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  1. Seems like the sample I posted had been changed by RMWeb to a default text This is actually Gill Sans MT on black as a graphic image: Looks the same as yours
  2. Should be the standard Gill Sans, which is supposedly this: BRITISH RAILWAYS
  3. Thanks for letting us know who. They will need to go some to beat £18:50 inc VAT for a 50W 6000lm batten with a 5 year warranty CEF certainly can't and there aren't that many others left as they have closed.
  4. £25 for one year's membership. Includes some more cams that are not in the free list as well as the diagrams.
  5. I assume Railcam UK (members only page) Open Train Times map hasn't been updated, so not them, neither has Traksy Possibly this: https://signalmaps.co.uk/#peterborough:946
  6. The corridor, if it's the one I remember went to the escalator that went down into Station St, near the entrance to the Midland Red bus station. The position sounds like it's where Beatties were, IIRC they were there when IA had moved to Stephenson St Beatties was 26 South Mall.
  7. I've been trying to remember where they were in the Pallasades. The address doesn't ring any bells, even though I can remember the centre being built and some of the original tenants e.g. Asda Anyone know the actual position?
  8. Although IA have divested themselves of the transport publishing and shops they still are the place for Masonic stuff, they also have an upmarket car dealership and do business travel packages. As I've said elsewhere, their transport publishing/bookshops were in recent years a very small part of the overall business and any disruption to the status quo e.g. higher rents, were only going to hasten it's demise.
  9. TMC haven't had any yet. Mine's been on order since last year.
  10. The electronic HF ballast fluorescents don't do too bad in the cold, the ones in the unheated, draughty shed light OK whilst at a frosty temperature. LF ones aren't so good & magnetic ballasts are pretty rubbish apart from the SRS type (slightly better)
  11. A place like City Electrical Factors are usually OK for bits but they are a lot more for LED battens than the V-Tac store and personally think it's unlikely an electrical wholesaler will beat them.
  12. I think you will find that they can access the dive under by the New England Junctions but there is no point crossing the ECML to do so. If you are southbound from Spalding you go straight into the yards without a conflict using the bi-directional up slow but would need to cross the ECML via the junction (Spital?) just north of the station to access the line to Ely. If going northbound the reverse would apply
  13. So far I have found Screwfix far from competitive with LED lighting prices, especially considering how good they are for things like electric drills. The V-Tac ones I linked to are more efficient as well as being half the price. Both the LAP & V-TAC are cool white which is a colour temperature around 6000K For warmer tones you need around 3000K light. V-Tac do a 3000K one but presently the max is only a 4ft 4800 lumen and unfortunately not in the cheaper twin packs but still less per lumen than LAP (Screwfix): https://www.amazon.co.uk/V-TAC-Fittings-Integrated-1200x74x24mm-Lighting/dp/B07DTW7X4S?ref_=ast_sto_dp&th=1&psc=1 EDIT BTW the market is constantly changing and what is available in the spring could be better again. As I posted above, 12 months made a lot of difference between my two purchases, where the later ones were cheaper and more lumens per watt.
  14. Return to Norwich 1Z49 https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:U63610/2021-12-02/detailed
  15. 6233: 1Z46 0655 from Norwich https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:U63606/2021-12-02/detailed
  16. In BR Steam Motive Power Depots (WR): In Aug 1950 6167 is at Didcot (81E) along with 4 sisters. In March 1959 there are no 61XX allocated to Didcot and 6167 is at Slough (81B). In May 1965 there are again 3x 61XX at Didcot but not 6167, which is now at Southall (81C) on that date.
  17. Can't see the point of just replacing the tubes, they aren't IMHO as good overall as a new one. The Kitchen ones are 4000K The V-Tac ones are very light, there isn't much that isn't plastic, as such they don't need an earth. The component count without the LED strip is very low. Another LED light I had contained In order from the mains supply: A polyester capacitor to drop the voltage a bit, a bridge rectifier and a low value resistor. Not much to go wrong. EDIT Forgot the 400v low value electrolytic across the rectified DC.
  18. Hi Iain These: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B08WPX2QC9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 They are supplied by the UK agent and sold through the V-Tac Amazon shopfront. Other sizes are available from the V-Tac shop They have fallen in price somewhat as well, the ones for the kitchen were £30.50 each against £37.00 for two. They were also only 4000 lumen not 5000 as I thought and were purchased just 12 months ago (time drags during a pandemic
  19. I've just replaced the Fluorescent battens (6 off) in my railway room with full LED battens and in the process increased the light output somewhat. (The fluorescents were the ones with HF ballast.) They were installed new in around 2009 and all the tubes were dim, one had failed completely I was going to just replace the tubes but decided on a full LED upgrade. They are 50W 6000lm each and come with a 5 year guarantee (based on 12 hours usage per day.) They are so much brighter that just 2 normally give enough light. They are the same make as two we fitted in the kitchen a couple of years one year ago, although at that time they were just 5000lm 4000lm from 50W (efficiency is constantly improving) IMHO Well worth investing in LEDs
  20. Slide bars, crosshead, coupling rods, connecting rods, handrail knobs, smokebox front appearance & front pony wheels all look inferior to Hornby IMHO Tank boiler strap looks better*, the motor is bigger so should be better, mass seems to be greater, driving wheel weights have the 'appearance' of separate items (which they are in real life) so better looking. As I said before, pluses and minuses and no clear winner. Still that tank footplate gap. * The Hornby one looks like it's separate and clear of the boiler cladding, The Dapol one looks like it's been moulded as part of the boiler
  21. That's 4E21 running about 10mins early (66726 Sheffield Wednesday) https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:H04741/2021-11-30/detailed
  22. According to RTT 4E21 Felixstowe - Tinsley is due through Werrington Jn. around 15:00 (it's currently 20mins from Ely, running on time), if it follows yesterday's route, it should use the diveunder instead.
  23. West Midlands bus services are pretty good and most are run on a commercial basis. They still manage to have cheapish fares, NX WM have recently cut their fares.
  24. The schedule is still showing via Werrington, hence the timing point. The correct route for 4E20 via Marholm & Glinton Jns on RTT as I posted earlier does not include Werrington Jn. I'll repeat it here: https://www.realtimetrains.co.uk/service/gb-nr:H01649/2021-12-11/detailed
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