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  1. Hope the development is going well? Really excited about this still!
  2. Hi Roy, I started spotting in July 1981 and definitely have a photo of a Class 25 at Crewe after October 1983. Possibly some time in 1984 or 1985 and possibly 25278. Photos are buried but will let you know when I dig them out! Simon
  3. That will be a Blue one for me with Domino's - thanks SLW. Going to go for the Sound fitted option as always hankered for a rat sound. Worried about ending up with a rat infestation though, given 4 Bachmann and 2 Heljan ones in similar liveries in due course, not to mention a Heljan ETHEL - quick, call 'Pest-o-Blast' before it gets out of hand and I end up with a SLW ETHEL3 too! My only regret is nobody has done a Class 25/0 yet as I would absolutely love one of these RTR though won't hack a model as I know I always make a mess!
  4. I remember that. Was luck enough to go around Reddish just after the 76's had been withdrawn, think it was October 1981. A few very old Kodak 126 instamatic photos somewhere of some on the grass and also recollections of 40131 being there and 40055 going off shed, plus a Class 25 possibly 25294. I was not even in my teens and my Pal and I travelled across from Seamer with a neighbour who was heading for the Manchester Model Exhibition. Also recall what seemed like the rest of the 76's parked up at Guide Bridge!
  5. Just a thought - buy it, test it is OK then store it pending a suitable donner for 20118 emerging. That way if another one turns up as 20132 you can always get that as well and sell on your original purchase.
  6. Nothing new there sadly. More and more space sacrificed to seating / coffee shop etc. Personally If I wanted a coffee I would go to a coffee shop. I want to see exhibits and locos at the NRM not folks having coffees. Appreciate the dynamics of economics though frustrated it is becoming less about floor space for locos etc and more about selling coffees. Commercialism!
  7. Ran my BR E/Cr 94xx in on DC then fitted a Bachmann 36-567 which I believe to be Zimo derived. Have to say it runs like a dream and crawls more than slow enough for me. If yours if fine on DC I can only suggest trying a Bachmann 36-567.
  8. Thanks - BR Black one ordered already! Funny thing is - I nearly put it on the Diesel tab on my spreadsheet! lol Now I have an image in my mind of (when they are on the layout) a pairing of the Leader and GT3 together and asking a non-enthusiast to pick the steam locomotive? Really excited by the KR Locos - thanks for taking these on. You make them and we'll buy them! Class 84 next please! lol
  9. Have run mine in on DC on a test oval and then fitted a Bachmann 36-567 [Zimo derived] decoder. Super model, super smooth on both DC + DCC and more than slow enough at a crawl for my needs. Really like this loco - in process of ordering new plates from 247 Developments. In time will pair it up with Rapido's 1501 - both in BR Unlined Black with Early Crests (and both sporting 81A shedcode plates)!
  10. Though possibly without the crests.
  11. I am really excited about getting my GT3 (with sound). These are tough days for us all and as someone who goes days on end not seeing anyone, anything to get excited over has to be good be it toy, model or however defined, it's all in the eye of the beholder. I've/we've also got the Fell to look forward too and will be ordering the Leader too and pop me down for a super-Clayton also whilst you're at it please. We are lucky to be able to loose ourselves in a wonderful hobby. A big thank you for giving us some light in these times none of us ever thought we would be in when G
  12. Still waiting for my pack of three flat wagons from the Northwest, still showing as pre-ordered! Hope they materialise before too long!
  13. The silence is deafening - and somewhat disappointing!
  14. Hi again, I think James also - though as mentioned above, maybe try some more on us too. I do think the slight pause Brian has between 13 & 28 sounds very good. Very excited about this product. As I mentioned previously (amongst a multitude of announcement phrase suggestions) is it possible to include some kind of interface within the programme to facilitate the use of multiple speakers with interactive options for which ones can be triggered for given sounds. This would allow the announcements to be played in the station and for example, an
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