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  1. Rails say they hope to have the model in stock by the end of the month so any Rails official photos will have to wait until then.
  2. Rails were going to put up some offical photos of the model but their version of Photoshop is out of date.
  3. I contacted Rails about the questionable details which showed up in the photos & below is the reply I received. "Thank you for your email, this is only snap shots from the youtube video and not actual footage. We are hoping to release some images ourselves fairly soon. You are welcome to cancel the preorder but as stated on the website in the terms and conditions deposits are non refundable, please let me know if you wish to go ahead with the cancellation?" I will wait until I see the Rails photos before deciding whether to cancel or not. If having seen Rails photos I am still unhappy then I will cancel. Yes I will lose the £30 deposit but that is down to me for having trusted Rails / Bachmann to get the model right. If I do have to cancel be assured it will be the last time I will be pre ordering anything from them. On a side note & to illustrate what can be done I recently purchased one of these A/001 Class Diesel Electric locomotives from Irish Railway Models https://irishrailwaymodels.com/collections/a-class-locomotive The level of detail & features would put other manufacturers to shame. Below I list some of the features & details. Common Features: Highly detailed OO scale model Heavy Die-Cast metal chassis Separately applied steel detail parts, including grab handles, steps, wipers and more Correct height mini-tension-lock couplers with NEM socket Five-Pole motor with two flywheels Metal Helical Gear box for maximum performance and slow speed running Gearing arranged so locomotive can achieve a scale top speed of 130 km/h DCC ready with PowerPack capacitor for uninterrupted power Two quality speakers with large sound capsules for best possible sound Fully detailed Lighting Pack, including: Directional lighting, DC and DCC Marker lights can be turned off when train is coupled to loco high beam headlight function separately switched cab lighting and illuminated, details driver’s console Engine bay lighting RP25-110 OO wheels with provision for re-gauging to 21mm gauge Rotating axlebox hubs (with alternate axlebox covers for earlier versions) Fully sprung metal buffers Extra fine factory-fitted pipework Extra fine factory-fitted plastic and etched steel detail parts Minimum Radius 438mm (2nd Radius Set-track) Length over Buffers 203mm. That was all achieved for a cost of approx £160 / €189 which shows what can be done if the will is there. To say that the model ran like a swiss watch out of the box would be an insult to the model which I'm sure that anyone on here who has bought one will attest to. This is the level which must be achieved if people are expected to shell out £200 with non refundable deposits. I have no connection with this company other than a very satisfied customer.
  4. I've just seen close up photographs of the Bachmann Caledonian 812 which you are bringing out. What happened with the tender top which is far too thick & bears no resemblance to the prototype ? As for the cab handrails, they look like scaffold poles ? Someone obviously wasn't paying attention. Very disappointing, so much so that I will be cancelling my pre order.
  5. It's a very elimentary mistake for the price being charged.
  6. Whatever about the cab thickness that tender top edge is a disappointment. It might be possible to relieve that sharp tender top inside edge if only to get rid of that square look. This shows one of the problems of pre ordering models especially if you have to pay a non refundable deposit. Pre ordering is often made on the basis of a few photographs. Tony.
  7. Unfortunately my replacement railcar from Hattons never arrived. Hattons no longer have my model in stock so I'm now going through the refund process. Pity as I already have a Sound decoder waiting here for it Once I get my refund I may be able to get one elsewhere.
  8. I have now sourced a supply of these. Thank you. Tony.
  9. Hello Everyone. The reason I'm restricting this request to modellers in Ireland is because of the present postal difficulties between the UK & Ireland. I've got several packages stuck somewhere in the postal system. I'm looking for NCE Mini Panels & a quantity of SPDT Momentary Toggle Switches. If any modeller on here living in Ireland has any of the above that they wish to move on then please let me know. Thank you. Regards. Tony.
  10. I'm still waiting for my replacement Railcar from Hattons but in fairness to Hattons its not their fault as they sent it last Friday. The problem is the crap postal service An Post that we have in this country. They're having problems with Customs declarations sent by postal services outside of Ireland. Instead of contacting the sellers or recipients as per the rules that are simply sending the mail back to where it came from All I'm getting for a couple of registered signed for packages from the UK on the An Post site is " 22 September 2021 17:09 We have your post in DUBLIN MAIL CENTRE, DUBLIN 12" They've had it since last week with the same message repeated every day. If they have it why don't they deliver it to me
  11. I heard back from DCCconcepts & the Mimic panel will do what I need so the required hardware is on its way. I need to sort out the Mini Panels first. I've started on installing the SPDT momentary switches on my diagram panel.
  12. Thank you. I sent an email on Sunday so just waiting for a reply before proceeding. Tony.
  13. I just wonder if the weight of the electronics at that end is too much for the bogie connection. Hopefully it's just bad luck & my replacement will be fine. After the Bayer Garratt disaster I am suspicious of anything Heljan
  14. Thanks Nigel. I'll take a look at Arduino even though I know absolutely nothing about it.
  15. Thank you for that. I'm looking at the DCCconcepts products at the moment but I've also go to keep a grip on costs. This could get very expensive very quickly. Regards. Tony.
  16. Hi Ron. I hadn't thought of Alpha Mimic as to honest I don't know anything about them. I'll take a look. Regards. Tony.
  17. Hi Nigel. I am aware that I would probable need two Mini Panels for my number of points & how the macros work as I already use macros on passing loops elsewhere on the layout. The problem is how to get the panels leds to indicate how each point is set & what route is set without wiring back to each of 34 Tortoise Motors. Regards. Tony.
  18. Hi Nigel. I was planning on using SPDT momentary toggle switches to send commands to the Mini Panels to switch the points individually or through macros. The Mini Panel is meant to be used with momentary switches so would not work with lighting the leds unless through some sort of relays which I'm not familiar with. What I was trying to avoid is running wires from the panel to each of the 34 Tortoise motors on the terminus layout. Regards. Tony.
  19. Hi Everyone. Thank you for the replies. I was travelling a lot yesterday so I'm just getting back to this topic now. Sorry to be replying to everyone individually but I didn't want to miss any of the points you made. Regards. Tony.
  20. Hello Everyone. Hope you are all well & keeping safe. My system is the NCE Power Pro 5amp system. As part of my layout I have a terminus which contain 34 points run with Tortoise point motors and running through NCE Switch 8's, Switch It's etc At present I change the points using the accessory button of my Pro Cab. I have a layout diagram on a control panel at one end of the terminus. I plan to be able to change the points from this panel using an NCE Mini Panel which should work fine. My question is ? Is there any way to have point position led's on this panel with the Mini Panel or would I need to run cables to each Tortoise motor powered by a different setup ? With 34 points I'm trying to avoid having to run all those cables between the control panel & the points motors. Thanks Everyone. Regards. Tony.
  21. I saw what the problem was straight away when I took mine out of the box. Being a brand new loco bought at full price I wasn't willing to take it apart to try to fix it. With mine the problem was the little spigot into which the screw goes was broken off level with the top the the bogie tower. The little plastic spigot was still attached to the screw. Was this the same problem you had ? As a matter of interest & for future reference what end did your model have the problem ? Mine was the end with the decoder socket fitted. The Hattons rep entered a note on my file that the replacement model is to be tested before its sent out to me. Of course that's no guarantee that it won't get damaged during transport. Unfortunately living in Ireland I have no choice but to buy from overseas.
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