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  1. I have a PDF in the Meridian Models archive. PM me or email [email protected] and I can sort you out.
  2. It's definitely an interesting one! However it would require entire new mouldings for the cab/tank and cab front and rear so probably not practical for a one-off. David L.O. Smith took a razor saw to a Minerva 7mm scale Victory and it came up pretty well so you could always buy a spare to experiment on https://www.davidlosmith.co.uk/KerrStuartVictoryNo41.htm
  3. I'm still catching up on some of the Sunday videos, but it was a great event and very enjoyable to be a part of. Thanks to all the team for putting it together! Layout highlights for me were probably Tackeroo and the C&HPR one. Sandy Shores too of course but I've seen that for real!
  4. Thanks, glad to hear your interest! The independent East Kent Railway had one which ran in green, as mentioned above. This made it into British Railways ownership but it's believed it never carried its assigned BR number and was scrapped in 1949. Having said that, an olive green one for e.g. Southampton docks post-war sounds like plausible freelance...
  5. https://www.world-of-railways.co.uk/news/Dapol-reveals-14t-tank-wagon-project-for-o
  6. Thanks! I'm glad to hear you're excited by it. The gearbox drives on to the rear axle and then its rod coupled (incidentally the coupling rods are articulated rather than a single piece). The humps you can see on the keeper plate are to accommodate the bearings.
  7. James and I are split on EKR no 4 as it was one of the first two locos in the class that was built with a taller cab, not represented on our model. The livery is a firm option but whether we do it with or without the lettering might depend on what people are willing to bear!
  8. Yours looks great Adam! Projected liveries are detailed on our website, we'll likely ask for feedback on these in the near future to gauge demand for each version. https://www.planetindustrials.co.uk/
  9. I did some freelance work for a tech company in East London in around... 2012? For reasons I never established, Peco backscenes were used as framed artwork in the toilet stalls.
  10. We can produce some PLA plates for stock if you can suggest what useful numbers (or ranges of numbers) would be.
  11. James and I sent the first of our email newsletters recently (if you're one of the early subscribers, thank you!) - we thought it was worth sharing here as well as there's a hint of some very exciting news on the horizon. https://mailchi.mp/52fab15c0a63/coming-soon-big-news-from-planet-industrials Sign up for more at https://www.planetindustrials.co.uk if you're intrigued!
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