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  1. Oh thats wonderful, I may have asked you this before Nile, but were did you find out about the LMWR?
  2. I've been thinking of a scenario, that might help, but its a bit, controversial and potentially tasteless given recent events. So I'll only tell if you really want me to.
  3. Well 1426 arrived today... with a big crack in its bunker. The coal load loose, shortly followed by the cab roof and rear head. I’ve glued it all back together, if it went back it would just be so much more wasted plastic. Out of curiosity does plastic cement work on hornbys stuff? Only gorilla gell is hard to control.
  4. Mine should be here by Friday, and I only order at the beginning of March.
  5. Gave Hornby a bell to ask for a follow up, they said my NCB one should be out by the end of the week.
  6. Hornby has taken payment for my Green NCB one, haven’t sent me an email though.
  7. @KR ModelsHow long will the second production run be and will you let us know when the stock gets low?
  8. It’s an ambitious CAD, and if it looks anything like it, it’l be breathtaking, I mean it better be if they seriously expect £210 for it. But... I am recalling the A2s. I had high hopes for them as well.
  9. Hmm the CADS are fantastic, but then I looked at the 3D print and had a worrying flashback to the A2/2/3s
  10. Me as well, I am now rather worried about the Dublo and APT that I’ve also got on with them.
  11. I had that same thought, post now accordingly edited
  12. Hattons taken my order as well, looks like the green is still quite poor, though to be fair that was anticipated, fit and quality looks a lot better. I assume the mechanics will be as good. More worrying though is what looks to be a very aggressive ski-jump on the footplate. Edit: Might just be the angle of the photograph.
  13. I can't find the page, could I get a link?
  14. didn’t the western region do that with train identification boards?
  15. Waverley and the C&O stay open then. Not that I imagine anyone would complain.
  16. A little off topic, but is there anyway the Class 17 'Claytons' could've been a success?
  17. You could, though at this point the only thing out of the design office would be the laughter of broken men.
  18. They'll work very well if I ever need to plead insanity.
  19. What do you need all those wheels for? Are we transporting solid blocks of depleted Uranium?
  20. Yeah... sorry that was unfair on reflection.
  21. Now that we’re into March, any sign of when the A2/3s might show up? I swear Hornbys supply issues are worse than ever.
  22. That was my though too. There were meant to be six. So GREAT EASTERN GREAT CENTRAL NORTH EASTERN NORTH BRITISH Great Northern was of course accounted for,
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