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  1. Have I missed something or is it my poor eye sight, but 60501 seems to have lost its whistle down the crack that has opened up between the firebox and the cab? Ray
  2. There are so many acronyms. Southern Natural Gas? So which one were you referring to? Ray
  3. Contracts make interesting reading - as I know to my cost from my last two days work. Poor assembly might be outwardly visible but if the parts are not dimensionally correct then the issue might be down to design or even the tooling - now was the tooling provided by the Client (Hornby). I have noticed that a lot of Hornby's steam engines have very flimsy footplates. Again who decides that these delicate parts are fit for purpose. I love minefields. Ray
  4. Royal Mail wil come and collect for 72p - how easy is that! You can buy your postage online at past 10 o'clock at night and still get the item collected next day. Regards Ray
  5. Very sad really, I had two spare bits of plastic when I opened the box, one the smokebox lamp iron and the other I deduce is what looks like a coat hook above the tender handbrake. I suspect the one on the equialent one on the left hand side had gone walk abouts and was lost. Then there is the firebox to cab joint. On the kitchen table I thought I might live with the model but when I took it upstairs to see its new friends it really shouts out just how rubbish it has been made. It's now on its way back to join a pile of other 'dud' models.
  6. Since publishing this Post I have gleaned more details of the difference between the various Hornby models. I have added information to 'The Table' in the original Post and also an Addendum with a few more pictures. Best Wishes all for 2021. Ray
  7. There are some nice pictures on Fickr of 3650 in its Blue Stephenson Clarke livery. They are dated 2008. https://flic.kr/p/5hCebz https://flic.kr/p/5quyWE https://flic.kr/p/qSCfP6 And then I have a post card of one of the Welsh Narrow gauge engines in 'Corporate Blue suppposedly c1973':
  8. Thank you Wheatley for explaining the difference in wheel base - I had it down to the firebox. You are correct to remind us that what was said to have happened and what actually happened may not be the same thing. In my branch of engineering there were the design drawings and then there were supposed to be the 'as constructed' drawings. The latter were rarely completed beause the designers and the contractors would have quickly moved on to the next job. This is supposed to have now been fixed with the requirements for a Health and Safety file! Cheers Ray
  9. Thank you again Pete. I had noticed the spare bit of metal and had given up wondering what on earth it might be! Cheers Ray Close up of 44908 aka Hornby R2359
  10. Thank you Pete, what excellent clear pictures (and super models!!) I particularly like the lifting eyes to the front frames, not forgetting the frame extensions underneath.
  11. Hello Jamie, you get the prize - I hadn't spotted the different detail on the front buffer beam. I did check some of the cab sides to see if any of those were without rivets (welded) to match the tender. Thanks Ray
  12. Thank you Leander for taking the time to add some pictures. As I have just said above I know very little about Black Fives. However I am not sure what your picture is showing as the sides of your tender are showing plenty of rivets. Cheers Ray
  13. Thank you Mikkel for your continuing support. I have been impressed by how relatively trouble free the Hornby Black FIves appear to be. The dome issue with 44694 (R3323) is well documented and I suspect the model was one of the first to be produced after Hornby took their business away from Sanda Khan. Certainly the box code doesn't have an SK prefix. Perhaps the 'new ladies' were still learning the business when this model was made. Regards Ray
  14. Thank you pH - You sound to be of a similar vintage to myself. I have to own up to knowing very little about Black Fives. I would comment that my ABC locoshed book for 1959 (supposed correct to November 1958) shows 45116 at 26B but by November 1960 it is shown moving on to 16D. Yes 45156 was still at Newton Heath at the end of 1958. And as you note 45157 was at 65B both in 1958 and 1960. It has been an interesting exercise trying to read shed plates off models, off pictures of models and even off old pictures of the real engines (with or withou
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