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  1. l must say that l was really amazed at the quality and size of SMS on my recent visit to Bodgits railway pod, everything was neat and tidy and the running and sounds were great, but l felt he has gone as far as he can with no more room to do anything else, as every corner was packed with O gauge, or guitars...a great time was had anyway...
  2. Good morning Paul, l found that there was no uniform in the placing of the pots some were 3-4-5 even 6 sleepers apart, so l guess l can place them wherever on 'Moss Lane' ??
  3. Had a nice trip down to Portsmouth for a week in the glorious sunshine, and had a great day out with Andy who took me to Eastleigh and Ropley, at Eastleigh l got a few shots of the third rail set-up for 'Moss Lane' and at Ropley we saw a few locos on display...
  4. Hi Al, The 33 in question (Dutch) should be with me very soon, she is having a sound Zimo chip fitted by my good buddy M Owen.
  5. Hello Martin, lt amazes me given the cost of 7mm locos, how some people pick them up as if they were tonka toys beats me....
  6. l have never really been a fan of heavy weathering, as l feel that it ruins a loco, but l do like subtle weathering just a hint of grime, as David (Jintyman) does, all of his work is subtle and spot on, l hate it when someone fills the airbrush up with matt black and sprays it everywhere then calls it weathered ...
  7. Hi Andy, She looks nice now, after major surgery Hahahaha
  8. Thanks lan, it takes hours to build, and seconds to ruin, the new owner managed to bend most of the valve gear up with careless handling (Heart breaking) but its all fixed now, as you say ready for some running...
  9. 30736 'Excalibur' visiting for minor repair at the workshop...
  10. Atrocious just about sums it up Al, Heljan are just taking the Pi??...
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