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  1. I suppose that depends on how confident you are that you can paint the running plate and tender top black? Cheers Ray
  2. Now where did Hornby find this image.......maybe one I posted earlier? I should stress that it 'belongs' to Gary Straiton on Flickr. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/224-Hornby-clan/&do=findComment&comment=4599419 Cheers Ray
  3. On the theme of quality control I will add a picture from this afternoons activities. I have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get Oliver Cromwell to run slowly (the one from the 15 guinea boxed set). I have been playing mix and match with wheels and rods and have made progress. I was intrigued with this comparison of the main driving wheel set from Oliver with one from a newly purchased set of spares - Olivers is the short brass bearing which was splopping around in the usual sized slot in the chassis. Oliver left, spares right
  4. I doubt the gearing is different - just a change in design of the motor. I would add to your list of 'improvements' - a fixed engine to tender coupling. As to a better quality - I will reserve my judgement for a little bit longer. Cheers Ray
  5. I had concerns about the position of the lining on the cylinders and have fitted some spares. A comparison of the cylinders from Clan MacDonald compared to Hornby's spare Britannia / Clan cylinders is quite informative. Clan MacDonald fitted with replacement cylinders - old stock? For those of you who like watching trains go by another video featuring Clan Stewart (alias Clan McLeod) showcasing some improvements that I have been making to some elderly Dining and Restaurant cars.
  6. Thanks Bill Yes I will second that comment. When I posted my video back a few pages: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/224-Hornby-clan/&do=findComment&comment=4606159 I commented that the New Clan MacDonald seemed to run faster than my old Clan McLeod (alias Clan Stewart). I doubt very much that Hornby have altered the gearing. However the motor is different - in particular the diameter of the part that fits into the motor retainer (nearest the tender) is a smaller diameter. I came across this problem when I bought a replacement motor and it was a loose fit in the retainer on an old Britannia. I had to find a suitable piece of plastic pipe to use as packing. Cheers Ray
  7. Yes me too - My L/C came to quite an abrupt stop and even jumped off the track. My first inclination was to shorten the bits of wire (sand pipes). They are actually very clever because they are bent in two different planes and just need to be moved a tincy bit sideways and the problem is sorted. Cheers Ray
  8. I can second that. My first E/E went back with bent rods etc. The replacement and the L/C are excellent runners and could teach Hornby a lesson or two. Cheers Ray
  9. Well done Bill, a man after my own heart. I too had the idea of comparing with Hornby Dublo but didn't have the confidence to suggest. Cheers Ray
  10. By 1960 there would have been some subtle changes which you may or may not accept. There are not many pictures on Flickr - try searching Clan MacDonald and separate;y 72004. There is anice view at Crewe with an early embelm labelled c 1952. There are a number of views dated 1961. One in particular from 'Peter' shows a Late Crest, no warning flashes, lamp iron still at top dead centre. However I think the cab rear support has been modified to fit the rubber engine to tender weahter shield. https://flic.kr/p/dU9vtN Cheers Ray
  11. I thought there was some mention of a missing lamp iron. Mine was damaged as though the front of the engine had been forced against the packaging - the bit broken off was in the tray under the engine. 'Stewart' of course had had its top lanp iron lowered so not the same problem, Ray
  12. Yes that is how my wife refers to these toys. I think part of the problem is the bright green running board. I have convinced myself it needs a coat of black - just summoning up the courage. Thanks Ray
  13. I see that you are still waiting for someone to take up the challenge and give you an answer! I have posted a video on YouTube - R3995 has the green running boards and green tender top. My older Clan Stewart alias Clan McLeod has the etched plates and black running board. Not a lot to choose between the two of them. With no springing in the bogie or chassis they both bounce around. R3995 (Clan McDonald) seems to run faster. R2847 is perhaps showing its age. https://youtu.be/laR4IWNvsRU
  14. Sounds about right. You should search Flickr for both '72009' and 'Clan Stewart'. Some people's dates are contradictory but black name plates were still around in 1961, in fact plenty of black around as 'Downer' says. There is a picture of 72007 and 72009 at Kingmoor with their front bogies removed -fitted with overhead warning flashes and dated July 1960. You will also need to reposition the smokebox lamp iron to the top if you are backdating Hornby's Stewart. Cheers Ray
  15. Shared from Dave Wragg on Flickr. He has titled it a 1950s British Railways Postcard. Now what colour is the shiny paint on the firebox? Ray
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