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    BR Blue Diesels in late70's/early80's especially in the North East where I grew up.....

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  1. Yes I agree the original seemed to be a dark red/maroon but I can only remember black in later years of their BR lives - certainly not bright red.
  2. Just looking at the size of BR arrows on the cabside of your 55018 - I believe these are a bit on the large side - from around the late 70's as Deltics went through Doncaster at overhaul the BR arrows applied were a slightly smaller version and this spread to other BR classes around the same time. As far as I can see the arrows on your 9021 (early blue livery) appear the same size as on your 55018 so the ones on 55018 definitely look a bit too large. A check on Flickr say can confirm this. All Deltics in BR Blue carried these smaller BR arrows apart from 55020 (which had got stuck in Donc
  3. Excellent re the lenses - thanks for confirming - one other thing I've noticed....in the late 70's/80's I believe the Deltics had black driver and secondman seats as opposed to bright red as featured in the photos of your 55018 FP White Windows. Hopefully they will have black seats in the finished production model? These are getting very tempting and I don't even model in OO gauge!!
  4. Deltics look great - my only comment on the late Blue ones such as 55018 with white windows..... the Opaque lenses in the plated over headcode box look too dark. They were almost a light grey white colour. Not sure whether anyone else has noticed this - apologies if already noted.
  5. Lots to do in York but in addition:- Rail to Scarborough is a very good - lots to do there especially if the weather is nice Rail to Keighley for KWVR is also a good trip Rail to Knaresborough for a few hours
  6. I agree - I think that looks like the Tyne Valley.....and definitely a green centre car when you study it closely
  7. Whilst I understand some people (in the main modelling more the early 70's as I understand it) will not want Inter City branding I think a majority will want Inter City printed on the side. It is a shame 2 versions couldn't be produced to reflect this minor but important difference. Ok - we can aim to source Inter City transfers - can't see any available currently in large numbers (Fox/RailTec) - if I recall Pressfix have a few on their sheet.....
  8. The chassis block is the same and the fuel tanks being underneath don't come into it. It is a strange one but just slightly tighter tolerances it seems. It'll teach me to try and put an old body on a new chassis! Atleast it goes on and with continued filing here and there I will improve the fit no doubt
  9. Firstly - Thanks for your reply. I am putting it on the correct way around - just to confirm. I think the problem is I'm trying to put an original class 37 body (which I had already spent absolutely ages doing up, painted, weathered etc) onto the new class 37 chassis and there seems to be fractionally less space available - especially nuts (inside) on the end of the buffers - hard to believe!! I can get the body on (just) but separating it again is very, very difficult. As I said it seems to be more tight at the ends because the new chassis has the headcode l
  10. With the latest split headcode 37, I am finding to get the body back on (after removing it for doing up/weathering etc) it is a really, really tight fit. So tight in fact it isn't easy to get it back on. In fact, with the latest lights fastened on the body (standard for all HJ O gauge locos now) it just seems to be so tight. My lights have come loose after all the messing around! Has anyone else struggled with this? In a test a few weeks ago, the only way I could get the body back on was to turn the loco upside down and use the weight of the chassis for it to drop in but even that was a s
  11. Fantastic work as always on the wagons and superb updates each week. I will look forward to the next Goods Gala whenever that is.....
  12. In the early-mid 1980's most locos (say when running light engine) normally only had one red tail light on the back.
  13. I have had this happen with a class 40 The problem is there never seems to be enough spares provided by Heljan, especially replacement glazing
  14. York.....and up to Newcastle too as Gateshead was responsible for providing a number of locos for such services and was a common starting point for such trains
  15. Shame the 40 wasn't used for a few more days but great to see it over the S&C today in people's photos. I would have loved to watch her on the climb to Ais Gill....
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