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  1. A photo from the video I have been filming, including both versions of the Pilchard. Video coming next week.
  2. I’ve filmed a Q1 review round up of OR releases, released next week. The following photo is of the actual models if this is helpful (includes Banana vans and Pilchards):
  3. I was sent a sound decoder set up to review, made specifically for the Dapol Terrier based on a Doehler & Haas sound decoder. It’s a quite reasonable setup (I hadn’t really heard of the D&H brand before) and at approximately £85 through Tramfabriek I thought it reasonable value for money for an O gauge model. The chuff rate is already synched on despatch specifically for this model.
  4. My upside down layout uses a large metal roller bearing on which the whole layout sits and rotates. Power is transmitted through using the metal bearing for one wire and a central pin point resting on a plate for the other.
  5. I finally got to video one of these. I’m quite pleased with the model. Despite a few slight panel gaps, what does need to be commended is that they are made, printed and packed entirely in the UK I believe, proving that the UK can still make model rail rolling stock. I also like the posable doors.
  6. Thanks for the replies. The stub is connected, though the point timbers appear to be in the process of being replaced.
  7. I’m trying to find out when the tracks from Parkend to Marsh sidings were lifted, and why the first level crossing still remains with its rails in the road but nothing past it (except a small piece now reinstated with a coal wagon on it - was this relayed or did it get excavated from being buried?) I have seen a picture of rails still in situ in around 1983; was there a reason that the sidings were not preserved as part of the Dean Forest railway? Did the tracks get lifted, or just buried? The tracks in the station yard look to be original but well buried. thanks in advance.
  8. Went to see if these rails were still there. Amazingly they were. It’s West Cornforth, and I last looked ten years ago. I think the last train ran in the early 1990s?
  9. I would love to see the GWR County and LNER D49 get retooled to modern standards. I predict more 4 and 6 wheel coaches in new pre grouping liveries - perhaps Midland maroon, Caledonian and GCR? A retooled 8F would also be nice, along with premium HD versions as 48158, 48073, 48109 and 48094 all in late crest BR black.
  10. Shotton Paper mill had one. I was last there 15 years ago mind. It was used because of the need to propel over a small level crossing. When not in use it was kept in the works to avoid the local scroats barbecuing it.
  11. There is the Fina branded Barclay: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/hattons-h4-ab14-008-andrew-barclay-0-4-0st-14-2134-no3-in-fina-lined-blue?_pos=6&_sid=a34019233&_ss=r
  12. I got both the NCB brake and the ZGV triple engineers’ opens from retailers as these too presumably didn’t sell quite so fast.
  13. I have done an install of the junction signals. I was really impressed with them and found them really easy to install. I prefer these to the previous single arm signal mechanisms. in answer to a previous poster, I attached and detached the base unit a few times during filming and the signal is just fine for it.
  14. I managed to get another pack from Hereford Model Centre who seem to still have stocks.
  15. One thing I forgot to add which surprised me is I put mine onto my OO9 layout without any track cleaning and which has sat in my conservatory for a couple of months. The loco ran faultlessly, unlike my other OO9 locos which traditionally sulk somewhat until I clean the track.
  16. Those concerned for the wellbeing of the pug may be soothed by the knowledge that it was converted back to its standard configuration after filming. It was then used in a Humbrol weathering powder review video, before being given away as the prize in a competition I ran on my Monday Club. (Edited to add: Picture below of said loco when being offered as the competition prize)
  17. A response from Dapol confirming that there was no special treatment to the model I was loaned other than to test run it; not unlike what a buyer would have done in a shop when they buy one: “Just to confirm your sample was removed from the packaging. put on the track, ran forwards and backwards a hand full of times and put back into its packaging and posted out to you.”
  18. If you watch the video it makes clear the circumstances of how I got the model as per Youtube’s rules.
  19. This is definitely one of my favourite models of the year. I also like that it was announced then arrived within a matter of weeks.
  20. You would have to ask Dapol that question. I just review them as I find them.
  21. The example I reviewed ran just fine over all my pointwork.
  22. The ballast is from War World Scenics. Applied with their ballast glue.
  23. A really beautiful loco and a smooth reliable runner. I’m very pleased with mine.
  24. The upside down layout does still exist, but minus the mechanism that rotates the carousel (it was made from lots of 30 year old Technic Lego) and the motor, which now rotates my turntable. Getting a train to climb vertically is actually easier than upside down. My unshown test rig to prove the concept worked demonstrated this. I got the idea after being shown the Powerbase products at DCCconcepts before lockdown.
  25. I’m not aware of him having any relationship with manufacturers. Certainly the ones I talk to don’t give him anything at all.
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