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    Hornby W1 Hush Hush

    R3841 for me. I’ve got a planned preserved railway with several new builds already, so what the hell?
  2. Hush hush may be worth picking up - can’t say I care for the steampunk models personally, but it’s not like I’m their target audience anyway interested in the design app, we shall see what that’s like
  3. My friend from uni is confined to a wheelchair permanently and our experience has been that it is far far easier to get a wheelchair spot on a steam train than one on a mainline train. Weird that... Additionally (and ironically enough), it seems the further out from the cities you go, the more helpful people are and we have been treated to some truly lovely service on local lines in the middle of nowhere, but given nothing but abuse in the cities. should add that this is the personal experience of my friend and myself, just a disclaimer there folks returnin
  4. The difficulties are a shame - the product was fantastic to watch in operation and the folks running things were friendly and open
  5. They really aren’t - have had first hand experience of shareholders who for the love of whatever it is they do, tried to make it into a business and lost what little money they had. Admittedly not one of the big four of UK model train manufacture, but even they really don’t have money they can afford to lose.
  6. For those entertaining a purchase, shapeways have a special offer on right now: CYBER MONDAY 10% OFF - Use promo code"CYBERMON" at checkout happy buying!
  7. I like the BR blue because it’s just a little bit different. But I’ll possibly also print for a BR Green loco too. And I’ll have to pick one up if they do the faux Cambrian livery that one of the locos was wearing a few years ago
  8. Edge

    Heljan at Warley

    Interesting from my point of view that they are announcing for OO, but that O gauge is explicitly O gauge. I’m always fond of more OO9 stuff coming out, and I’ll be keeping my eyes open for anything from Heljan - VoR tank locos are a persistent rumour that won’t go away
  9. Problem for me is that the GWR has such a long tenure that anything that says ‘the GWR was...’ will never really apply properly. Brunel was undoubtedly an innovator and famous maverick, his successors were less so, its standardisation programme was itself rather revolutionary at the time of its suggestion (in scope, certainly), and towards the end of its existence the gas turbine experiments were big steps forward. Not to mention, their development of things like AWS however, they rarely strayed from their established steam loco patterns and several were based on 19th c
  10. From my end of things, I was always extremely interested in grabbing a live steam loco in 4mm, but the astronomical price when new mean that I literally did not have enough money to make the purchase. Having since seen them in operation on several occasions now, I’m afraid that I can’t see any real difference in operation to the electric locos, certainly not enough to justify the still very high cost from my side. The incompatibility with other power systems was also a serious issue for me. nice idea on paper, but in reality there is nothing really too impressive about the
  11. Anyone got any word of the SR 009 Baldwin? I’m rather taken with it and would like to pick one up at Warley if at all possible
  12. I’ve got a Mehano kids set that I use to test locomotives which has sub r1 curves. Pleased to report that my NCB USA went round without the slightest difficulty- it has a very short wheelbase so there are no issues there.
  13. There was also talk on the KR Models Facebook page of a reveal at the exhibition today - anyone got any info for those of us who couldn’t make it?
  14. If you are going to have an end to end shunting layout, then the Inglenook pattern of layout is a good idea- lots of ‘play’ value, plenty of chance for good detail in the scenic while keeping overall space usage and cost down. Whats more, manufacturers the world over are paying slightly more attention to smaller industrial-type locos which suit layouts like this down to the ground
  15. If you are going to have an end to end shunting layout, then the Inglenook pattern of layout is a good idea- lots of ‘play’ value, plenty of chance for good detail in the scenic while keeping overall space usage and cost down. Whats more, manufacturers the world over are paying slightly more attention to smaller industrial-type locos which suit layouts like this down to the ground
  16. I grabbed a load of limited edition models (most of them have moved on to other buyers now anyway) because I wanted something a little bit different from the run of the mill. My bude with stanier tender will never leave me, because its weird, and I like weird. If you get a limited edition which is cheap then i see no issue with you modifying something you own. As regards to the value of numbers, I think only number 1 of a run is of real stand out value. Perhaps the highest number in a run or if the number does something like matching the loco number that could raise the price a tee
  17. Thank you to eneryone who has got in touch about the 009 wagon loads and an extra big thank you to those who have made purchases - it is extremly gratifying that people are happy to part with hardearned cash for my products. In response to a few of you who got in touch asking about the PECO side of things, I'm delighted to announce that both varieties of L&B open wagons are now catered for on my store: L&B 4-wheel Wagon L&B Bogie Wagon As always, im delighted to hear about any further suggestions/requests/feedback that you
  18. For once, I've actually got a physical model to show you of a 3D print going on sale today! Class D wagon loads which can be used to represent a variety of mineral traffic or can be used as formers for a load of scatter materials. They are hollow undersneath to allow for removal using magnets. https://www.shapeways.com/product/4Y9L6DBJR/009-wagon-load?optionId=125569659&li=shop-inventory
  19. NCB wagons did turn up at preservation societies all over the country if that is of any use to you.
  20. My apologies if this section is in response to my comment - I certainly did not mean for there to be any sort of impression that I was criticising you or your teammates for anything on the production side of the show. You were wonderful and above all seemed to be enjoying yourselves immensely. I actually thought that the crochet trees were very good fun indeed I’d have given extra marks for that actually both for imagination and for an additional skill not often used in railway modelling
  21. Did enjoy the episode, with a good few things I liked on each of the layouts and a lot of fun had by all (to all appearances). my one gripe with the episode was the constant harping on for every introduction of the loco ladies about hem being the first all female team - the team themselves were wonderful and course it’s quite right that it be highlighted and well intentioned (but silly) acts like the ‘chauffeur fare’ be related. But the presenters kept on with the ‘girl power’ comments etc literally every time they were on screen. Perhaps it would have been best if they
  22. Thank you again. As with most things, it will have to be a case of ‘wait and see’ I’m afraid . I am hoping to get back to the grindstone with the 3D stuff in the next couple of months and get some new designs out there. I am also planning to expand on my range of 009 conversion parts when the Bachmann Thomas range hits the U.K. As always, it’s very nice to have my work appreciated and I hope that it has pleased people. Once again, if anyone on here has pictures of models made using my products, id appreciate seeing them - it never hurts to see what others have done
  23. Think that the right layout won, but that the Agatha Christie layout was also very nice indeed - reminded me a great deal of the old Hornby Dublo aesthetic and the innovative use of a mail wagon was brilliant
  24. Hi there guys, I'm looking for a couple of the resin loads that are supplied with the Bachmann 393-052a D class bogie wagon. I’m not after the wagon itself, just the loads. Please PM if you have one or two available, am happy to talk about a reasonable price. Thanks, Edge
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