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  1. I have the current Hornby Railroad version of the LNER D49 with the improved chassis, this came with traction tyres. As I wanted Lined out wheels they were replaced with normal Hornby wheels. I added a tiny bit of lead to the body , it now pulls Five Hornby LNER Suburban Coaches without problem, I tried Six and it just spun the wheels. Five is luckily more than enough for me. Without seeing the Bachmann tank you would presume there is space in the tanks for lead, the only problem is compromising the balance as its the dreaded 0-4-4 set up.
  2. micklner

    Bachmann J72

    Very nice , but why do they keeping painting Wood "Teak" brown ?, It should be dirty grey or pale yellow if new !!
  3. The only problem I can see using Steel is corrosion if it becomes damp/wet at any time . It is also harder to bend and cut.
  4. Tony It will be interesting to read peoples experience with the LMS one in due course. Personally I havent had a Loco fitted with any for years , they suffered from tyre slippage and failure due to the quality of the material used. Hopefully a new type of material is now being used. As to buying , as said earlier the Bachamnn/TMC G5 is awaited with interest at this stage . thanks Mick
  5. Tony It has traction tyres ? Really ? A very backward step to me at least, if that is correct? Where is it collecting current from just the Bogie? A big disapointment for many , as it is a beautiful looking Loco. I was looking forward to the TMC LNER G5 also being done by Bachmann , if it does have traction tyres as well, then that will be a big no for me !!
  6. Hornby must be well chuffed that got theirs out when they did !!.
  7. Thay are the same, sadly the site has virtually nothing available and/or any indication of any restocking date, for anything. I have just built one of his Brake vans lovely kit.
  8. I have never used them on a gloss surface, either bare metal/plastic or primed only. I brush Micro Sol onto them after laying, then leave overnight ,and then spray with primer to seal them onto the surface, DO NOT touch them after intial laying/Micro Sol stage. The occasional one has moved/fallen off at this stage, just replace and seal again once dry.
  9. I have used below good quality and detail. Wills SS46 Building detail This kit contains: • 24 Tall chimney pots • 24 Short chimney pots • 2 Large chimney stack cappings (Takes 4 pots) • 2 Small chimney stack cappings (Takes 2 pots) • 8 x 80mm lengths of round roof ridges • 8 x 80mm lengths of angled roof ridges • 8 x 80mm lengths of chimney stack trim • 16 x 80mm lengths of guttering • 8 x 80mm lengths of small down pipes • 8 x 80mm lengths of large down pipes • 4 x 80mm lengths of barge board strips • 2 x 80mm lengths of window sill strips • 8 down pipe hoppers • 8 wall tie plates • 4 soot/drainage manhole covers £7.55 on ebay
  10. micklner

    Bachmann J72

    Ahh, that now makes sense, I presume that version carried the Green Livery ( I have'nt checked)?. I wouldnt like to try and do that ,and still manage to preserve the livery !!
  11. micklner

    Bachmann J72

    2mm why ?? I would suggesting a respray into Black as a option on the fictional NER version.
  12. micklner

    Bachmann J72

    The NER green livery version is a wrong, it is based on a photgraphic Grey liveried J72 photo. It maybe a cheaper version to buy in due course.
  13. The Tender looks like the old Bachmann version fitted to their early versions of the J39, B1 and V2. The K3 version is a much better moulding with twin toolboxes, and fire iron supports..
  14. MJTsides Restaurant cars on Hornby bases, and a 247 Developments TPO
  15. Bought a Loco off them via ebay listed as a runner . On arrival nothing , when I took it apart there were no wires between the motor and the wheels!! Message via ebay sent which was ignored twice, due to the cheap price I kept the loco, and posted a suitable neutral feedback saying what had occured. No response other than blocking me on from bidding on any other sales from them, that wasnt a problem, because I wont be using them again anyway !!. Should have been negative !!.
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