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  1. IIRC the previous version was 1.28.
  2. I have been known to quaff the odd pint of Brains Not recently due to lockdown and canned beer is unappealing to me. Of an evening at Castell Danemouth I drink dry white wine and Penderyn. At one time I loved red wine but it no longer agrees with me Dave
  3. Living in Cardiff I avoid the city centre when there are major events on particularly of a sporting nature. I have never been to a rugby or football match or any other sporting event for that matter I may be the only man in Wales who loathes all sport! Dave
  4. The lack of standardisation of sound keys is a real pain in the ****. The attached document is how I tackled the problem on Danemouth. I do find myself turning he sound off after a while and always when a loco is in the fiddleyard. Dave Danemouth Loco Roster.pdf
  5. Indeed I do Colonel Hippo Sir! SWMBO was brought up in Caer Wenaullt Dave
  6. Hello Broadleaves, You may find the Metcalfe carboard plalform kits just the ticket https://www.metcalfemodels.com/product/po235-00-h0-stone-platform-k https://www.metcalfemodels.com/product/po216-00-h0-red-brick-platform-kit/ Even I, whose modelling skills are shall we say not good managed to make a curved platform on Danemouth. Cheers, Dave
  7. My granparents lived in Railway Street Cardiff and their house backed onto the reception line for Roath Sidings. I have a memory of seeing a Cordon on the sidings in the 1950;s and asking what it was - I was told "Cordon". Dave
  8. Are you running NoScript on Firefox? That may well cause problems unless you trust Google. Dave
  9. I bought a dozen Cobalt motors when they first came out - 2009 or 2010. They are still running on Danemouth though a couple are a bit noisy. In that time the layout has been through several incarnations and I've replaced the actuator wires with piano wire as it's cheaper than the spares in the accessory packs. Cobalts are controlled by Cobalt Accessory Decoders. I have no hesitation in recommending them, Dsve
  10. Greg, Anyrail is free but limits you to fifty pieces of track. However it will give you the chance to test the practibility of your plan and is easy to use. https://www.anyrail.com/en/download Good luck and enjoy yourself Dave p.s. Where it says "Village" put a cutout that you can stand or sit in to play operate the layout.
  11. As a keen photographer lecturing in Camera Clubs I could not afford to be frugal with film if I wanted sufficient material for the coming club season. The last holiday I shot on film was Lake Garda in 2004 when I used 34 rolls of Fuji slide film. Once digital cameras became available at a reasonable price for good quality I switched to digital, staying with Nikon as I used all my film lenses on a digital camera. Four years ago we went to Malta, came back with ~2,700 images of which just under 300 appear in the sequences I showed in Camera Clubs Dave
  12. I do indeed remember the turning circle at LLandaff Fields - our school played cricket there. Last time I was there I noted that one of the posts that supported the trolley wires still remains! I also remember the other end of the Number 4 Trolley mentioned by @chrisf at Roath Park which was a roundabout between the Recreation Ground and the lake - it had a green cast iron shelter branded CCTD? All long since gone. Dave
  13. At Chateau Danemouth we've been having a massive turnout (two skips full) and I came across some slides taken at Woodhams on a wintery sunny day in 1978. They are high contrast so don't scan really well Dave
  14. My guess is that predictive text has struck yet again so my money is on "distilled water" Dave who is busy scanning some slides from 1978 of Woodams at Barry Island
  15. I remembered that as "When the music stops Daphne Oxenford will be here to tell you another story" Strewth I am going back almost 70 years to Listen with Mother which was IIRC at 1:45 p.m. Dave
  16. IIRC Powercabs were originally sold with 1.5 amp power supplies but now sold with 2 amps supplies. I've used Powercabs for over a decade and have set it to show current draw instead of time. Never seen it go above 0.6 amps. It also powers the eleven Cobalt motors on Danemouth. Dave
  17. I use Cobalt motors and have also left the springs in place. When I change points, which are controlled via the Powercab I am reassured when I hear the click of the points changing. Dave
  18. At the moment Castell Danemouth is erecting defences to guard against marauding hippos. Today SWMBO and I are celebrating our Ruby Wedding so she has presented me with a bottle of Penderyn. I know that a certain mischievous pachiderm has a fondness for this particular tipple hence the implementation of defence measures to protect this precious spirit. Cheers, Dave
  19. Danemouth is virually the same as your plan in mirror image. I operate from the front using a Powercab and mini panel. All the points have Cobalt motors and can be operated from the Powercab' I have streamlined things by having macros programmed for various routes which simplifies operation wherever I am in front of the layout. Macros detailed here Danemouth Operating Diagram.pdf Dave
  20. When I started work with Wales Gas Board in 1965 I remember walking past a gasholder that was being demolished. The ironwork had been removed and a large 30+ foot hole was being filled by lorries bringing in rubble, soil etc. As I watched a couple of men came out from the cashiers office carrying several coin bags which were emptied into the pit. Turns out they were an accumulation of filed halfpennies that had been removed from the coinboxes of the old "shilling" meters over the years. Dave
  21. Like many I look forward to the arrival of the long awaited Manor. However I have not forgotten the myriad problems associated with the DJM 14xx - luckily I held back and ended up saving myself a possible pile of trouble. I am tempted to do the same with the Manor and await initial reactions on RMWeb before investing in either one or the other of them. I can't justify Danemouth having one of each Dave
  22. I had both the Bachmann and Dapol versions. Both are DCC with the Bachmann also having Bachmann's sound. The Dapol unit was a poor runner and I rarely used it. I replaced it with the Bachmann unit which runs far better and has absolutely superb sound. Bought the 117 at the same time which also has really good sound. Dave
  23. I use the spray cans sold for use by artists e.g Windsor & Newtons Dave
  24. Aberayron appears as a track plan and signalling Diagram in Volume One of R J Clark's Historical Survey of Great Western Stations. Dave
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