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  1. In 4mm, I have in front of me a Modelmaster sheet 4906 which contains OAA, OBA, OCA & ODA fully made up data panels/numbers. Not sure if they still make them...
  2. Thanks very much for the link to your site Paul - brilliant!
  3. These are brilliant photos John - many thanks for posting them. My two sons live in an apartment on the quayside of number 9 dock on the opposite side to where the Manchester Liners cranes were. It's great to show them what the area looked like back in the day.
  4. More great photos Stephen. Full of detail and interest. Many thanks for posting.
  5. Is this the ship that has been bringing in cement to Weaste?
  6. I didn't realise MSV's had carried china clay. Were they used on long distance traffic?
  7. Thanks for posting these shots Flood. As I mentioned in a previous post, there is quite a good picture of the inside of one of the fuelling shelters here - Inverness fuelling point
  8. I hadn't seen the thread and thanks for pointing it out! There's a link to a photo by Bob Shand on flickr that shows just the view I'm looking for. Many thanks again.
  9. TBH... not really johnw1, but thanks anyway for posting the link.
  10. Thanks for the link Jim . I've not seen that aspect of the fueller at Aberdeen before - only the sides and back A very useful shot and I'll base the model on that if no one comes up with a similar view of Inverness. Thanks again.
  11. Many thanks for taking the time to reply Graham. I've already got plenty of pictures of the sides and back of the 'shelters' but it's still nice to have another one (and yours is a cracker!) The shot I'm really after is the view looking out of the 26's engine room door. Thanks again.
  12. Has anyone any photos of the trackside view of the fuelling arrangements at Inverness depot in the early 1980's? I've plenty of shots of the sides of the two corrugated iron 'sheds' that acted as shelters for the pipework/pumps/etc but none from the locos view which would show how the equipment was laid out. I'm hoping to build a representation of these fuelling arrangements for a 4mm diorama. Many thanks in advance for any help.
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