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  1. it does look pretty tasty. Will have to see if the NRM commissions a ‘Green Arrow’ - won’t be able to stop myself there
  2. They are. ALR coaches, Quarry hubs let’s and diesels still incoming. Plus anything they might announce in the meantime. I think we shall probably get more detail in the next announcement - they aren’t going to wait until June 2021 to give more detail. Tempted by a V2, but the price is somewhat eye-watering
  3. Edge

    EFE Rail launches

    I was desperate for this livery to appear on an austerity, complimentary to the shape of the loco or not, it’s weird and I want it
  4. Edge

    EFE Rail launches

    thank you, it appears I jumped the gun a teeny bit
  5. Edge

    EFE Rail launches

    Is there a website for this range? I had a look on Bachmann/Kernow and couldn’t find this stuff
  6. Edge

    EFE Rail launches

    NCB Austerity for me I think. Always been fond of the Blue/Yellow engines.
  7. In a slight tangent to the conversation, I’m hoping to make a trip to the Ffestiniog in a week or two, but can only reach it by train Because of the different standards which apply along the route because of the English welsh border and I am thoroughly uncertain about what to do now I don’t want to take a key workers seat on the train, but I would also like to have my first day out since February. Does anyone actually understand what I should do?
  8. A bit ‘meh’ for me as I only took delivery of a Hornby terrier yesterday, so feel no burning need to run and purchase this one too. Shame, but I’ll live
  9. I’m wondering if it’s another early loco like the ‘Rocket’. If so, my money is on ‘Lion’ or ‘Planet’ considering the second class S&R wagons inbound in Sep
  10. Hi all, am considering picking up the works grey one from Kernow for a preserved railway project. What is the general performance of these critters like? I can’t imagine that it will ever do much more than pull a couple of coaches pretty slowly, but even £70 is a lot for me so I’d rather not be buying a pup if I can get away with it . I’m unlikely to ever actually do anything to the model other than fit a decoder some time in the future. im aware that this may be covered elsewhere in the topic, but I’m at work right now so please take mercy on a man who doesn’t want to wa
  11. Hi folks, im looking for the Bachmann Grest Central liveried ‘O4’ done for the NRM (I believe the serial number is 31-001y) Drop me a PM. All sensible prices considered
  12. For your ‘Jinty’ loco, it may actually be possible to run it alongside your German locos as a perfectly accurate engine. Several went to France with the British expeditionary force in 1939 and I believe that these were almost all taken and used by the Germans (I did hear that the German engine crews were very fond of them) and stayed in west German for a considerable time post-war. They probably didn’t haul trains through the German countryside but a little modellers license should see to that In answer to your question, there is no more iconic British freight loco than the Stanie
  13. im hoping against hope to be able to reach both the SVR and the FR at some point in the next month or two. My bog problem is that I don't drive, so my massive headcahe is the public transport risk to and from both railways. Hence the hope, rather than the expectation. From what i understand with teh FR, they are pursuing a small loco policy for the time being at the double fairlies are a little too big for the work required of them under the current timetables. There is apparently wry amusement on the railway that had the effort to get Welsh Pony back into steam for this year had n
  14. Visibility and gradient would have been the key points. For standard gauge industrials where an 0-4-0 or an 0-6-0 Tank engine was doing the work would probably have been restricted to perhaps four or five 16ton wagons are most. For narrow gauge, I’d have thought that it would have been even more restricted - visibility was usually at a premium due to the nature of the lines, and the wagons would have been a lot less stable. Two or three skips or slate wagons I would have thought.
  15. For me the most effective way of cutting down cost is reducing part numbers. You’ve done a good job already as the sprues combine everything into two discrete parts - but I’d be tempted to see if you can ‘attach’ the sprues from each 3D model to each other. I’ve found that that can reduce the cost by up to a third just by itself. I’d also look at hollowing out any areas you can to reduce material costs. besides that, I think you’ve already got a fairly Spartan scheme there, so I don’t think that there is much potential for cutting down etc. without interfering with your
  16. How about BR blue with full yellow ends if we’re considering fictional options? (this is a joke, please don’t think I am pushing for for this one, just for the record I’m buying the fictional liveried W1 and will be picking up a fictional liveried leader too should it progress to production. I’m also eager to get a grey, heavily weathered one though...)
  17. I was reading Kevin Robertson’s book - the cracking sound from what I can tell was when the centre axle of number 1 end was sheared completely off at the wheel. Determined to likely be a design fault because of the asymmetric chain drive. The number 2 bogie was showing indications of the same fault. so the sound effect would be good, just for a different thing than expected as for the liveries, this is currently at such a preliminary stage that we really can’t hold KR to anything right now. I believe that the loco was in brushed aluminium ex-works, plain grey on her f
  18. I wouldn’t mind a fictional leader livery though, either BR green or BR black - I think either would actually look quite good
  19. I’m going to run one alongside a Bulleid with a Stanier tender, a green A4, the rocket, a black flying Scotsman, BR large logo class 66, a hush-hush, GT3 and an LBSCCR Atlantic. if I can pull that one off, then I’m sure that justification won’t be a problem
  20. It absolutely cannot be denied that KR are going for it, they have rather cornered the ‘quirk’ section of the market with their OO announcements
  21. Yes, as I understand it 36002 was days away from her first steaming and possessed few of the construction errors that had plagued 36001 throughout her life when the project was cancelled. BR mixed traffic black was the preferred livery had the class entered revenue service and the nameplate ‘Winston Churchill’ was made up in wood for 36001 I believe. I think it was 36001 that was done up in black temporarily inside of the works, as 36003 never had a completed bodyshell and the photo I remember is of a complete locomotive leaving aside romantic notions of the loco going on
  22. My comments about the motion were simply that no RTR model with the authentic vertical cylinder motion from that era has ever been produced and making it functional , robust enough not to snap at the slightest provocation and aesthetically accurate would be essentially impossible, not that the motion should prototypically transmit motive power to the wheels
  23. I hope I'm wrong - I'd love to see it doen as a RTR model by Hornby. My feeling is that as it was single loco, running along an extremely limited georgraphical area for an extremely limimted time. Now, you could get around that by including it on preserved railways etc, but i can't see a production run of 1000 models or so being bet on that one. I also think that there would need to be a totally and utterly unique system for the connecting rods from the vertical cylinders which would be both complex, hard to make and extremely delicate if they possess anything like a prototypical
  24. Well, how about this - Planet’ as a possibility. If ‘planet’, ‘Lion’ or Sans Pareil (which is just too ridiculous an idea to suggest seriously) were to come along then I’d be highly highly tempted
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