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  1. Ooh, good call Sir!! I once had a Bachmann HO Scale F9, pretty sure that had a square grille* on the 4th radiator fan too, plus the awful windscreen. * It doesn't look like a proper "winterisation hatch" to me. Those were a longer box, with the grille at one end. They had a sliding plate in them that could slide across to block the grille so the air re-circulated back into the body, helping to prevent freezing things up completely in harsh winter weather. This is one, on my FP7, to the rear of the F7 which doesn't have one. Note the FP7 is also longer than a standard F-Unit...
  2. Oh and the lack of response to this question means I shall leave number 24 as "Chris Ellis", rather than "The Chris Ellis".
  3. No 'progress' to report as such, either at Portway Center or Enderlin, but playtimes er, um, I mean Operating Sessions can be such fun. Here's a couple of pics at the end of tonight's little run, taken from a viewpoint I haven't photographed much recently. The trio of Plymouths spot some empty outbound cars for collection by the Portway Center depot/office, then tie up for the night back on the branch line, out of the way.... Simple pleasures. Happy bunny.
  4. I note from the last photo it's rough side inwards. Does it bend better that way, or would having the smooth side inwards work just as well? I tend to paint direct on the backscene board so would prefer smooth side inwards.
  5. The shape of the windscreens certainly suggest they could be old Athearn shells. F-units were built with either a single headlight fitting, or with a second lower in the nose, depending on what the ordering Railroad wanted, so I would imagine Athearn catered for this variation. The dodgy paint job on the U.P., along with some obvious bodging on the side sill and that hideous EU-type coupler suggests it is not 'factory finish'. Other differences are because the UP one is an F9 (5 bodyside louvres, one in front of the lead porthole) and the EM 'Demonstrator' is an F7 or possibly late-m
  6. Blimey, blink & I miss it..!! Another Alcanman classic to keep watch on!!
  7. Ticked off another little "round tuit" jobs this evening. Ever since naming one of my Plymouths "Shortliner Jack", after our late & sadly missed colleague Jack Trollope, I've been meaning to name my first Plymouth after it's original owner, Editor of Airfix Model Trains mag & it's successors, Chris Ellis. The dry-rub transfer sheet is now rather old, and the result not quite as neat as I'd like, also hampered by the fact it's running short of many of the letters, restricting the amount of attempts available. On the other side of the loco I had to use bigger let
  8. Not even completed layouts sell for anywhere near the value of the component parts. Even second-hand/salvaged track doesn't really sell, although points might.
  9. Not just cracked it, absolutely nailed it mate!! Brilliant & very effective!
  10. Maybe I should've said "in plain American", then. I wasn't thinking of the comparison in those terms, more the description of the awful reality of the experience, as opposed to the high-sounding descriptions things are sometimes given to make them sound better....
  11. AFAIK it's to do with legal definitions. Whereas in the UK it's a religious thing - a 'city' is somewhere with a Bishop's Seat - in reality a Cathedral, in the US it's to do with local government functions. Or something like that!!
  12. Google Earth view of the real Lucinda, PA as it is now. The main tracks have been torn up but the depot building is still there along with the rear spur track. I don't have the space to run the spur behind the depot on my plank.
  13. Isn't it just??!! A hand-written note, rubber stamp Company letterhead, mention of a cheque... how quaint!! I was almost expecting the price to be in £:s:d .....
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