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  1. I was thinking more of Monty Python. I suspect Simon a.k.a. Regularity was as well?
  2. Seems to be quite a common practice & often recommended on the left-hand side of The Pond. I wonder if house/indoor temperatures are more stable in the USA than the UK, as they often have air-con as standard? In the UK soldering the rail joiners is usually asking for trouble with rail expansion in hot weather, such as we've just had in the last few days.
  3. Been done for real, already.... https://wolverhampton.cylex-uk.co.uk/company/sam---ella's-cafe-at-forge-hammer-19863259.html
  4. Yes I've heard that one - probably the same layout I stole Old's Fuels from too - one from the 1950s or so by Chuck Yungkurth (of Gum Stump & Snowshoe fame). On his layout Old's Fuels was a coal depot. The lines from the song "King of the Road" were done by Roger Nicholls here in the UK on a layout called "Sundown". Despite close examination of my layout, below, he didn't say anything to me about it....
  5. On the wall of the Truckstop next to that trailer, a sign read "Rooms to Let, 50c." The tag line on the 'Old's Fuels' billboard is probably a bit small to see in the photo, but it reads "There's no Fuel like an Old Fuel." Both ideas I shamelessly copied from other layouts, though
  6. Excellent stuff - and with the added satisfaction of "all my own work" over & above opening an R-T-R box. Personally I also find it easier to weather a model I've kit-bashed, detailed & painted myself - I'm always a bit reluctant to start mucking up an R-T-R model. The 'mix & match' nature of EMD locos helps a project like this; some years ago now I modified a Weaver O scale GP38 into a GP40 by using Atlas spares - an SD40 long hood and battery boxes, and GP35 dynamic brakes blister. Edit:- there's a tenuous link here, as the SDL39s were Milwaukee Road locos, which ended up in the Soo Line "Bandit" black patch scheme like my GP40 here, before, if I recall correctly, most if not all of them went on to be Wisconsin Central machines. Which is your model going to be?
  7. Yes he did - just that it was other people's capital he was "working" with.... Free models?? ooh, ooh, where?? where?? Are they done in O Scale??
  8. Unfortunately not. Far too big for my layout. Just my opinion, but I thought Sophie's prices were rather on the high side, especially the two diesels, and now it comes to light that at least one of them was not as it left the factory.
  9. Beat me to it, sort of, as I've seen that advice written before, somewhere. If both ends of a train are out of sight, how long the whole train is gets disguised to an extent. It might have been to do with American models & layouts. When a real main line freight train over there can easily be 120 cars long, even the Basement Empire modellers can struggle to get close!! On the other hand I find watching a whole train like that going past - real or model - (via DVDs or YouTube in my case) can get pretty tedious after a while, and I'm sort of glad I don't have the room to try it myself!!
  10. Proper Job!! See what I did there? Ok I'll go away now....
  11. I should imagine they are amazed rather than irate - to get anywhere near Birmingham on the M62 you must be some kind of miracle worker...
  12. I like the idea of using the railway for a 'proper' purpose, transporting stuff up the garden, but I agree that IMO, O is still a bit small for "real" loads. Loading gauge may be immaterial in the garden, but the weight of beer bottles ( not cans, pleeeease!! Cans are for lager fizzy donkey wee) would also make for a high centre of gravity and could topple an O scale wagon on uneven track. 3-link couplings would be tested, as well. For such 'real load' purposes I would go for LGB, with dead rail/radio control so you can walk with the train. Go with the Fun Factor; keep the O scale for an indoors shunty-plank.
  13. If a speaker was factory fitted it would be in the fuel tank.
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