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    Sunny Snowdonia
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    EM gauge in the post steam, pre TOPS era circa 1968, EM Cambrian circa 1912, S ScaIe BR circa 1954, 3mm Finescale WR in North WaIes circa 1958, Wagon building and detailing-Diesels and DMU's Hill walking near the WAG secret lair in Snowdonia whilst drinking the odd pint of Real Ale and listening to Ska/R&B. Now where's that Parkside kit?

    Director and Chief Steward, York Model Railway Show
    Exhibition Manager, Expo EM North

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  1. Ohh, missed that! Pray tell more.....
  2. Why not, Triang used to do it!
  3. A bit crusty perhaps?
  4. Or on something.....
  5. Or more likely CBA-could'nt be arsed!
  6. If you like that sort of thing.....
  7. And about £79 too much.....
  8. Heard about Owen's passing yesterday-one of the few people on the circuit I could have a conversation with in Welsh. Byth dy anghofio!
  9. The sign may be a bit of a giveaway......
  10. Errr, yes! Hence the post!!!!!
  11. So good he listed twice.....?
  12. What are ewe talking about?
  13. You could always add a fishy smell to it. That would really make it [email protected] [email protected]@K!
  14. Funny that you should mention that, as it's the commercial ones that tend not to leave it..... I seem to get a lot of repeat buyers who do leave it immediately once received-it's always good to know that the item is appreciated!
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