tour; 1Z49 - Bristol TM to Leeds The class 20s take over at York for the journey to Leeds via Harrogate. 5Z49 - Leeds to Neville Hill T&RSMD ECS move 5Z50 - Neville Hill T&RSMD to Leeds ECS move 1Z50 - Leeds to Bristol TM The class 20s work as far as Crewe.
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