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  1. . Yes, and only showing the malachite green Southern Railway version in stock, meaning that the "pretty version" hasn't sold as well as the work-a-day British Railways one. An interesting result. .
  2. . Hornby Dublo Barnstable was my first loco ! Followed by a Stanier 8F and Standard Class 4MT 2-6-4T - all superb. ( I wonder if we could convince Hornby to do a "metal" EMU . . ) .
  3. . On the thread discussing the Bachmann 009 Quarry Hunslets it has been claimed that neither the open, or closed cab versions would come with a crew figure (or pair of figures). Will you consider doing one/some ? .
  4. . Not mentioned (?) ; World famous = "The Tube" London famous = "The Drain" Seems to be a spotter's nickname = "God's Wonderful Railway"
  5. . In the 70's and early 80's the peak services were normally 4-EPB to Caterham, and 2 + 4 EPB to Tattenham Corner. Every so often the units were the wrong way around with much faffing around at East Croydon, or most likely Purley. Equally fun was the fact that in the Tattenham corner trains tended to run 2 or 3 minutes early so as to ensure that they didn't hold up the Caterham portion. Lots of oddities over the years, including a 2 x 4-EPB going to Tattenham Corner (meaning double stops at, at least Reedham (at least twice)). Also, occasionally, only a 2-EPB to Tattenham Corner in peak hours.
  6. . What is the most numerous wagon on BR era layouts ? I would guess from exhibition layouts that it is the BR 16 ton mineral. The existing Bachmann model is long overdue for replacement. A good selection of variants and numbers would see many, many sold. Oh, and my "wouldn't it be nice" choices ? 4-COR and 4-SUB, with a D1 4-4-0, or an E1 4-4-0, (or if you want to annoy Hornby) an L1 4-4-0. Anyway, good luck with whatever you choose. .
  7. . Is the "early doors" version numbered as one that went to the Southern Region ? .
  8. . My 3 BR Grey ones are, according to an e-mail, on their way ! No complaining about long waiting times with this one (Although I am sure of the "usual suspects" will find something to moan about). .
  9. . The e-mail from Rails includes the words ; "... Following on from the success of the SECR 1424 box van, we are excited to be able to offer a new model built using the same tried and tested method. ..." So I assume it's another of their 3D fine printed wagons. What I don't understand is as Iron Minks are so popular I cannot understand why it isn't just an ordinary injected moulded wagon. .
  10. . Sorry, so one of you two is "wrong" ??? ( By the way, I assume that the red was an early safety measure which British Railways were unimpressed with ??? ) .
  11. . Does anyone know the timescale for the BR Southern Region (mainland) dark brown with red ends ? TIA .
  12. . No. I'm afraid that it is a shot of Platform 9 (?) at Wimbledon. The unit is so incredibly shiny as it is claimed that it was taken on the first day of 2-EPB service ??? .
  13. . A Rails e-mail says that these are due in shortly. Then we can see if it has a small yellow panel, or not (but they are still ridiculously over-priced). .
  14. . Well, I've got mine ! ( Presumably one of the airlifted few ??? ). .
  15. . Has no one else received their 4S-027-003, British Railways Sunshine Black ? It looks very nice. .
  16. . That model has cylindrical transformers - rare in this country. The UK has always gone for chunkier squarish ones - see this (a 3rd-rail one) - click on picture to expand thread ; Likewise always more building to hold control gear. Access gates/driveway to the heavy transformers was essential. Favourite way to move them on, or off, was to jack them up and push them on scaffold tubes laid on scaffold boards until a crane could safely lift them. I saw a 25 ton one being moved by 4 men. Tirfors were used if their were slopes. .
  17. . I like the way that they will all be supplied with (presumably working) screw couplings ! Will you provide an alternative working 3 link coupling ? Seriously, a very good choice, hope you do well with it. .
  18. . Has anyone put A "Locomotion" one next to a "Rails" one to compare the paint finishes ? .
  19. . Did the rebuilt P2 ever come south of the Thames ? .
  20. . Hooray for the BR Black engineering version of the 5 plank one, and the BR red S & T 7 plank version. We can only hope for vice-versa versions later. .
  21. . After all the forensic examination of Hornby's position on "tiers", can someone explain why Hornby supply Amazon ? No shop, no customer personal interface, no ability to visit. Strange. .
  22. . Pardon ? Where have I complained ? I have merely pointed out a customer service that would attract me ( and I believe many others ). Confusing customers' desires with "complaints" is a common British retailer problem. .
  23. . Fine, don't provide this specific customer service, but when someone/some others do, then don't complain. .
  24. . It is their choice - people are attracted by good customer service. .
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