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  1. Yeah, I see what you did there... very droll. As far as I knew, most dogs think their name is "NO, BAD DOG..!!!", don't they?
  2. Maybe something's being lost in the description, but can you explain further, because I for one don't know/can't visualise what you're on about?
  3. There's a Catch-22; if D&E modellers don't join the Guild, they aren't going to submit articles. If they don't see D&E articles,they aren't going to join the Guild....
  4. Might not be hampering actual modelling, because that can be done without the Guild, but hampering the influx of new members to the Guild? Quite possibly...
  5. I wasn't suggesting that in the slightest. Sorry, I must have worded things badly.
  6. Absolutely, and it's a decent scale to build things in. For some, spending 1,000 hours building a loco kit is the reward in itself. All I was saying was that a person no longer has to build things to make a start in 7mm.
  7. That highlights how the scale is changing - or in the views of some, 'dumbing down'. Why bother with a kit - starter or otherwise - at £250 to £400-plus, when there are some great R-T-R locos available now at £200 or less? A person no longer has to be a skilled kitbuilder to get into O Scale, which some of the 'old guard' resent massively. For myself, I grew up detailing, repainting and weathering Hornby, Lima and other 4mm diesels in the 1970s & '80s. Some years ago now when I put forward the idea online that a 7mm range of 'basic but accurate' diesels might do well - the bodyshell etc being accurate to shape, but the details were left for the modeller to add - I was very roundly shot down. A 'basic' version of a Heljan diesel, much cheaper, would suit me, as they mostly remain beyond my price range. I must admit that I am surprised how popular they have become, despite ever-increasing prices; clearly enough people are happy to buy them fully-finished - so I wonder if the market has skipped a generation and is appealling to those who modelled 4mm in the early 2000's when the current standard of fully-finished locos was being set in that scale?! Of course, the original Skytrex (no link to the current owner) introduced a range of 'basic' diesels, but they missed their target by being rather crude bodyshells, but sold at (then) Heljan prices!!! When my lad was younger & came to Guildex with me, he used to like the 'Kid's Layout' - after all it had the most action on it by far, lots of robust old Triang & Lima stuff rattling around, plus gems like the very smooth Rivarossi German 0-6-0 steam tank. Unfortunately, nowhere in the Show was any of this stuff available for sale - not at sensible prices, anyway - and he soon cottoned on that O Scale was not for him, as there was nothing available at pocket-money prices - £5 for a Lima wagon*, £10 for coach, and so on. Again, evidence to me of a prevailing "O Scale MUST be expensive" attitude, & when I tried to raise this online I was stamped on again by some - "no market", "toy trains" etc.... well my lad went to N Scale, and in the last few years has lost interest completely, so another youngster lost to the hobby. Some of these matters perhaps go beyond the scope of any internal Guild issues, but to my mind do show how irrelevant it is becoming has become; something of a shame after it's sterling work in past decades. *Don't laugh. That's the sort of price I paid for them, around 18 years ago.
  8. What Kubes said, earlier. Slippery slope, Sir, & gathering speed....
  9. I'd never noticed that about the name, before. I won't be able to forget it, now!!
  10. I've been thinking long & hard about what to post here, or even if I should contribute at all, since I'm rather a 'lone wolf' modeller and never belonged to a Club. I did join the G.O.G. the first time I went to the Telford Guildex; paid up & got my reduced entry ticket; that was in the September, so I was rather less than impressed to receive a renewal notice the next March. At no time when I signed up was I informed that membership ran a fixed 'year' from March to March, regardless of when you joined. I found it in some very small print much later. To my mind I felt cheated of half a year's membership, and it was no recompense for the reduced entry fee to Guildex. I did not bother renewing, and to be quite honest, never will, regardless of whatever is done to try & update the Guild. That is why I wondered if I should post at all here. I'm perfectly happy, on the other hand, to pay the non-members entry price at Telford & Kettering (the only 2 events I get to) as that is still cheaper than annual membership, which otherwise was of little-to-no benefit to me. The pile of paperwork I got when I did join seemed to be mostly about fitting compensation in etch brass steam locos - of no relevance to me whatsoever. Further, a post earlier claimed that area groups were nothing to do with the Guild. Could've fooled me going by the extensive list I received? Like the membership 'year', maybe there needs to be a helluva lot more clarity!!! As for the "E&T" facility and it's possible demise - maybe part of the problem there is the asking prices I've seen? To be perfectly honest most of the wagons in particular I've seen on that stand are worthless tat, but prices are asked that match new & better quality R-T-R stuff!! The market is changing, gentlemen - no longer is it true that "If it's O Scale, then it MUST be expensive" - get used to it!! O Scale is currently booming in this Country, there is no doubt of that. But I would assert that that is down to manufacturers like Dapol, Minerva & Heljan - not the Guild.
  11. Overwhelmingly HO. Even if you have a large space for a layout, if you want to depict the 'average' US freight train with multiple engines and 100+ cars, some compromise is going to be needed. Plus, they tend to model a 'Route' in that sort of space so trains can go from one place to another, as thats what trains do. Lack of space in the UK means we focus on modelling a 'Place' & the trains that go through it. It's just a different approach, that's all. Also in the US 3-Rail O Gauge never went away; imagine if Hornby had never gone from O gauge to OO in the UK, what might the impact have been? So that's what dominates that scale, and 2-Rail models and layouts are quite rare.
  12. Well if you want to really feel smug then check out this video from an expert on decoder instalation.... I'm sure there are loads of gullible U.S. modellers that have followed this process... not!!
  13. Appreciate that, which is why I said "we" could get pedantic. I should've said "I"...
  14. I was using a 'shorthand' description of when CP Rail decided to fully absorb the Soo Line in 1990, without getting into a lot of technicalities. If we want to get really pedantic about it, CP has always had a majority shareholding in the Soo Line, ever since June 11, 1888, when the Canadian Pacific Railway acquired control of the Minneapolis, Sault Ste. Marie and Atlantic Railway, consolidating it with the Minneapolis and Pacific Railway, Minneapolis and St. Croix Railway, and Aberdeen, Bismarck and North Western Railway to form the Minneapolis, St. Paul and Sault Ste. Marie Railway. Small wonder "Soo Line" caught on as the unofficial name, made official as you point out, in 1961.
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