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  1. Mike, loving the the videos on YouTube, they bring everything to life foe me. Brilliant! Regards, Karl
  2. Mick always has a friendly manner when you visit. Can’t wait to visit after the lockdown as I need a few bits and pieces that he normally stocks
  3. I fully understand, what is people’s motivation? My layout is just for me, i’m making it as I go along at my pace, dealing with what life throws at me. I’ve had the deadlines of fixed Exhibition dates, and met them, but now happy doing what I do even though higgledibiggledy, my mojo and life set my pace. It’s what suits each and everyone one of us
  4. In the paint shop today we have a Hornby 153 which is planed to be ex-GWR special 153 305, an all over white livery. There is also a Lima ex-Northern Spirit class 153, this will end up in Northern Spot livery. Keep safe Karl
  5. During the pandemic I’ve been busier than ever at work, even with my layout behind me in my office at home, there’s little motivation to go back in there after a 9-10 hour stint for work. Last Thursday should have Tangowoman & I fly to Kefalonia for a weeks break, but alas, it wasn’t to be. In my modelling I’ve now settled for the period of late 2019 as I can’t keep pace with livery changes. I have 8 DMUs to get into the old Northern Rail blue & purple, or the new (but defunct) Northern spot livery. These include 2 each of Classes 150, 153, 156 & 158. I now have a desire to get these DMUs finished as my mojo is back and I’m enjoying my modelling more than ever. Keep safe, Karl
  6. The 158 is still in the paintshop, so I have been fettling with my Limby S&C 156. I've done a few slight mods, removed both the front & rear couplings, add replacement couplings and snowploughs from a Hornby 153, added extra detail on the chassis under the driver and then picked out the detail on the chassis as advised by JDW (of this Parish). All that needs to be done now is a light weathering and add some passengers. It's keeping me occupied whilst in lockdown Regards, Karl
  7. Looking great Dicky, love the atmosphere!
  8. I like the DMU fleet. Are the 150s resprays?
  9. Class 158 (Ex Northern Spirit), about to enter the paint shop to gain its Northern Spot livery. I have been working on my DMU fleet over the last couple of weeks, my Northern liveried Class 150 & 153 have had a light weathering, whilst my ex First NorthWestern 150 is being transformed into 150120 in an ex-GWR livery with magenta doors.
  10. I thought this was the real thing. Fabulous detailing!
  11. Sorry for going off topic a bit. We’re getting close to 100 sites being targeted by arsonists across the 4 major networks, along with mindless idiots confronting engineers providing vital comms for the emergency services and those working from home. We had the same with 2G, 3G & 4G, but there is so much more social media these days to spread the word. Karl
  12. Dicky, this is a fantastic atmospheric layout, I don’t know why I haven’t seen it before on here. Great work Karl
  13. Great work Neil I like the way the concrete looks
  14. Great looking buildings
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