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  1. Oh I don't know. Watching trains whizz in and out of tunnels, & over and under each other seems to be what the OP here equates with an "awesome" layout.
  2. Here's a radical idea. Since HGV drivers are so useless, ban all trucks completely, and deliver everything in a massive fleet of Transit vans* instead. They're much lower, and aren't going to hit any bridges, are they...??? https://www.google.com/amp/s/metro.co.uk/2019/10/16/van-sliced-two-going-really-low-stonea-railway-bridge-10926417/amp/ No??? Really??? * and before the inevitable "deliver everything by train" gets posted up, just a reminder that most town's railway goods yards went LONG ago, & even when they still existed, the railways often ran some of the largest fleets of road delivery vehicles at the time. Heck, my nearest 'big town' of Dudley doesn't even have a Passenger Station, never mind a Goods Yard!! So much for "deliver by train".....
  3. Re the photo of Laurie Calvert there - now if those were cogs sticking out of his head above his ears, I'd understand the inspiration for the buildings in the range....
  4. Finally got my sticky paws on a copy this evening. Will settle down for some in-depth study soon, but a quick scan through the article shows some prototype photos of the location modelled. Looks interesting.
  5. How do you reach the rear of the 4ft wide boards? You're going to need to reach any track you lay to clean it, & possibly deal with derailments. Anyway, besides that - open rafters, no insulation(?), bare block walls - your loft looks like a lot of trouble waiting to happen for any layout you build in there to me (& my layout is in my loft too).
  6. Diesel Hydraulic, I notice. Makes you wonder just how long the WR Hydraulics could've kept going with decent support. In 1989 my interest in UK trains was well on the wane; I recall someone asking when I was going to buy a new Lima Class 60? By that time I wouldn't even spit on a Lima (or Hornby) diesel, they were inferior in so many ways to US model locos, & 60s far too 'modern' for me anyway. Seeing them being scrapped makes me feel old, too!!!
  7. "Stay Single" would be my best advice, as a SWMBO is highly likely to end up considering ALL modelling activity as "shennanigans" to be stopped, eventually, no matter how much she found it fascinating/tolerated it when you first met...
  8. It was meticulously laid, certainly, and the photo was posted slightly tongue-in-cheek as everything else you say is true, too. It works because it's in gauge, & the rails are more-or-less level with each other across ties (there are some 'twists' but they're only slight & gradual) & it was designed for American locos & stock; British 0-6-0 locos & 4-wheel stock won't even look at it. But it is a bit of fun to post as a contrast to the accepted wisdom.
  9. Certainly looks pretty classy and comfortable for a Gentleman's Activity Bunker.
  10. If we're talking about the AEC Routemaster photo, the bridge has a clear sign on it stating 14ft clearance. A quick google gives the height of an AEC Routemaster as 14ft 4&1/2 inch. Doubt it's a resurfacing issue
  11. Very good!! I missed that one!! They do, & equally fortunately model rolling stock doesn't have the mass to keep pushing a loco down the track once the power is cut.
  12. Last time I checked, model railway engines didn't have brakes.
  13. What's wrong with slippery rails, anyway? Rather prototypical I would've thought... Fast forward to 2:15 to see what I mean.
  14. Not easy to find in the New RMweb index, but there is a Special Interests Section for the railways of Gloucestershire & the Forest of Dean, if you've not seen it before... https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/forum/188-the-railways-of-gloucestershire-and-the-forest-of-dean/
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