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  1. Thank you Mikkel, Orion is often clearly visible (with our dark skies). Ray
  2. Thank you Bill for those supportive comments. Kolhapur is a newer Bachmann Jubilee and they all now have the middle black line. It is pictured next to one of Bachmann's old Scenecraft signal boxes. There used to be a lot around - very often the steps needed gluing back together. Cheers Ray
  3. A conversation with a friend about changing names and numbers on old Bachmann or Mainline Jubilees prompted me to dig out some etched plates I bought perhaps two years ago, and get on and fit them! Mainline Orion with 247 Developments etched plates and newer Bachmann split chassis One of my all time favourite models was the Mainline Jubilee ‘Orion’. I think ‘Royal Scot’ was my first Mainline model but Orion followed soon after in June 1981. Pallitoy must have made thousands of models of Orion and they mostly ran well with their characteristic whirring noise. Wh
  4. Yes David you are perfectly correct. I took a job on the outskirts of Edinburgh in 1972 and I had to attend regular meeting near Bedford. My wife would drive me to Waverly for 'the sleeper' around 11:00pm which after stopping and starting at all stations to Newcastle eventually arrived at KingsX in the very early hours of the mornng. Yes you could stay in your bunk to recover or in my case until I partook of breakfast in the station cafe before crossing to St Pancras for the Beford line. The meetings were usually over by lunch time with time to travel home in the afternoon / eve
  5. My model just ran slowly and noisily.
  6. Now in the 1980/90s I do believe that the HS125s were rostered Glasgow to Plymouth and then back up to Newcastle/Edinburgh all in a days work. There was a matching rosta taking in Southampton. I am sure someone will have the correct details. Cheers Ray
  7. What a coincidence. I had one just the same just over a year ago. Hattons described it exactly the same. I picked up a replacement motor, probably one of the last from Howes. I am not sure what to think about Heljan - I like their Westerns and Hymechs but I have had issues with most of their newer designs. What I find really annoying is their inattention to important detail - the under size cab side plates on Night Owl being a glaring example of how to spoil something. Good luck Ray
  8. I am not sure how a list of ride height variations would help. Foxhound and Eclipse were too low BUT when I bought Eclipise on EBay somebody had already changed the chassis so that the ride height was correct. Twenty years on since production I doubt that many sellers would know ride height details. Ray
  9. Thank you Eveannessant - there are a lot of bits from Sir Brian for sale because this was one of the Mazac models. Some of the of the Mainline mouldings have done very well living on with perhaps newer sprung buffers attached. I like the idea of adding sound - not sure about the need for cab lights. Thank you also John. Much earlier in the year I picked up Glory off eBay for next to nothing and almost better than new. As you say lots of tractive effort. I was going to use it for spares but it seems too good! Regards Ray
  10. Hello Atom I see you have your answer from Theakerr. I am guessing you might need to change the colour of the wheel spokes? Some of my split chassis models run really very well. A bit of a lottery. Digressing - but not all newer Bachmann chassis run smoothly. Thank you all for keeping the thread alive. Cheers Ray
  11. Hello John I don't know what I was doing when all these comment came in. Monday today - we have had sunshine and rain. Long may it last. Cheers Ray
  12. Thank you Theakerr for the clarification. I recently 'won' a couple of A Harold Bibbey. I managed to get £85 for the surplus one. Cheers Ray
  13. I seem to have missed a few posts. Thank you for your contributions. I am impressed 'Atom' that you are have LNER liveried models - that has to be +75 years ago? Theakerr 'new chassis' - is that the digital enabled chassis? A Harold Bibbey is quite expensive? Cheers Ray
  14. Thanks Terry, rough running what's that? I don't use digital - even for sound - just LokSound on analogue. Here's the latest video Sorry it is not ex GWR Cheers Ray
  15. Certainly agree about the Westerns - power and poise! Cheers Ray
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