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  1. Now with Colas for use with Network Rail infrastructure monitoring trains, former East Midlands Railway 43050 and 43060 passing through Brighouse on 22nd October 2020 with 1Q67, 16.50 Doncaster CHS to Wigan North Western.
  2. Here are Colas 43050 and 43060 passing through Brighouse on 22nd October 2020 with 1Q67, 16.50 Doncaster CHS to Wigan North Western.
  3. If I recall correctly from a posting on another forum when this was raised, the answer was that it was possible, except of course for the disclosure issue that you mention. But it wasn’t seen as a priority and if added might be a ‘paid for add-on’ to the current free version of RTT. I hope I’ve recalled that correctly. Most, but not all, locomotive working allocations are available from daily TOPS lists regularly posted generously on other forums. Although as you probably know, they’re by subscription, so not free.
  4. That’s excellent news. Thanks for adding to the thread. Tom Cairns has done a really good job of developing RTT over the last couple of years.
  5. This is what 37402 and 423 sounded like when working 3S14 on 7th October. 37423+37402 3S14 Colne Bridge 07102020 I’m sure you’d check something like Realtime Trains beforehand, especially if taking a day off, but for the benefit of anyone else contemplating a visit to West Yorkshire the part of the 3S14 diagram that I’ve been photographing is a Monday/Wednesday/Friday only working between Wakefield Kirkgate and Huddersfield.
  6. Not that it's any comfort @jessy1692 if you're not on the route for this Yorkshire Circuit RHTT - I know, sorry - but the 37s are certainly attracting a lot of attention at the moment. When out photographing locally there're usually about half a dozen 'regulars' who I might bump into on occasions at the various locations that I visit. Today, in addition to many of the regulars, there were at least a dozen photographers out who I didn't recognise. Part of the novelty might be that between Wakefield Kirkgate and its reversal at Huddersfield, there's a chance to see what
  7. Another day and another change of class 37. Here they are crossing the river Calder at Mirfield with 3S14 heading for Huddersfield... ...after reversal at Huddersfield and now with 37407 leading approaching Heaton Lodge East Junction... 37407 37419
  8. 37419 'Carl Haviland 1954-2012' has joined 37402 'Stephen Middlemore 23.12.1954-8.6.2013 on one of the Yorkshire RHTT circuits. Here're the pair on 12th October 2020 with 3S14, 11.16 Grimsby Town to Bridlington, at Deighton heading towards Huddersfield for a reversal... ...and then after reversal heading back east at Deighton.
  9. All three diagrams today are being worked by class 68s and Nova 3 sets apparently - should be 68024+TP07, 68028+TP11 & 68029+TP09.
  10. Unused and unusable from what I could see when I visited a couple of weeks ago. Two signals for the line that I saw (DR196 and DR205) were still lit, but that's probably not unexpected given that any signalling work to alter the existing arrangements would be very low on anyones budget priority list. More images from along the tramway that I took on 27th September 2020, a week before work to dismantle the line started, are available here.
  11. Yes, it was Colas 70814 which was 'road tested' by GBRf for a short period during March 2018 on the flow between Tyne Coal Terminal and Drax Power Station. Here it is at Brotherton on the 22nd March 2018, having just crossed the River Aire, with the closed Ferrybridge Power Station in the background, working 4N61, 12.00 Drax AES (GBRf) to Tyne Coal Terminal (GBRf).
  12. With autumn colours now appearing in the trees, a pair of TransPennine Express class 185s head east at Colne Bridge, Huddersfield on 7th October 2020 with a service from Manchester Airport to Redcar Central.
  13. About as easy a load as it gets for a class 70 - Freightliner 70017 heads along the Huddersfield line at Colne Bridge on 7th October 2020 with a wagon transfer from Hunslet Yard to Crewe Basford Hall.
  14. A few more of the current pairing of DRS 37402 and 37423 working 3S14, 11.16 Grimsby Town to Bridlington, at Colne Bridge on 7th October 2020 heading to Huddersfield to reverse... ...and heading away from Huddersfield after reversal... ...probably not altogether surprising, but it sounds from my video here that one of the wheelsets on the RHTT wagons has picked up a wheelflat.
  15. A Northern Rail class 158 crossing Ribblehead Viaduct on 30th September 2015 - crossing twice as it happens, once as 2H85 Carlisle to Leeds and once as 2H88 Leeds to Carlisle. For those curious about the livery - it was applied by Northern Rail to 158849 the previous year to promote the use of rail services to see the Tour De France which had stages in Yorkshire on 5th and 6th July 2014.
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