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    My main model railway interest is the transition era, 00 gauge. In my spare hours that nobody has planned anything for me (which is rare!) I enjoy volunteering at the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway, and taking railway photos in my local area. I sometime even find the time to do some modelling!!!

    None railway...... I have been know to participate in the odd real ale or two, getting out on my bike and spending time with my family.

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  1. Well that didn't go quite as planned... one positive test and we are both in isolation... O well might get something done on the railway... Ian
  2. Well on the up side... over the last few months I have been creating a permanent "railway room" and it's almost there.. And the down side I work in my local A&E and SHMBO works on one of the wards, and spend my time off wondering if we will both escape any serious illness (along with our friends and family) in the coming weeks as we both have serious health conditions, but apparently not serious enough to be isolated... Any how, stay safe everyone Ian
  3. I think it was more of a change of direction rather than reversing, the diesel from Blackpool would be on the South end of the train then it would come off and an electric would be put on the North end for the journey North. Ian
  4. For some reason I cannot explain, today I left the house with the solo intent of taking a photo 60103.

  5. Wow. Stunning layout. I was looking at Sedbergh as a layout myself a good few years ago. There was a local railway photographer from Grange-over-sands called Peter Robinson had a large number of photos on a photo hosting web site, but the pages seemed to disappear after he passed away some years ago. Some of these photos are still available on the Cumbrian Railways Associations pages. https://cumbrianrailways.zenfolio.com/p72499230 https://cumbrianrailways.zenfolio.com/p487055379 I look forward to watching your layout develop. Kind regards Ian
  6. Hi, Does anybody if/where you can buy 4mm checkrail chairs for bullhead code 75 rail? I need about 70 of them for a bridge. I have tried several times since December time, if not earlier to contact C+L to see if they sell them both on their contact form and telephone but have not been able to get an answer. Do C+L or any other company make them? Many thanks Ian
  7. Err... Furness Railway number 3 was built in 1846 and owned by several companies up to and including BR prior to going to the NRM collection, granted it was a none runner but it pre dates your NLR crane tank by 12 years. This would possible make it the oldest loco at nationalisation, and quite possible the a contender for the 1923 grouping! Your original post does not say the loco needs to be a runner, so...... Kind regards Ian
  8. 11B


    Thanks Mark. Your layout sounds good, I used to spend a lot of time at Plumpton Jc as a teenager. The Houses near the bridge were on my paper round...Kind regards Ian
  9. I don't like been lied to! The bathroom scales tell fake news!

    1. mike morley

      mike morley

      Mine spent a week stood on end. Next time I used them they tried to kid me I'd lost half a stone in six days! Yeah, sure!

    2. LNERGE


      Mine say i weigh about eight kilos though i try to ignore that is on the second time round.

    3. Tim Hall

      Tim Hall

      Mine ask that one of us gets off.

  10. 11B


    Well.... Having started a topic regarding imitation rail joints http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/136320-immitation-rail-joints/ this week I thought I would make a start.... So out of the box came the nice new shinny bullhead points, well one set... and lets start weathering... Having looked at these on the Lakeside and Haverthwaite Rly and Google they (depending on size, style and length) have one joint on each switch rail and the two outer rails, combined with rust and oil around the sliding chairs. So lets make Peco's look a bit more like the real thing. First the rails got a coat of rust, then four fishplates added as per the locations above. To add the fishplates meant opening them out a bit and feeding them between the rail and the sleepers with a pair of fine tweezers, then crimping them in place. Next came the job of making the rails look like a proper joint without cutting them. So my first thought was either a very fine saw through the rail head, but this may leave to bigger gap! Next idea was scratch the metal and highlight it with matt black paint, and this was the option I went with. First scoring the rail with a fine watch makers screwdriver and then opening it up a bit with a sharp and firm scalpel blade, and finishing off by picking out the gap with black paint. Then adding some black paint around the slide chairs Next up is some oil wash around the switch rails, stock rails and slide chairs, and some sleeper grime to finish. Ian
  11. Hi, Yes that's how I did it. A pair of very fine tweezers were very handy to feed them in and pull you into place . Also now managed to score across the top of the rail head with a watch makers screwdriver and open up the make with a strong blade. Got matt black paint into the gap..... It's starting to look like a proper joint! Many thanks Ian
  12. You must have made a good and lasting impression. Likewise, keeps you in ticket for them for a little longer. Kind regards Ian
  13. So last night I thought I should start to weather the points in a bid to actually get something done! I had previously discussed the idea of adding fishplate to the flexi bullhead track at 60ft lengths to make it look something like the real thing.... So I thought I would start it with the points... Granted this is just the fishplates added and the weathering is just started, but..... Poor images taken with phone! Ian
  14. Not sure what is going on today! Everyone seems to be trying to irritate me, but worse still they are succeedung!! And worse still I expolded when SHMBO asked how my day went.... I may be out of the dog house by Christmas.....

    1. SVRlad


      You have my sympathies. I’ve experienced those days where everything seems to go wrong.

    2. Peter Kazmierczak

      Peter Kazmierczak

      You are Theresa May and I claim my £5 prize.

    3. Hroth


      "expolded"? Is that when the little boy takes his finger OUT of the hole in the ######?


      Weird. But it WILL take dyke...

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