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  1. That’s true of the first run, but subsequent runs have been fine (there have been more than 20 variants over the years). The fact that years later the Heljan is still being re-issued suggests there’s a decent market for it, and I don’t believe the vast majority of those sales will have been cannibalised from what would otherwise be JE sales. Heljan is now releasing an 0 gauge model Clayton: is that ok because JLTRT went bust and JE don’t produce a kit, or bad because it stops a kit manufacturer making one? There’s room for everyone. Paul
  2. I vaguely remember a 17 at Liverpool Street (I think) — though maybe that was an ex-GER inspection saloon. Sorry that wasn’t very helpful Paul
  3. The launch announcement says: Paul
  4. An email from Hattons yesterday said the Mk2s were now expected January-March 2022. The Claytons have also been pushed again, but only to January-March 2021. Paul
  5. Another Hattons email to announce a revised delivery date for these Claytons — now allegedly due sometime between January and March. It’s better news than for Heljan’s 0 gauge Mk2s, which are now apparently scheduled to arrive between January and March 2022. Plenty of time to save up, I guess. Paul
  6. Where something has gone wrong, the normal principle is that you should be "made whole again" -- ie, you should be no worse off at the end of it all. If the retailer has offered you a 100% refund then they have behaved impeccably, and you will be no worse off than before you started. That's all. No-one is going to be responsible for getting you the bargain you'd set your sights on and thought you'd get. That's just life. But you can celebrate the fact that even though it all went wrong you were dealing with a reputable person who made sure you were whole again.
  7. “International” banks turn out to be nothing of the sort. My employer has accounts in a number of countries with a number of banks: for example, HSBC in the U.K. can’t do anything with HSBC (US). They are effectively completely separate banks, who just happen to have the same owners. What’s really crippling many small international businesses is anti-terrorism and anti-laundering legislation: HSBC, again, has been so heavily fined in the US for not being vigilant enough against drug money being moved from Mexico to the US that all its international customers are now suffering. On two
  8. The loco in your 2nd photo is a BR Standard class 4 (basically a restyled version of the LMS Ivatt 4MT). It’s available RTR. Paul
  9. From playing with Hornby track on Minories variants, I seem to remember they produce a tiny length of straight track that neatly fills the gap you’ve created. Though it was about 20 years ago, so no promises! Paul
  10. Except you'll be doing it on a high-level walkway through a not very salubrious part of London, exposed to the elements -- driving rain, snow? Tough. It was decided the option where the platforms would all be in the same station was either too expensive or would lead to the loss of a bit of Wormwood Scrubs (which is anyway not a brilliant green open space though, admittedly, this part of London needs all the green it can get). Paul
  11. I largely agree with your comments about the LHR spur (which made no sense when Mawhinney reported against it, and makes no sense today), but your assessment of the interchange with the WLL is too kind. It is not that it will not be the best interchange -- it is that it will be an utterly dreadful interchange, involving long walks (was it 300m?) between the WLL LO platforms and the other platforms that will serve LHR. Intended mainly for air passengers many of whom will presumably be travelling with luggage... The last scheme I saw involved a high-level footbridge snaking across th
  12. Interestingly, all of the 73s are being offered as individually numbered locos -- not, as has been more normal for Heljan O gauge, mostly unnumbered with one or two numbered locos. Is this a sign of O gauge evolving into something more like the mainstream OO RTR market? Paul
  13. You’ve created a new name by mashing-up two lovely M&GN station names: North Drove Counter Drain The third station between Bourne and Spalding was the other you mentioned, Twenty. This gave rise to the schoolboy joke which relies on the now archaic way of expressing numbers: “How many stations are there between Bourne and Spalding? Two and Twenty”. Counter Drain, incidentally, serves the delightfully-named Fenland hamlet of Tongue End. Paul
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