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  1. I bought an inner wagon to measure up for sets of decals, seems quite a nice model all in. Has anyone else noticed the relationship between the axle boxes and the wheel sets? They're definitely not aligned, presumably to lower the flanges under the wagon. It looks so odd once you spot it. Most wagons have a recessed floor to allow for flanges, whereas Dapol have gone for a flat floor and lowering the wheelsets. Once you notice, you can't unsee it and it looks like the N model is similarly afflicted Jo
  2. Blue 60 on Thursday, linked from my Flickr if you want to see it bigger. After an overcast start to the day, the weather brightened up in time for this. Contrary to the popular opinion, I prefer the DCR grey 60s to this blue one, but 60028 still looks smart enough working 6Z73 Tytherington - Willesden DCR, carrying stone bound for Calvert and HS2. Jo
  3. Mobile or on a computer? If a computer, try the escape key on the keyboard, that usually closes expanded pictures on websites. I can't test myself right now as using my phone. Jo
  4. I'm surprised about the variety in pan usage on the Hitachi units by different operators. I guess running with the front pan reduces the risk of a driver raising the rear pan on the front set in a 2x5 car formation by mistake, but comes with the risk of damaging the roof and rear pan in a dewirement. Jo
  5. A quick one tonight, I've added the class 800 page to the website, including instructions. https://steadfastmodels.wordpress.com/n-1148-class-800-decals/ A heads up - these are not currently available to purchase, but will be going for print as soon as I have IOA Mussel decals ready to send off at the same time. Here's the pack contents and the instructions, any questions fire away and I'll do my best to help. All the best, Jo
  6. Just to try to confirm any patterns, I get it every time I come to RMweb afresh, either by entering the URL in the address bar or by having RMweb already open when resuming my browser on my phone after using another app for a bit. For example, just now I was away from the internet for about an hour whilst picking up a hire car, using Google maps on the phone to get to the rental place. This is using Chrome on an Android phone, and none of the adverts are modelling related, unlike the banners around the site. Mainly I've had car dealerships and Google's "answer us these questions". Jo
  7. 37800. 611 has the revised front end with light clusters fitted by DRS Jo
  8. @jools1959 and @adb968008 The noticeable one is that 56103 has additional circular red and yellow decals. I've not looked into things like data panel positions etc. Both have the cabside Aircon grills. The above pics are linked from my Flickr, caption details if you click them. Jo
  9. I don't know...the coupling spring pinging out is pretty standard on the N scale Buckeyes from Dapol! Jo
  10. Yeah that blue looks good, Guy. The goldmine of Flickr gives some nice customisation options. Faded decals? Time to chuck a load of stone dirt all over them? Jo
  11. Could a small dab of superglue to retain the spring on the small pip be a fix? It works on the Dapol N scale NEM Buckeyes which are also prone to shedding springs Jo
  12. Thanks to everyone who stopped for a chat earlier at TINGS, nice to have some positive feedback on the decals and also some interesting product ideas to develop. It was great to catch up with friends, met some new faces and have a little bit of normality with a thoroughly enjoyable day. Tea from Gloucester services farm shop on the way home to cap it off. Time for an unwind with a Rattler and some Revolution Trains reading material Jo
  13. Yeah both liveries should be silver, the early livery is a brighter, more reflective silver. I'm just hoping Dapol announce they're shrinking these as they don't look like bad models overall and save a lot of scratch building! I'm tempted to get a 4mm wagon to measure up for graffiti decals. Virtually every wagon in the fleet has been hit! Jo
  14. Thanks @Claude_Dreyfusand everyone who's liked and comments on the Kato 800 thread too. I'll let everyone know once I've got the packs ready then. If you've been following the Road Vehicles section of the forum, you may well have seen I've done a pack for the Osborn's 3D printed modern trucks. These are in stock now, £2 a pack plus P&P. All being well, I'll be attending The International N Gauge Show at Leamington on Sunday, demonstrating on the DEMU stand. There's a few lines that I have some stock of and if anyone would like anything, drop me a message by 19:00 Saturday (tomorrow) and I'll bring them along Sunday. If for for any reason I or you cannot attend, I'll post them next week, post free. Items in stock are: The truck decals illustrated above (6 sets) All Cemex HOA blanking and graffiti sets (1 x bulk pack, 2 x pack 001, 2 x pack 003, 9 x graffiti) EWS HOA graffiti packs (4 sets) HTA graffiti pack (2 sets) Engineers wagon markings (N-Misc001) (6 sets) JNA Falcon graffiti pack (4 sets) Details of the pack contents here: https://steadfastmodels.wordpress.com/about/ I was hoping to have some more things, but sadly it looks like delivery will be the beginning of next week... I'll have some bits and pieces with me (including development bits) so do drop by the DEMU stand on Sunday for a chat if you're about. All the best Jo
  15. I use DXF files to go from Illustrator (and before that Inkscape) to Silhouette Studio and have never had a problem. I'm always a touch sceptical of the these articles telling you about "problems" and include affiliate links so they make a bit when you purchase the "solution". The only issue is Studio doesn't always size the imported file correctly, but adding a box of known dimensions around your design and resizing in Studio if needed solves it in about 30 seconds. Jo
  16. I'm glad we've got until the end of the month for the early bird prices... Gives me chance for birthday money and overtime! Jo
  17. A cheeky little plug, I've designed some decals to add a bit of colour to the Kato 800s, adding detail to the destination displays and underframe. Let me know if you have any thoughts - is it worth me persuing? All the best Jo
  18. Something else to come off the same batch of test bits as the Mussel scrapes are these small decals for the Kato class 800. I'm surprised how much the little bit of colour really lifts the model, despite the tiny size. I've developed destination display artwork for a pair of 5 car 800s (cars A-E and G-L) as well as doing the red fire pull signs for the underframe of the engine fitted vehicles. Although the destinations are indeed on the Western region, they're barely legible in this tiny size so would suit the LNER model too. What do people think, worth me making these available? Jo
  19. Not on the national network as far as I'm aware, unless there are some hidden away for special jobs? The last ones in our area I know of were the four that got sold to Mendip Rail for internal use. Going back to the Intercity ones, here's a pic from Flickr of the Intercity Swallow one at on my local line, seems sat at Bitton. It seems to usually be at Avon Riverside when it's not in use. Intercity logo is left hand end, just above the oval hole in the body side Jo
  20. That's interesting. How did this affect wagon movements? Presumably it meant wagons still moved around as required, but within their business sector's locations, rather than nationwide? Paperwork always seems to complicate the railway! Jo
  21. Did wagons get allocated to a depot in that era? They don't now, they'll be in a pool, which may geographically limit their movements, but infrastructure wagons are pretty much go anywhere, as required, via the network trips. So for example, Carlisle need 20 seacows for a job at the weekend, Westbury have 20 on Monday. Across the week they'll be plotted via various trips (eg Westbury - Bescot - Crewe - Carlisle) to get them in position for the weekend. They might take the long way round too if there's more capacity on those trips. Jo
  22. You presume right sir. I can't remember if DB bought them (like they did the RMCs) or not, but the unbranded and blanked out ones are most recent and ran mixed together. Jo
  23. The Seacow at the Avon Valley Railway is Intercity branded. From what I can tell, it's only on the side visible from the cycle path when it's north of Bitton. Jo
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