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  1. Yes we will show the livery samples, although it will likely be a "last chance to pre-order" situation as we will want to sign off for production as soon as we can. The model will be available from stock afterwards but the pre-order discount will end. We can look at transfer packs for other numbers, perhaps you are aware that IW&D 11 was one of the locos built with a taller cab so not strictly correct for our tooling.
  2. The specification for the loco is RP25-110 - I'll ask James to check what's in the video.
  3. James has put together a short video of the EP in action on his colliery layout, Pont-y-Dulais
  4. You need to work on your influencer marketing terminology. It's swag if it's free. If you're paying for it, it's merch.
  5. If everything stays on schedule we are expecting decorated samples and then sign off around the end of May.
  6. The sprung-ness of the buffers is one thing on our snagging list (they're currently a bit stiff) so we'll look at the overall size as well. The current coupling springing is a bit loose, the overall height is also possibly a bit low (or it droops forward) so we're looking at whether this is a design or assembly issue. The projection of the coupling looks a bit more exaggerated than reality in the photo from below due to the perspective, I agree there might be a little bit of space to move it back if we need to but the main body fixing screws are immediately behind the cou
  7. Thanks for sharing @Davidjsmith. We'll always keep this thread updated but we like to give our email subscribers the first look! Sign up at https://planetindustrials.co.uk/ In terms of additional liveries, we are close to signing off the decoration design for the four current liveries but further variants are possible. I would recommend keeping an eye open... As a reminder, you can still secure a discounted price with a £30 deposit (or pay in full) or reserve a model for free and pay the full price on delivery. W
  8. We've just heard that the Victory engineering sample is ready and due to leave China tomorrow. Very excited to receive it and share updates with you all - more to come soon! Meanwhile pre-orders are still open at our introductory discount price (with deposit) https://www.lightrailwaystores.co.uk/collections/victory-variants
  9. Alternatively leave the detail off the buffer beam and provide etched overlays with and without a cut out for the tension lock. Looks great though!
  10. My pair in British Steel blue has just arrived. They weren't kidding about them being delicate models.
  11. Sorry, I missed this post. The Ruston will be on sale from March 13th at Light Railway Stores.
  12. The National Garden Railway show is currently going ahead on 26th June with various limitations. This is in a big venue so there's ample opportunity to spread out. https://www.nationalgardenrailwayshow.org.uk/2021-show/
  13. The way that the platform ramps slope up to the concourse at Euston do slightly give the impression that the lines continue on. Antwerp Central is another one that's had through (high speed) lines put in under the original station.
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