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  1. Quite easily, that was what Wills recommended, it sits at a much shallower angle than normal.
  2. Mine is the Wills version. Only on apprentice money then I used the cast chassis and fitted a spare XO4 motor. Always runs well and can out perform anything the prototype could do.
  3. Because that is the normal Euro truck max height. It shouldn't be marked 13ft 3in because the bridge is only 13ft/3.9mtr not the 4.1mtr what the sign says.
  4. I think it was more the tooling was getting worn out, particularly the roof tool, certainly the last models had lost the crispness of the originals.
  5. It could actually be neither, it is not unknown for clearance to be incorrectly lower after road resurfacing, but in this case 13' appears to be closest.
  6. Your close, it states 4.1 meters/13 feet, which a standard 4 meter truck should fit under. But 13 feet is 3.9 meters which a 4 meter truck obviously doesn't.
  7. bigherb

    The Engine Shed

    It did use a pretty good cast metal representation of the bogie. Yes it was a very good model for the time. Tri-angs toolmakers could make some very fine and crisp mouldings. Mines got replacement wheels.
  8. Makes a change from the Rails fanboys giving Hornby a kicking.
  9. They weren't that brilliant, with raised door outlines, heavy screw heads, rubber corridor connectors which all mine rotted away. Always looked a bit short in body depth to me. The Hornby version is far superior.
  10. That is true of all manufactures. Even Bachmann have made a few pups, even they had a few goes at getting the 7 plank right.
  11. Two mirrors where only a requirement for new cars from Aug 78
  12. Looks like a 560 ohm to me.
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