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  1. I have just acquired 14 colour slides of the Dornoch branch primarily at The Mound end but this one might be of some use. They will be uploaded to Ernies Railway Archive , Far North Album in due course. Enlarged the building and goods shed view
  2. Hi David, Welcome back to lockdown (not that its going to make much difference to either of us) I actually popped out after dark last night, a 60 second walk to the railway bridge. Got this, brings back memories! Ernie
  3. I have a Flickr album containing some 770 plus images of the Farther North line and another covering the Dingwall and Skye with views going back to between the Wars. Probably nothing from this Century though!
  4. A reminder that Autumn is just around the corner so for a couple of months we should have daily locomotive action through Haltwhistle 66302 611Y York Thrall Europa - Carlisle Kingmoor . 7 RHTT wagons ready for the new season.
  5. 37043 Hartlepool-Leith pipes You can see where the name removed June 86 used to be above and faintly below There should be views of all 4 locos scattered through my Flickr albums. Ernie
  6. 62005 North Blyth June 1966, closest to date I can find Ernie
  7. Only odd bits left in 2012. If you go through the door on the right, the workshop there is full of old machinery etc. Well worth a visit, the next four Sundays in February have extra trains running https://www.tanfield-railway.co.uk/index.php?page=freight-in-february Ernie
  8. I have resolved to get to the SEC one more time, its about 20 years since I last ventured there. I used to be a regular, helping on MG Sharps, The Railway King, Contikits, C&G Models etc. This years layouts look exceptional! Should be there on the friday. Ernie
  9. I have recently acquired a number of slides off E Bay described as originals , they are in the correct Kodachrome card mounts imprinted with the relevant processing dates for the image portrayed but either taken with an inferior camera or are possibly duplicates. Against the duplicate theory is that there are a vast number still unsold where the subject matter wasn't worth the trouble and expense of duplicating. The majority have no subject details etc but I have managed to identify them. I think this one is Borthwick Bank Box with a Brittania on a down goods. Date looks like Sept 65. Can anyone confirm and does the image ring any bells as to the photographer. Ernie
  10. I have a Westoe album on Flickr which may help: Link https://www.flickr.com/photos/irishswissernie/albums/72157697011219561 Ernie
  11. I don't think these 2 are on flickr but it might help with the area rear of the hotel etc Ernie
  12. It doesn't help you finding a model of the house although I think Bachmann do a Lynton & Barnstaple Woody Bay station model which looks very similar. The house by the viaduct is to the same design as this building perched on a hill overlooking the C&O west of the village and its name is/was something like Allt Chaorain House hotel. Rodger the Hotel owner in 1988 told me that his property was built by the original owner as his 'Country House and the house by the viaduct was his 'Town House' The country house had been extended at a later date (possibly by Rodger) following the same style. Over 30 years since I've been there now! Ernie
  13. I've just added 3 views of ex HR Clan Goods 57955 at Kyle of Lochalsh 22 Apr 1952 to Flickr: One of my favourite locos! I had a couple of built Jidenco 00 etched brass kits probably 30 years ago one with the straight splasher as 57955 and one with the split splashers (straight over the first 2 drivers and curved over the last ) They ran like a "bag of spanners"! Wish I still had them Now must get back to scanning/cleaning ; Callender & Oban today. Ernie
  14. I can add a flickr link. Here are the Bembridge branch 3 added to Flickr yesterday Date 3 September 1953 Ernie
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