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  1. Two RTR models have been available as already said the Hornby model dimensional errors excepted wasn't that bad for Hornby at the time. And the odd scale Trix model.
  2. Just needs a phat zorst and neon lights.
  3. This was my final invoice with the discount Edit, wasn't it the first so many orders had the discount?
  4. My discount was applied when they took the money from my card.
  5. Hmm, not sure if there was a finishing process and one of mine escaped it, but one is noticeably 3D printed. Interesting 3d printed weight.
  6. Mine runs fine on my old AMR feedback controller.
  7. bigherb

    Hornby Class 08

    Has Hornby actually made a black EC one yet?
  8. That Cromwell looks very plastic. Hope it's better in the flesh.
  9. You can check you pre orders on the Hornby website. Log in then go to account and orders.
  10. bigherb

    DJM on DC

    The Gaugemaster model W handheld is fine for coreless motors, that is what I use as well as KPC switchable controllers. Not sure what is going on with KPC? I bought mine a long time ago when they had a shop in Gravesend.
  11. The sirens were decommissioned in the early 90s after the fall of the Berlin wall, but some were kept on as flood warnings.
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