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    EM gauge in the post steam, pre TOPS era circa 1968, EM Cambrian circa 1912, S ScaIe BR circa 1954, 3mm Finescale WR in North WaIes circa 1958, Wagon building and detailing-Diesels and DMU's Hill walking near the WAG secret lair in Snowdonia whilst drinking the odd pint of Real Ale and listening to Ska/R&B. Now where's that Parkside kit?

    Director and Chief Steward, York Model Railway Show
    Exhibition Manager, Expo EM North

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  1. Go for a new one, it's a buyers market at the moment!

    1. G-DIMB


      I would completely agree. There are some fantastic bargains out there at the moment. I got £5000 off a pre reg Ford Focus and from speaking to the dealer the used car sales were even worse as manufacturers were dumping new/pre reg stock onto the market to shift it meaning people who were buying upgraded to newer ones which killed sales of 3-5 year old stuff. Only things which are worth the same are 2017/18 £0/£20 rated cars the car tax rules changed which meant they cost alot more to tax.


    2. Trainshed Terry

      Trainshed Terry

      I have a limited budget to to spend as I have been unemployed since 2015 and have be struggling to find employment, I am on 2 zero contracts but I have had no work since May.


      My mother died in April so I have a inheritance from my mother estate which I have to get to stretch untill I get my first of my pension in 2022.

  2. Then a supson of the Captain's favourite brandy perchance??
  3. Spoke to the local branch of Smiffs, and they're telling me to expect it in on 8th August......
  4. At least one on that Ebay at the moment kit built in original black livery
  5. Certainly, it's listed on their website, my apologies as it appears the link did'nt work.
  6. Seconded, that man!!
  7. Indeed! And eagerly awaited too!!
  8. Notice that the excellent Hazel Grove show is another casualty
  9. Indeed! He also has a presence on Facebook, and was dropping hints as to what may become available in the future!!
  10. Still feels nice and minimalist though! Nothing to stop you making it modular maybe?
  11. More like Ian Futers' later 7mm Otterburn plan I think!
  12. Plenty out there! Just picked up some on this very Forum to finish some old 3H oddments I have had for some years. They did also supply it as an underframe only too
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