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  1. What started out as an Airfix /GMR Shell tanker wagon, a few bits from the scrap box, individually applied letters from a sheet of Model Master transfers and weathered to hide all the mistakes ! Idea taken from the photo on the cover of Bill Hudson's Private Owner Wagons , The Oakwood Press. The cruel close up shows a few blemishes, not least the still plastic finish to the underframe, the tank not quite sitting flush, and more importantly the not so straight lettering !
  2. having read through / downloaded several painting and weather guides ie : AK Interactive's How to Use product guides, Life Colour's How to Use.., and AV Vallejo's Product Guide Step by Step (no doubt others are available) I tried some of the techniques on my take of a GN Creosote tank wagon - ( it was originally an Airfix/GMR 20 ton Shell Tank wagon) Weathering might not be ever-bodies cup of tea but rule 1 applies !
  3. my first resin kit Mousa Models GNR Dia 7A/43 3 plank (Colwick) wagon
  4. I think that this drain cover should be set a bit lower .....
  5. an ungated crossing - the real one and my version
  6. I find them very good, but as with all weathering techniques a lot of practice /patience is required, and a photo often helps. Russ M
  7. FYI, there's a step by step guide on "How to make realistic weeds / Rosebay Willowherb" by Michael Russell in BRM July 2012. Very similar to your method using bristles from an old paintbrush, static grasses and scatter materials etc Russ M
  8. if I remember correctly wasn't there something called "wagon flow" a few years back ? could be a good starting point if still available
  9. hi there, try this site for more information https://historicengland.org.uk/images-books/publications/railway-goods-shed-and-warehouse-in-england/the-railway-goods-shed-and-warehouse/ Russ M
  10. You could go for a Tom Pudding !
  11. I have recently obtained a n Impetus Manning Wardle 0-6-0st kit. It requires the usual extras- wheels , motor etc The instructions suggest that I need a Sagami 1013 motor with a Peter K motor mount and an Alan Gibson gearset. There is also an amendment suggesting an Ultrascale 40:1 gearset with a Mashima 9/16 motor should the above not be available. Are any of these available and if so from where ? Any help would be appreciated, many thanks Russ M
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