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  1. Yes Mike, your thread has been very helpful building the Norton version, with almost zero instructions supplied with the kit, as have the other suppliers listed earlier above ,to replace either poor castings/etchings or because none were ever supplied in the first place !! . It is 99% finished just the chassis to get running once a new motor arrives. Photos will be on my LNER Forum link as above in due course. Cheers Mick.
  2. Please note. To read any further updates by me, they will be seen on the below link from today .There will be no further posts from myself on this Forum, relating to anything other than on this thread. I will however continue to read only/reply to PM's on here. Thanks for the past replies. https://www.lner.info/forums/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=1624&start=1260
  3. Banning what ? if someone wants buy them thats their choice. My response was to your comment re painting wheels, some would read that if thats the only defect, and then go and buy some without looking any further at the listings , people do some daft things at times , some all the time !! Some of the faults listed are not simple repairs, for anyone who is not a competent modeller.
  4. Only if you ignore the ones with a loose roof , loose glazing , paint smudges and bogies with no detail . Ohh!! nearly missed the ones with broken footboards !!! . These are via Heljan's factory, not a good advert, for any future productions.
  5. Many thanks , very useful. I have just looked at the Wizard site , no trace of Ferry Tie Downs ??
  6. JW Re the Unit Containers . I have just made up a Cambrian one plank for my last two Containers. I have tried them and they fit, it only needed the bottom line of single corner rivets to be removed on one side. That area once fitted will be hidden. Re roping. Where do you source the Metal rings from ? Its not obvious from the photos were the bottom of the rope runs attach to too on the wagon please ? Many thanks as usual !
  7. Not my photo. I never looked at the "other" photo that closely, I never even saw the Tender was in the photo.
  8. The original Tender has the corners cut away etc, totally different from the LNER design as in the photo. See here, including the same photo of 2404. https://www.lner.info/locos/A/a2.php
  9. Two open high sided wagons with ladders ? No idea what they are !
  10. D13 horrid things . Motor needed will depend on the kit.
  11. If you can find a Nucast J24 or J25 body/kit , they ran on the same chassis/ wheel size as the J26/27 , ok, they are 2mm shorter wheelbase on the prototype. However it may be even closer than that , on the Oxford chassis ,when it does finally arrive, same Tenders again as well.
  12. ,Front driver loose or buckled ? It done well to shift that lot if either condition is correct !!.
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