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  1. It’s what the government wants, and it keeps me in a role for a while longer!
  2. Been very slow progress over the past 10 months, dabbling here & there when I can. Still need to continue with the detailing around the palisade fencing and weathering of the track before starting on my car park extension.
  3. Jools, it sounds like you’ve been truly through the ringer mate, you’ve not had the best last 3 years. But the project above looks like it should be tackleable (if that’s a word!) in small steps. Remember, we re not all Alan Downes, James Makin to name a few great modellers, it’s a hobby that we do at our own pace. Sometimes I have an absolute cracking period where I get loads done, then nothing for months. Stick with it and all the best with your conditions.
  4. Shown below is my ongoing mini project of a gritter truck. It will have a plough on the front when finished.
  5. My mobile phone site is starting to take shape, my plan is for a diarama around a 5G upgrade in progress. I’ll need to source or create a cherry picker
  6. Not great living on your own in the current situation. I am at home with SWMBO, along with very regular visits from our daughter & granddaughter and still find it hard. i can’t wait to see friends and further family soon and get on the train down to London to see colleagues. The layout is progressing at a nails pace Stay safe out there!
  7. Progress has been really slow, the layout is next to my work desk and after 9-10 hours of Teams meetings, I have very little mojo for sitting on the same chair any longer. I was going to reply earlier but had to replace the outer track as somehow it had got damaged. The latest mini projects include the scenic break bridge, the start of the building site, my snowploughs ( further inspired by the current weather) and a road snowplough to go on the road bridge. The overall aim is to have a wintry covering. Karl
  8. My mojo comes and goes, each day is different, and my layout is spread with many unfinished mini-projects. My mental health is on the rise, even in these Covid time when I tend to spend my day from 0800-1730 talking to my computer on endless conference calls. Having recently spoken to my quack, we have agreed for me to wean myself off the sertraline because I am feeling better and the jumpy legs and excessive sweating at nights really p1ss me off.. I can relate to all the comments above, I try to support anyone with less than good mental health in anyway I can, because I have been supported, by family and friends, especially my wife & I am feeling much more positive. Stay safe Karl
  9. How are you?

    1. truffy


      Fine. Thanks for asking!

  10. Jim you give a terrific insight into the modern railway and thanks for that, it enables me to use your photos as a guide to my modelling. Could I ask that where and when possible, could you snap 66’s in ice & snowy conditions? I’ m looking at heavily weathered examples for my ploughs Regards Karl
  11. As I live on the site of the former steel works in Consett, this is a must buy for me, even though I model modern stuff. The wagons may not be up to the standard of other manufacturers, but in my opinion the price reflects this. I don’t have the time or inclination to make 9 kits, but would happily tackle detailing these. Karl
  12. I spent 18 months based at RAF Binbrook, but working at Stenigot for us who used to be dressed in green
  13. In our fledgling relationship we spent much time alongside the mainline at either Scout Green or Sunderland Bridge near Durham. I was open and honest about my hobby, for both real trains and models. Everytime we visit the NRM in York or Shildon, my wife admires my enthusiasm and love of trains. Now, 35 years later, my granddaughter wants me to take her to the Tanfield or Weardale railways or on a trip on the ‘big and long’ red and white trains on the ECML. She wants to help in her own way with building my layout. Christmas this year has the new Hornby Class 91 ‘For the fallen’ and a rake of TPE Mk5’s on my list from SWMBO, might be Easter before I see them though. There may be a stigma about our hobby in many peoples eyes, but I can think the same about many other pursuits but don’t.
  14. If you’re feeling down, then please talk to someone. I log into RMWeb everyday and will speak you if you want me to. I’ve been there, it’s OK not to be OK My layout has fits and starts, some bits have come along grand, others are still awaiting bits to be added or painted. We’re not all professional, we don’t it as a hobby when we find the time and inclination Karl
  15. Jools, It sounds like you have through the ringer mate for the past few years! I've not had it as bad as you (touch wood) but have found that I find solace and friendship in this forum, especially this topic. I don't set myself too many targets, I have good days when I seem to go hell for leather and get loads done, and others when just nothing gets done. I wish you all the very best with your various ailments and for the festive period. Regards, Karl
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