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  1. Its final appearance will be at our Winter Steam Gala which has been moved forward to the 3rd/4th Feb 2018. This is because the boiler ticket expires the following week. https://www.churnet-valley-railway.co.uk/news/gueststeam
  2. We have a cluster head in our stores. Just trying to find an excuse to install it somewhere on the railway.
  3. The A143 between Bungay and Harleston uses the trackbed of the Waveney Valley line. The Satnav calls it railway road. As for canals in to railways, the Churnet Valley line between Froghall and Uttoxeter was built on the route of the Uttoxeter canal.
  4. The best reason I was given by someone when I asked them if they minded moving to the window seat to save the fuss of them getting up to let me sit down, was..... " I don't want to site next to the window just in case we have a crash and I can' t get out" !!!!
  5. The 1926 scheme covered both lines with the same signal type. The photo here on my layout thread shows the Circle lines. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/29574-moorgate-the-widened-lines/ These are the starting signals from Platform 4 (Met Railway) The train stops were electrically worked and all points were mechanically worked with Economical Facing Point Locks provided where required.
  6. Kings Cross - Moorgate was resignalled in 1926 so this probably fits your 1925 to 1930 time period. The 2 aspect colour light signals were the short range type with 6" diameter lenses. In the outdoor sections (such as Moorgate) long hoods were provided. The photo below shows the starting signal from platform 5 at Moorgate. Going from top to bottom we have a 2 aspect red/green signal head (F21) a 2 aspect yellow/green signal head (RSS1b) with a 2 aspect red/green signal head at the bottom (F22). With the signal at stop we get a red in the top head, the middle head is black (no aspect) and a
  7. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/05/22/bbc-commissions-slow-tv-like-live-trainspotting-show/ armchair gricing !!!!
  8. I'll second the statement about the "Metrovick Hernia"........... I have six 4 aspect MV signals in my stores which are made up from separate Red/Yellow and Green/Yellow 2 aspect heads which are unbelievably heavy for what they are.
  9. Blue Anchor - Somerset. Blue Anchor - miles away in South London. Stoat's Nest.
  10. We have been fitting "Track circuit Interrupters" to friction buffer stops for a good many years.
  11. Correct, the Bakerloo did run to Stanmore . The original name for the Jubilee Line was the Fleet Line as I remember dozens of station signs in the stores at Lillie Bridge depot that never saw the of day.
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