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  1. I will follow with interest, the low relief station building looks nice...is it scratch built or ready to plant?
  2. Given the popularity of these faux Dublo models, I would think that a Maroon 46245, maybe even with a red/pink candystripe box-appropriate for 2 rail locos- would be a winner.
  3. That viaduct is superb and clearly needs a Midland Pullman set, and a class 45 with (6-8)maroon mark 1's, maybe even a 25 with some LMS porthole coaches (2-3) . LMR fundamentalists would add a class 28 diesel. Cant wait to see this complete. Well done !
  4. hello 21C1, unfortunately I live around 200 miles from you, thanks for the offer though regards Paul
  5. The website referred to by 21C1 above seems to be in a state of flux and does not do repairs to old analogue units which mine is. . The Gaugemaster unit from kevinlms is a panel mounted and would need some modification to become a hand held. Thanks for the suggestions though.
  6. I have a KPC (kent panel controls) handheld analogue controller, model KFS O -specifically for O gauge and good for up to 3 amps- that has suddenly expired, so does anyone know of any companies or individuals that fix these type of units ? Failing that does anyone know of a good hand held controller (analogue only please ) that can be used for a small O gauge layout (10' x 2') ? The ordinary gaugemaster ones for OO aand N seem too slight for O gauge.
  7. Nice looking layout there F-Unit. Any more images or has it featured elsewhere? Sorry about no text in the above regards Paul
  8. Overall a good and interesting read. My main criticism concerns the sightings on Swindon Works in the 1960's. There would appear to be no class 22 diesels in for repair. There was always 2-3 on there when I visited then in 1962, and also very few Hymeks, again seems odd for th 1960's.
  9. It looks great and runs smoothly on straight track, but it is prone to stalling on Peco insulfrog points, despite clean track and wheels. Perhaps there is a way to improve this, tho as all the wheels seems fixed and geared there seems little opportunity for introducing compensation.
  10. In the spirit of the times, should'nt it be 'Lock Doon' ? Nice layout plan , crisp and tidy track , just enough to provide a lot of fun to operate, cant go wrong with Birmingham Sulzers (26,27) -suppose you could multi mode with different eras too.
  11. great stuff Max! More images please. Cant go wrong with a class 26 and an Inglenook; how big is the whole layout , fiddle included?
  12. It was noted that the BR Clans were probably no match for the Bulleid Light Pacifics in terms of performance, but how did the Brits compare to the rebuilt WC's abd BB's? I suspect that the BR machines were more economical and reliable(like the Clans) , with the SR machines having the edge in performance, but is there any evidence or data of this?
  13. It would be interesting to know the price for this small panier had it been produced by Hornby or Bachmann. At £150.00 I am able to afford it but unwilling to pay. This company undoubtedly produces high quality/high spec locos but their prices are always eye watering -see their RDC in HO scale. Had the 16xx been closer to £100 i would have bought two!
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