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  1. The rails of the front & rear tracks here on my (very unfinished) layout are Code 100. ... but it is O Scale
  2. Out of interest, how long has that rule been around? It must go back to steam days I'd have thought?
  3. I did use Code 75 on an HO layout, but it was years ago & before the Code 83 range was available. Certainly no issue with wheels, the NMRA standard being finer than NEM as far as I know. Of course being chaired UK track, both Codes 75 & 100 look wrong for a US layout, but only if you look closely - I even got away with using Peco O scale UK track on a US outline layout a few years ago, and no-one at the couple of Exhibitions I did with it noticed. It was the 'rough track' way I laid it that got all the comments...
  4. They were known as Griswold signals, after their designer. https://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2016/11/04-griswold-sign
  5. Subsidence?? Sorry, coat, hat etc..... Great find for a prototype to use as something slightly different, Alan.
  6. Maybe - but even if it is the "last long", it's still by far the longest 'last long' I've ever heard..!! Edit - that is not, however, a complaint.!!
  7. Interesting to see the 1941 placards, obvious ancestors of today's hazmat/hazchem ones. For several years I held UK Hazchem qualifications for road transport, 'packages' and tankers, so had regular training for road regulations; this article simplifies things neatly for modelling purposes & operating procedures. The next question, of course, is what is the relevant info for us who model post-1977...?
  8. Love the engineer's attitude approaching that grade crossing - why bother with the usual standard long-long-short-long horn warning, when one good, long, relentless blast will do??
  9. I thought the first FT was a full A-B-B-A set with drawbars (except for the cab ends, obviously) and considered to be just one locomotive. Otherwise the B-units would've had to be "handed" with different couplings at either end, and inevitably one day they'd be the wrong way round But I might be wrong.
  10. I used to regularly use tiny country back roads around leafy Surrey with a 44ton truck. Why? Because that's where the Garden Centres I was delivering to were!!!! One was down a lane with a 7.5t weight restriction on it - with the caveat under it 'Except for Access'. Imagine Mr Plod's delight one day sitting in a layby on that lane & I roll past. Blue lights & everything!! Showing him the delivery notes showed I was within the law being there, but I can imagine the glow of self-righteous "serve the moron right" indignation from the car drivers who passed by, un-informed of the re
  11. But it still happens!!! There's no "allowed" about it, in either case.
  12. Your bitterness blinds you to the fact that road haulage does have very tight regulations, especially regarding drink & drugs. The last company I worked for had random testing in place - one driver was sent home one night just because of the smell of alcohol on his coat, even though his breath test was clear, and a couple of warehouse FLT drivers were sacked on the spot when they failed the drugs test. The one major difference between rail & road is that railways are a "closed" system - not everyone can drive their own private vehicle on the railways, for very obvious reasons. The
  13. Sorry, I should have added some smiley faces to my 'proposal', but I wasn't sure what to use for Sarcasm or Ironic, which clearly hasn't come through with just the written word. I KNOW lowering the road and or raising old bridges is a ridiculous suggestion. That's why I suggested the "better" options of training & drivers' pay.
  14. Precisely. Better training, and certainly better pay & conditions for drivers, so that there are more who actually want to do the job & take pride in it, rather than the 'can't give a stuff' rotten apples that do exist, and ruin the reputation of all the others, are the real answers.
  15. Or just after the last available diversionary route for the bridge, since even if the bridge is protected, by a massive girder for instance, the delays to road traffic are substantial. An alternative would be to restrict the 'loading gauge' of road vehicles to less than the lowest main road bridges there are, or rebuild/modify/dig out the road so that all bridges have at least 16ft 6inch clearance; the motorway standard. Edit - just to make it absolutely clear - the above comment (in bold now added) was being sarcastic, in the extreme. Sorry this wasn't as flamin' obvio
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