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    BR Blue Diesels in late70's/early80's especially in the North East where I grew up.....

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  1. I have had this happen with a class 40 The problem is there never seems to be enough spares provided by Heljan, especially replacement glazing
  2. York.....and up to Newcastle too as Gateshead was responsible for providing a number of locos for such services and was a common starting point for such trains
  3. Shame the 40 wasn't used for a few more days but great to see it over the S&C today in people's photos. I would have loved to watch her on the climb to Ais Gill....
  4. Superb video of 37191 Fantastic.... It makes my 1 yard of Peco track on the kitchen worktop look somewhat moderate by comparison!!!
  5. 37076 looks to be in Gateshead 'Black' livery!!! Superbly maintained but no washing plant in sight....
  6. Fantastic photos as always.... Just been catching up and for the record I believe you have a couple of incorrectly identified Deltics from a month or so ago.... C734 is quoted as 9006 J2954 is quoted as 9019 but both of these have the more rounded type of nameplates carried by Gateshead Deltics but both 9006 & 9019 were Haymarket locos....
  7. I will be waiting for the later windows before buying my blue & grey ones. In the late 70's/80's (my BR blue period) there were very few Mk1's with the old windows. I have seen a few photos though when doing previous research (sorry CME & Bottle Washer but I haven't got a photo link for you but there were a few around (during late 70's/80's) - only a few)
  8. Superb work on the wagons - glad to see progress being made again
  9. I you had asked him a month ago I sure he would have had a trip to Hereford to check it out....
  10. I will look forward to returning to the Spa Valley for a train ride as soon as the rules allow. A great line and great people running it and for me running diesel heritage services too which is a great bonus.
  11. I am surprised someone hasn't come out with the bits to convert one of these 03's to an air braked example. Looks like I am going to have to do some scratchbuilding……!!
  12. Yes no problem at all - sounds like you do a very good service. Best wishes
  13. Thanks for the photos - they do look good - it's just so handy to be able to see exactly what you want before ordering and that's all I was trying to say - I'm sure you would sell more if you had photos of the product. I got my fingers burned in that respect with some other transfers I ordered 'blind' from another supplier. When they turned up the font was completely wrong so it was just £'s down the drain for me. Anyway best wishes.
  14. Lovely modelling by the way....that is typical! You couldn't have a go at building at Shark ballast plough could you?.....I could do with a RTR version of one of them coming out....
  15. I would love to be able to use your transfers - I was looking for some the other day - but can't see any pictures of them anywhere??
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