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  1. They were good motors as an alternative to the XO4, with the bracket the motor could be fitted in a more confined body. One in my Wills C class.
  2. Absolute tosh, after years teaching mechanics, peoples brains work in different ways, some can do it easily, others struggle and some just don't have the dexterity.
  3. Yes my local newsagent stocks a selection of Airfix kits, always been steady sellers but after lockdown she hasn't been able to keep up with demand.
  4. I thought the original Dapol one was the A1XL
  5. There often can be, as bridges are marked in 3 inch increments slightly more if it is metric 0.1m.
  6. Church path leads into the Benzol yard. The row of houses between the school and Church path have been demolished and is now Hallowfield Way which leads into where Benzol used to be.
  7. It is on Britain from above, https://britainfromabove.org.uk/en/image/EPW055274
  8. They are in the UK, and still better those cloppers.
  9. It was at the end of what is now Hallowfield Way. Became a demolition/skip hire yard in the 80s not sure what the site is now.
  10. Really shows up how bad that join and ill fitting the cab back is on the Rails version.
  11. Being where it is, is that one of the station staffs car?
  12. I think he means the thickness of them not the length, they shouldn't look a pair of exhausts.
  13. From my copy of locomotive illustrated, repainted blue at Crew works 1966 on a classified overhaul.
  14. There are plenty of pictures of it in blue.
  15. I have the McGowan assembly diagram. It was designed to use the Jouef 141R chassis. Mc Gowan WD.pdf
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