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    EM gauge in the post steam, pre TOPS era circa 1968, EM Cambrian circa 1912, S ScaIe BR circa 1954, 3mm Finescale WR in North WaIes circa 1958, Wagon building and detailing-Diesels and DMU's Hill walking near the WAG secret lair in Snowdonia whilst drinking the odd pint of Real Ale and listening to Ska/R&B. Now where's that Parkside kit?

    Director and Chief Steward, York Model Railway Show
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  1. Best get the thumbscrews out then! With ready to lay EM track from the EMGS, now is the time!!
  2. It's actually called Bodmin General(ly)!
  3. Speaking as one of a team that organizes two exhibitions in the UK I find that the above comment somewhat puzzling. It is normal for most clubs/societies/organizations to book at least a year in advance, and with availability of layouts, some years in advance. As previous comments have already stated the date suggested itself as being the best compromise in a local context, and not with another show some 200+miles away uppermost in mind. The fact that there is a larger element of NG layouts at this years show is coincidental, as availability of layouts changes from year to year, which obviously affects the layout line-up . Bear in mind also that some of these may have travelled a fair distance to get to Mid Wales, as may have many of the potential customers.
  4. Forgive me for being pedantic here, but as I live surrounded by hundreds of thousands of tons of the stuff, we call them quarries!! Good luck with your project. More often than not its just a quick trip up the road to see the real thing!!
  5. Hmmm...this was at Expo EM North last year in 18.2mm guise. Regretablty, I cannot make it again this year. Have a great show!!
  6. Knew him mainly through the classic car show circuit where I was exhibiting my old Singer and he would be with 'Bessie' (Jon Pertwee's Model T lookalike), and ironically not model railways. Always a character!
  7. The Croc Sisters were providing breakfast baps etc for exhibitors traders and others (such as me) so I am surprised this happened. Especially as there was a large Asda close by too. something to tweak for next year. Overall though, they were well received.
  8. Don't you worry Mark! We'll collect you kicking and screaming from work if necessary!!
  9. Do come and say hello Mark!!
  10. All over again.....tomorrow being the 5th......
  11. Mark. Rest assured we will have you for a future year, hopefully 2020!
  12. And looking forward to seeing you young sir!!
  13. Would say that it's an incomplete Wills SS67 Wayside station
  14. Seem to remember an old issue of Scale Trains ran a 'Basis for a layout' article on this very subject some 30 years ago
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