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  1. I would be interested to see if anyone has found any 'Italian specfic' backscenes that can be used in HO Modelling. Urban scenes particularly, rather than picturesque Tuscan hills type scenes, would be good.
  2. Many thanks for that info Nick ; enjoyed all the photos too. I agree with your comments about liveries for the ME's. Who stocks the MCK model of the ME's then?
  3. Love the look of loco 1530; do some of these work passenger trains out of Copenhagen main station? looks like the ones I saw 3-4 years ago. Think that they were in dark blue though... Is the layout finished?
  4. Hello Pete . Not heard from you for a while...is this layout still progressing? Shaping up nicely too..
  5. A new route through the Pennines? in whose lifetime? Every green ,tree hugger and professional objectors will try to delay it. Would it not be greener and not lay waste to huge swathes of countryside and instead make the best of what we have? Besides no one seems to agree on what cities HS3 will serve. The PM says only Leeds and Manchester. What happened to Hull etc?
  6. Thanks for that, yes it is an unrebuilt pacific. The forthcoming LMSR Princess will be an interesting one as the rear truck on it is so prominent-and looks so wrong on the earlier Hornby ones, despite my comments above regarding preferences . Perhaps giving modellers the option would be better...
  7. One of Hornby's R3638, WC No 34019 Bideford, arrived at my door yesterday, and has the swivelling/flanged wheel rear pony truck. After many years (10-12?) of 'fixed pony truck with flangeless wheel' approach on pacifics, is this now to become a general feature on other 4-6-2's in the range? I must say this is to my personal preference. Overall though the approach used by Bachmann on their A1's -of a fixed rear bogie sideframe with the wheel turning within it, seems to have the best of both worlds.
  8. Hi, this is a good layout plan for beginners and experts alike. I would be careful to allow for your longest engine and possibly 2 wagons at the top of the yard clear of the point. If you have the space you can always allow a portable length of track as an add on- a fiddlestick.
  9. I really enjoyed this issue and look forward to the final (?) issue. My only criticism of this volume is that on the section about Bromsgrove, there is no mention of the fleet of Hymeks based there as bankers -like the 37's-in the mid/late 60's
  10. A3 in Network Rail yellow would be quite outstanding! GBRf blue/yellow would be better tho...
  11. I have had the same so I dont think that is your version of windows or your browser... perhaps the moderators can help us with this; I have tried deleting all temp. files etc and 'flushed' the cach but it comes back..randomly possibly. Could be part of a networka attack?
  12. the maroon on the CMC models looks very dark- more like the 'wine' colour on West Coast locos. Was it a trick of the camera?
  13. Looks very nice, any track plan or dimensions to this? the trucks and cranes -what make are they? Paul
  14. Perhaps the best choice would have been American OO gauge with its 19mm track -near as dammit to P4/S4 ?
  15. A great little show with plenty of trade support and a good selection of layouts both by size and type. The layout operators seem friendly too, and the catering is very good and value for money. Easy to get to as well, just 5 mins from the Metrolink tram stop at Queens Road. Would definitely go next year!
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