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  1. You appear to be trying to justify yet another rude and personal response to another previous post by yourself. I simply dont accept what you are saying. Any shop is there as a business whatever they sell , yes its totally obvious they want to make a profit , sometimes they have also at the same time help people. Where the item was bought from intially is incidental at best . I am sure all the people who use ebay on here, will be very happy to be called a Ebay ned whatever that is ,perhaps you forgot the "r" in ned . The shop simply is not making a loss its a sale end off, they are there anyway, and perhaps the customer then buys something else as well or recomends them to someone else , thats the way shops make money and service to customers at the same time . Model shops are a social service , not that there are many left nowdays. As already said they are meeting places, etc etc etc
  2. I have just emailed Five 79 re any e.t.a for them. I will post on here with any reply.
  3. They are listed as Brass etches , I have built a couple ,nice kits. Looks like next year now?. https://www.five79.co.uk/4mm-Standard-Gauge-Kits/
  4. I thought it was called customer service and their reputation. The maker/seller makes money on the intial sale , probably more than enough at about £200 a time for a Loco and £25 plus for a simple wagon. If they make a tiny loss on one item, and the customer is the happy that it is what it should be all about. At that point the customer buys something else in the future. Treat the customer as a pain/nuisance and they walk away never to return. As said before on threads on here in which persons make throw away comments . That person hanging around in a shop or wherever it might be , they could be disabled , has learning difficuties or is simply lonely, or perhaps a thousand other reasons.
  5. I believe the owner maybe ill?, I used their version before finding their web page down . I now use Pearson's version it is just as good.
  6. Pearsons Glass sell a non fumes version, much safer than Carrs etc types . Works very well with normal modelling solder as well.
  7. They changed the formula a few years ago in a yellow/gold can. Utter rubbish dries with white cast.
  8. Tin the brass part where it will be joining to the whitemetal part with 145 deg solder . Then add low melt to the tinned brass area . I then put a small dot of melted low melt on the whitemeatal part. Then join the two together adding more flux before heat. Do not dwell too long on the parts with the soldering iron. Practise on scrap first.
  9. Three options. Pay up, its not compulsory, it not elitist or anything else contrary to some think on here , a cheaper pay version is on the horizon. Put up with the adverts. Or use simply Firefox and a Adblocker That has summed up 31 pages of going in ever large circles at whatever page number it is it is at know . A lot of unecessary umpleasantness and rudeness , time wasted by everybody concerned ,could have been simply avoided if this had been posted on page 1.
  10. https://pocketmags.com/railway-modeller-magazine?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIs9Hug9XM8wIVi5ntCh2dwwe7EAQYAiABEgKH6PD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds
  11. Worth a read the actual review of the V2 in the magazine , I will leave it as "interesting" compared to what has been said by others , on the V2 thread herein. The only thing of note on the front cover, is the Zebra Crossing on front of the Cab, the lining is that wide !!.
  12. I use Nickel Silver wire 0.45mm on mine , Brass is too soft and will wear away, quite quickly.
  13. Or was is that Rail bloke who a drove Aston Martin to Hornby HQ, and then kept going on about Terriers !!!!
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