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  1. I never realised you could even use them for Crankpins or extended axles. Crankpins to tighten them to the wheel, I use smooth faced pliers. I have never used/fitted extended axles (thank god) !!!
  2. Just file a slot in the middle of a very cheap small screwdriver wide enough to clear the nut .
  3. 4mm version as already mentioned the LNER Forum.
  4. Is it now on Shapeways as nothing obvious today ? thanks.
  5. Similar on eBay , half the above price so worth shopping around. One on way at mo !!
  6. micklner

    DJM, the end.

    Realistically what amount of future sales would any of his existing range actually sell ?. A quick look at Hattons show lots of stock of the whole range , why would another maker bother with any of them ? especially if the chassis need a redesign, therefore additional costs before any chance of any profit. Hattons need to sort out their pages as well, as they are still listing lots of pre production items.
  7. Re the J28 have you seen this? He has a J28 available. Judging from comments no idea if any good .
  8. 876 is due for restoration, it has Lottery money to assist.
  9. Can you put the NER version on Shapeways please. Some history on them here https://www.lner.info/locos/IC/inspection.php
  10. How are you locking the retaining nut in that case?.
  11. Sorry that does not excuse his (or anyone else who is of the same attitude) appalling behaviour. Lowly mortals really ?? we are all the same.
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