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  1. I don't really like graffiti - I'm not sure any of us do as railfans - but it is part of the modern rail scene, so I thought about including some on some of my stock. 'JAMO' was nice & short to have a practice with, and even sounds a bit like a 'tag' sort of name. I guessed no one would be offended. The regulars on this Thread and the US Section are an inspirational sorce of names, so you have all been warned!! The real trick will be in making them almost, but not quite, totally illegible, like real graffiti!!
  2. VANDALS AT PORTWAY CENTER!! Shock news just in - we are sorry to have to announce that there has been a case of vandalism at the Portway Center railroad yard in downtown Portway, MN. The railroad's ex-Soo Line caboose, which is used on trains being propelled to the Shortside Industrial complex, was subjected to the unwanted attention of a graffiti "artist" overnight. Early this morning Police were called to the scene of the crime. Sheriff Lou Scannon said "Despite extensive investigations, we still have no idea who did this. We are appealling to anyone with potential information to contact us."
  3. I do love the correct technical terminology!!
  4. Just to illustrate what happens with rigid-chassis 4-wheel stock on my rough siding - first photo shows the unmodified Bobber with one wheel on the high spot of the rail; the other wheel is clearly off the rail by some margin. Both wheels on the other side are on the rail at this point. Second photo shows the modified Bobber with the compensation unit fitted. At the same place on the track, all 4 wheels are in contact with the rails in the required fashion. I have now modified both Bobbers so they both have compensated chassis, although I'm minded to leave the one in otherwise original condition, as a bit of a nostalgia piece and a reminder that one of them was my first American O Scale model. I solved the uneven ride height by removing the bearings from the compensation unit, and opening out the holes for them by a millimetre closer to the mounting plate - making the holes oval, in essence - and resoldering the bearings so the axle is now 1mm closer to the underside of the chassis, and the whole thing sits level. Apologies to the etch brass Purists, though I doubt any read this Thread.
  5. I do like the Minnesota Commercial, I have the C-Vision Productions DVD about it, although that's now a few years old & slightly out of date. The Minnesota Commercial has the last two Alco RS27s in existence, according to the DVD. They also had an EMD CF7 for some years, now sold on (& probably scrapped) - I made a copy of it from an Athearn CF7 in HO, some years ago now... Just would love to get one in O Scale, these days!
  6. According to Wikipedia (so it MUST be true!!! ) the plural of Caboose is Cabooses. "Cabeese" is something of a made-up word, apparently. But not a reason for debate or falling out on this Thread.
  7. Add it to your Tyco Turbo Train set, maybe? Up the wall, a loop-the-loop and a 'daredevil' jump - I can't imagine why it never caught on Knocks the old Triang Battle Space car for six!!
  8. In which case I'd have thought it was the right hand side that would need the type of steps that are fitted at the left hand side? It's a dodgy 'cut-n-shut' job by anyone's measure!! I note there looks to be extra metal bracing plates on the left side, maybe to add support for the truck pivot, which isn't directly under the bodyside bracing like the right hand truck is.
  9. The Walsall compensation units arrived today, so I've had a play. After soldering up the frame & pivot unit, it looked like it would fit flush to the underside of the Bobber's frame, so the brake gear was removed (it's a plug-in plastic molding) and I went to work with my mini drill & grinding tools. The unit was marked for a couple of securing screws, and has a dollop of UHU as well to hold it to the frame. The 'no going back' moment was grinding the outer bits (there must be a technical name!!??) off the axle before fitting!! It works a treat, with one "but" - the other axle is a bit slack in the plastic holes in the frame, so the caboose sits slightly uneven. I have some smaller brass bearings which I will have to fit to correct the ride height. For now, paired up with the second Bobber, my new NE caboose gives an idea of the Portway's Heritage train. First job on that caboose has been to replace the plastic Weaver wheels with nice new metal Intermountains
  10. And here it is.... A brand-spanking new Weaver caboose. It was still shrink wrapped to the carrier card, with detail bits & couplers still bagged. For a few pennies under £25 buy-it-now I consider that a Bargain these days!! I'm not bothered about the NE style cupola, in fact it's difference to a WV type was one of this model's attractions. If I was being ultra-fussy I would really have liked an offset cupola type, but only MTH seem to do that style - other than Lionel toys, and are only available 3-rail (pauses to wash mouth out). So the plan is to detail & re-letter this one to go with the Bobber, for a neat little Heritage service to trundle along the line at weekends.
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