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  1. Do you know if you can still buy spare parts as you could before?
  2. Hi all, I have picked up a South Eastern Finecast 4f kit (the new updated version) at a good price which was good. Unfortunately it is missing cab, and a few other bits. Would anyone have a set of instructions they could scan to help me order the missing parts please? Thanks in advance Duncan
  3. Have a look here at the NELPEG Blog shot of the cab . I have not driven one but looking at it would imagine most of the time you stand. I have got some other cab photos somewhere so will dig out. Kind regards Duncan
  4. Yes something like a D1 , E1 (4-4-0's) an L or a K would be wonderful.
  5. Yes, but only on the basis it seemed you are guided into that.
  6. Does anyone know how to get round the Ebay hikes on postage. I had a buyer who complained about the postage charge on his invoice, a check showed that it was over the top by several pounds. However it was not possible to change it. ? TIA
  7. Blimey, well that's from a while ago and in all honesty the dark clouds got in the way and mojo left. I will dig out some photos to show where I have got to and really must get it finished as my friend is moving to Orkney!
  8. That video course is brilliant, thanks for sharing it. It helps to understand what to do and how to do it. Having dithered I'm tempted to try and have a go. Your buildings are great. Daft questions do they get printed in one go or are they in sections and does it work out relatively economically or is it as expensive as going to say shapeways?
  9. Well here we go then 4 photos of the NER pacfics from the lens of JJ Cunningham who was a Lawyer from Edinburgh. All are negatives in my collection. First 2400 at Craigentinny carriage sidings. Next 2402 passing Joppa , a gorgeous image. Next 2401 also passing Joppa Finally 2400 at rest on a turntable, possibly around Edinburgh as most of JJ's negs tend to be round Edingburgh, Joppa, Annan with a smattering of the 1000 or so I have elsewhere. Hope they are enjoyed
  10. Love the description. The doors allow the crew to be able to pull coal forwards using a pick / a way to climb out of the cab over the roof and to fill the tanks too. I'm amazed how quickly you build, and to such high quality.
  11. They would have been opening, cheaper for the railway companies to add a couple of hinges rather than sliders.
  12. Very nice building as usual. Out of curiosity, how do you then attach the boiler on the 7f is it screwed in?
  13. Was that just the experimental one on 29?
  14. Its volume 2 which records the following Western Region 75003 12/59 75004 10./10/62 75005 09/02/62 75006 16/12/61 75008 12/02/61 75020 28/11/58 75022 01/59 75026 25/06/62 75029 - Experimental one 20/05/57 - Production series 11//2/60 Southern Region 75065 22/04/61 75066 01/04/61 75067 03/12/60 75068 21/01/61 75069 22/10/60 75070 25/02/62 75071 18/03/61 75072 12/11/60 75073 19/08/61 75074 29/07/61 75075 30/09/61 75076 24/06/61 75077 10/06/61 75078
  15. I think it was mainly the Southern Based ones certainly from 75069 onwards got them. Have you tried the RCTS book of the BR Standards (cant remember which volume) as their information is very comprehensive?)
  16. Far from it Mike they are all very interesting and contribute to the topic. Would more images of these interesting Pacific's in operation in Scotland be of interest for the thread?
  17. Yes, there is a bell you can ring from the coach driving end that rings the ATC bell in the cab. In terms of the mechanical linkage there can be quite a bit of wear. You can be in notch three in the coach and bearing in first valve on the engine!
  18. The whistle chain could be connected at either end. The one thing to note is the bell is not that loud, or at least it does not seem so when driving from the trailer having had the whistle chain break! . Personally I when in the loco cab I prefer driving smokebox first. Those windows are the biggest of any engine I've ever driven and give a marvellous view.
  19. As Spamcan has said you have to be a gold member to post adverts
  20. I really like your thread, you get on with building and getting your locos running. It shows what can be done.
  21. Wow, that's nice. did it still have its NER tender or did it get a Gresley one?
  22. In fairness it does not matter which way round the coach is onto the connection. In sandwich mode both the mechanical links are left connected. the thing that is changed is the rod connecting to the regulator. There are 2 which come up into the cab, one from each end. You just simply disconnect one and attach the other. They are of course awkward, or at least that on 1450 always seems to be.
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