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  1. I do have the nose doors surplus - chickened out of fitting them to be honest!! But I used the bodyside blanking plates. Would have to check the big circular plate. PM me if you want.
  2. No need to be like that about Cradley Heath... And just to explain to non-locals, it's pronounced "Crade-ly", not "Cradd-ley".
  3. Exactly - for those of us who have hand-spiked our track, the Golden Spike is a major milestone I had to make do with an ordinary one painted with metallic paint, since replaced with a Peco brass one. However - Agreed. I wouldn't buy a boxful, just to use one.
  4. I thought the aim was to get people to look at the layout more???!!???
  5. Ah, I got the fact it was a propelling move. If I understand correctly now, the lift-out section wasn't actually in place at all..??
  6. You should get some sort of recognition just for your Thread Title!! That's terrible!! but very clever.
  7. Have you found the cause of the problem? Mis-aligned rail ends?
  8. Found some tulle on ebay available in small amounts (less than a whole roll full..!!!), so have ordered some to try out. On the fencing, that is - stop sniggering at the back!!
  9. Yes I've seen tulle recommended, especially for HO, and did look for it on Ebay. My concern there was the mesh might be too fine for O scale - similar to the aluminium mesh, no one seems to list what size the actual holes are!!
  10. In other news... the aluminium mesh arrived today. This is listed as 'fine'. It's a touch on the 'large & coarse' side, as alluded to by someone earlier. I've tried it on the gates, and I think it'll do for my purposes. It certainly wouldn't suit HO. With painting & weathering I think it'll be fine. Now to make the rest of the fences!!
  11. Especially Bachmann Class 20s - set my tinnitus off something rotten, those do!! I never get to many exhibitions anyway - it's one thing I've hardly missed at all during the lockdown.
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