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  1. Yes the photo show it exactly how it should run. The kit makers made a big mistake with the markings !!. I would suggest to get the correct flow of the Handrail you will need to re drill all the holes after no 3 i.e the top position knob , changing the last two will make no difference.
  2. Before you go any further on the B17/5 , you are far too low with the Boiler handrails they should finish under the front Cab window. They then go across under the window to the front edge of the Cab (most unusual). Examples here https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/293930313179551792/ https://www.national-preservation.com/threads/gresley-b17-5-streamlined-sandringhams.1206432/
  3. All the castings are horrid. New Smokebox door I think from Arthur, as are some of the other brass castings , a new Chimney. Bradwell Dome and large Safety valve cover. 52F steps and Lamp Irons. A Comet much modified A3 chassis, Mitsumi Motor and a HL Box , Mainly trains etched LNER A5 Brake Shoes. All the items in white plastic ,are as found when the body was paint stripped. and repaired hence the filler where needed. Whoever made them did a good job , and a scratch Brass Roof by me. This model has used up most of my spare etches!!. Arthur has confirmed (unless anyone knows d
  4. Yes Arthurs casting is square, he mentioned checking the length , hopefully correct, good timing as I will be priming it today , after that revision now. The usual problems with murky photos !!. I havent seen the book you mention , I will have a look for a copy, thanks.
  5. The main problem is getting any , judging from the amount of complaints on the Markits thread. The slot needs to be far more to one side , judging from the picture. It would be no good e.g for HL Boxes.
  6. Yes I had found that picture on a search , excellent for detail , thanks.
  7. Arthur Can I confirm there should'nt therefore be a gap ? The pipe is your casting I bought for my Falcon F8 and sadly there was not enough foom to fit it .
  8. I cut and gently push HMRS lining using the curved sections , into place with a wooden Cocktail Stick . Fox is too thick in width for me. Model looking good.
  9. As promised The Old Dog is reborn , now ready for painting. Cab Roof will not be fixed down, until the interior is detailed, painted and glazed.
  10. A Falcon Brass based version, wheels have a similar set up as Baz's version above. Mine works ok ish , I have just bought the LRM trucks etches and contemplating buying a Gibson chassis for it in due course.
  11. The vehicles all have wooden underframes, other than the Bogie vehicle. The solebars should be the body colour not Black, only the metal parts were painted Black.
  12. Just to make it clear, the kit I built was the PDK version , at the time of PDK releasing this A1/1 it was stated a redesign by them . I have never seen a Crownline version, so I will not comment on its quality good or bad or in between !!!
  13. Tony I dont need to be careful about anything ,the PDK version I built was poor in the extreme from the beginning of the build . I was refering to the PDK version I built, I hadnt even looked at your Crownline version shown on here. It was designed by P Hill ,so it has links to the Crownline version, no idea how close they both are. Nothing was stated is relating to anyones else's models . Dont suppose before you type in bold please, a totally unecessary reaction. PDK The main problem was the over width one piece chassis etch , when folded up and solde
  14. Great Northern x2 . A far better example than the very poor ex Crownline PDK version , I built a Blue version and then sold it on. I used the excellent Hornby A3 and Graeme King's resin and etched conversion parts for these two.
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