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  1. For an 04 you need short for the cab and long for the bonnet where the handrail is in the separate parts. Photo of 04 at DVLR Nick
  2. Munrow tested, packed up and ready to go. Hasn't been to an exhibition for a few years, Looking forward to it Nick
  3. I should have correctly said do not use the same winding on a transformer. I have a substantial transformer, 20Amp, on my fixed American layout. It has a host of tappings on it and being frugally minded I used one to provide the points power via a CDU, again fairly hefty 25000mf capacitor. Somewhere a connection between the track supply and the points circuit was inadvertently created. It very efficiently cooked some decoders fortunately in the days before sound but still quite costly at the time. So lesson learned. Nick
  4. Do not under any circumstances use the same transformer to supply the DCC and the points supply. Keep them separate. I speak from experience. Nick
  5. Mr Parkin's kits with some patience make excellent models And can do this as well Yes I know I've got the body the wrong way round but I'm sure at least one was built like this!! He also does several versions. The next on my list will be 8 shoe vacuum braked. Nick
  6. Congratulations on finishing the kit. I am building the same at the moment . Some slight differences in the parts supplied. Doesn't make it a good kit though. Possibly one of the worst I have ever seen. Your blog inspires me to keep on and finish it. Well done. Nick
  7. Quickly found ! One cylinder on each side. And some gearing !! Health and safety anyone ? Not much room to get to the boiler and round the other side Nick
  8. I was very luck to be at Bristol on a day when the crane was in steam and got a good look inside the cab. I'll post some pics when can find them. Nick
  9. A couple of dock cranes I have built. First a hydraulic crane at Herculaneum Dock, Liverpool. 4mm scale It was used to unload mineral wagons and involved tipping the wagon to open the end door and discharge the coal. Now on Mike Edge's Herculaneum layout. Built by Armstrongs. It was a visit to Cragside and viewing the lift which helped me work out how it worked. Secondly the steam crane at Bristol. Built by Stothart & Pitt. The model is 7mm scale for Leeds MRS club layout Regis Bay ( now defunct). The jib is 1:48 the cab 1:43 just to keep the size reasonable. It is non working but someone with the right skill could make it into a working model. This crane now sits in store and I have no use for it. I may be open to sensible offers. Nick
  10. Try Horolene. That seems to the stuff. Basically an ammonia solution. Nick
  11. A successful day and many thanks those who came to support our efforts. I hope you enjoyed yourselves and saw what we have to offer in the club. Hope to see you at our exhibition in October if not sooner at the club one Wednesday. Thanks again. Nick
  12. One of the demos will Andy Ross's developing model of Hunslet Engine Company erecting shop where he was works manager. It includes a working overhead crane. Nick
  13. As well as the club layouts we will also have Skipwith, 4mm Derwent Valley Light Railway - Ken Nelson Colas Depot , 4mm - Richard Timms Headingley Station 2mm Ian Morris. Bring your locos and we'll run them, especially O gauge where we have a 40ft straight run. Also several demos. Nick
  14. Leeds MRS are having an open day at their clubroom on Sunday 12th May from 10am until 4pm. The clubroom is in Westfield House, Broad Lane, Bramley, Leeds LS13 3HA. Unfortunately it is up several flights of stairs and there is no passenger lift. Admission will be free. Layouts on display will include Plymouth Friary Engine Shed which is under construction in O gauge, Chapel-en-le-Frith in OO and several members layouts. All welcome Nick Easton
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