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  1. Thank you John and RJS. The Oxford Dean Goods is interesting and I did write a Post about it: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/20993-weighing-up-the-dean-goods/ When I wrote it someone, probably on RMweb commented that they thought the tender was propping up the engine and hence lifting the rear wheels off the track. This was certainly the case with my model and was solved simply by slackening off the tender to engine drawbar screws. I also managed to add a little bit of lead inside the boiler. There is an old video of mine. It gets interest
  2. Thank you John, I am impressed by your thoughts 'outside of the box'. I love the counter balance idea. Do you need to do something with the tender to engine wires? They look as thought they might be pressing down on the track. Rechecking my Blog I see that I removed the washer completely and halved the spring. With your spring in its new position you could probably remove both the spring and the washer completely from between the chassis and front bogie? It is a super looking model but as somebody remarked when my MGB broke down, "It is a shame it doesn
  3. Hello John Perhaps not so much what glue but perhaps where are your trying to glue it. There should be a pair of rectangular openings underneath the running plate to push the speedo brakcet into. You need to bear in mind that the bracket straddles the reversing lever and that the 'third leg' is actually the drive and not part of the support mechanism. When I came to refit my bracket I had to clean Hornby's glue out of the little rectanglular pockets. I used Wilkinson's super glue to fix it in position. Good luck Ray
  4. Seems about right although I would have put it a year earlier. I have already posted a picture of my R227 - the red one which must have been issued at the same time. https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/160561-Hornby-2021-sr-bogie-luggage-van/&do=findComment&comment=4423641 I do remember that when new the model had the old fashioned Rovex coupling with a lifting hook and half bar all held together with a single horizontal rivet. Sixty plus years ago. Cheers Ray
  5. This really is history! Bachmann have used 'red' grease at various points in time so perhaps from the factory not the previous owner. Now there's a question - do any of these models have five pole motors? As to rerouting wires - is that not just a soldering iron job? Enjoy, cheers Ray
  6. Having unboxed my luggage vans I have given then a run around the layout. The body shells may be fantastic reproductions but 'mind the gap'. Three pictures below showing the spacing between vehicles, first out of the box with Hornby couplings, then with Bachmann short straight couplings and finally with Roco 40270. I have added a video taken in the late 1950s perhaps near Bristol. From what has been said above about painting Mk1 BGs my rake of parcels vans would have been highly unlikely. I do wonder about the shade of Hornby maroon? Hornby ex SR luggage vans with stand
  7. A picture of one that I bought earlier. R227 was purchased in the late 1950s and had a price ticket on the box of 7/11 (shillings and pence for the uninitiated). Is that a real measure of inflation? I had 'weathered' this model by adding dabs of back paint which were then removed with white spirit, The perspex windows were replaced with tissue paper covered with varnish. It had turned buffers replacement bogies and new wheels....... It was sold in 2007 and went to Australia. Two new models received in the post yesterday - all perfect.
  8. I agree credit where credit is due, I too had a postal delivery from Hornby. Sand Pipes for Steady Aim and Sun Castle
  9. Hello Andy. D27 is getting to be quite an old model. I would venture to say that Bachmann did not knowingly market the model with DC turned off. The instruction / CV list sent out in the box has setting for a LokSound 3.5. The models were shipped with LokSound 4.0 chips. Yes - answers on a Post Card. If it was only a case, as Steve says, of turning CV29 = 6, I would not have sent the chip back to South West Digital. I have in my mind that Bachmann arranged for new models to be reprogrammed. I bought my model in 2016 by which time this offer had expired and I had to pay a hand
  10. Well if they do read this thread they could perhaps answer my question as to whether there should be a third set of sand pipes on the A2/3s. I wrote to Hornby Customer Srvice 18 March and was then asked to direct my enquiry to Hornby Technical Department which I did on 24 March. I have just reminded them today that I have not had a response - no acknolwedgement - no reply. But then I am still waiting for replies from Scottish Power and HMRC. Cheers Ray
  11. Why not? I have a DC analogue layout and a number of LokSound Bachmann and Hornby models which will 'chuff' or 'brm, brm' round my layout. All you need is a Sprog to tweak the settings. Most of the newer models run fine straight out of the box, some of the older models need the voltage lowering. There are a lot of helpful posts on my Blog, one on steam here: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/blogs/entry/18788-well-chuffed-–-Bachmann-45504-royal-signals-ds-locomotive-running-on-analogue-dc/ Cheers Ray
  12. Hello Dan I see you have linked to my blog, but have you read all of it? In the middle of my ramblings I said that I posted the D27 chip off to South West Digital who reprogrammed it so that on return it would run on Analogue. From what you say you have a new and unused model with a LockSound V4 chip. It must be worth a tenner to send it off to South West Digital, have it checked / re programmed. You could then sell it on with a clear conscience (and it coud be quite desirable). It would have been worth approaching £100.00? And in answer to Mr Pendle -
  13. Sorry for the delay in responding! I see on the 'Hornby' thread that Hornby have charged someone's credit card suggesting that their LNER model is on the way. Thanks Ray
  14. My Sony is I believe a 'bridge' camera with a Zeiss lens, the smallest aperture being f8. I tend to use aperture priority. The camera is quite compact and the trick is to find something to rest or press the camera against whilst taking the shot. This way when you are using slow shutter speeds you can avoid camera shake. Cheers Ray
  15. Thank you, good idea Dominion., I have now fettled two more tenders (and sorted the reversing lever on Sun Castle). I have added a Postscript to my Blog Post. Cheers Ray
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