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  1. I’ve been interested reading this thread. I can’t resist saying, “now this is 3D engraving!” Mind you it would cost me a fortune to replace my machine. Roger
  2. Thanks Matt, as you may have read elsewhere, my Son has reintroduced my kits under the Five79 brand. We spend hours discussing the production of new kits. But have not come to any final conclusions. Roger
  3. I think I heard about this book on Facebook and honestly I bought it to look at the the prototype information in it and I wasn’t disappointed. Then I suddenly said that’s one of mine! I have to thank you for the book about building my ballast wagon kits! My sudden departure from kit manufacture can be put down to a mixture of things, but mostly depression. When you cock up 5 dies in a row..... One prototype in the book I had spent quite a long time looking at (other people call it researching) was the Plaice. I had hoped to use the underframe for other wagons, but l seem to remembe
  4. Cranking up my memory, I believe the first batch of MDVs were not SAB fitted. If we are going to get a failure moulding the solebars it in the bottom SAB fitted one, so there is a decent number of pairs that have been snipped off which could be packed into kits. Talk to Matthew nicely! Roger
  5. Thank you for giving our kit a mention. When I have ideas I sometimes produce a prototype to see if I can do it and whether customers will accept my solutions. The fish van was produced exactly for this purpose with a view to a series of further 6w prototypes. What seemed an easy body on my idea for the chassis. I say seemed easy, but I think I remember it was much more difficult to get the uncluttered appearance right. I was told by my finescale friends that the idea works well on their larger radius curves because the dummy wheel doesn’t appear to lose contact with the rail as it does on ver
  6. I tried to buy Colin’s kits, but he didn’t want to sell. They were of course Ian Kirk’s before Colin. Roger
  7. When I see these models I remember why I chose to do the kit, a little bit of Gresley for your train. Roger
  8. I am shocked, nay horrified. I find people glorifying the uglification of the most beautiful English Electric diesel loco. I suppose the railways saw sense and only bought 22. Had they looked like the original everybody would have been clamouring for some, even the Western. Roger
  9. There was a fatal disaster in the mouth of the Ribble in the 1960 when the Druid capsized trying to enter the estuary. I saw the rescue helicopters land on Lytham green. Preston Corporation refloated or bought the puffer and refitted it to be the pilot barge off Lytham, where it stayed until Preston Dock. I seem to remember reading that an experienced Puffer Sailor said it was a voyage a puffer shouldn’t have taken. Something about getting across the bar. Roger
  10. Alistair told me that many of the original masters were very good but Colin had a habit of taking second or third generation copies as masters which destroyed the filelity. Perhaps somebody can can confirm that he died as a result of removing asbestos from a preserved diesel as I have been told. A total different light? Roger
  11. Thank you for all the nice things you’ve been saying about NGRM Online. It started because I wanted to say thank you to all my customers and was originally a pair of Yahoo groups about 20 years ago. After a similar question some time ago we took it up with our hosting service and received a reassurance that we were perfectly safe. Don’t ask me what they said because I didn't understand it. Roger Chivers
  12. Thank you. I never borrow things I am renowned for losing things. Roger
  13. The state of 014 reached the august pages of Roy’s mag. I recently decided the way to enable me to do what I want points me strongly towards 014. If you want to model Big 2ft you can get away with it in 016.5 but if you want to model Little 2ft it’s got to be 014. Until now you had to rely on KB Scale but there are new alternatives, possibly not as finescale as KB, but they are there. 7mm dia Markits, 8 & 9 mm Dundas, 10.5mm regular TT. When I visit my local line, The West Lancs, I always notice the WDLR ammunition wagons and they pop up in pictures of other preserved railways. I have
  14. Does anybody have any 14mm roller track gauges for sale? Roger
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