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  1. Chips can be tweaked, but in my case I used identical chips in identical EMUs (I think EU621s). To do that level of tweaking you would really need a SPROG which presents the speed table graphically and is easily adjusted. First off if possible is to run them on DC and see how they are speed matched, if they are pretty much the same then if the same chip is used in both then it is much easier. Like you I've got too many of the things, I did get a 2HIL, but have yet to lash out on a 2HAP! Having said that I have 2 4TCs!! I've an MLV and a 4 CEP but don't run them together, the l
  2. I regularly run two OO Bachman 2EPB emus together without actually consisting, but both have the same DCC id. They are well matched without having to tweak CVs. One is actually reversed to the other, using just the usual CV29 twiddle which is well documented elsewhere. I use an NCE Powercab which during the chip setup process actually asks if you want it normal or reversed and does the CV29 twiddling for you!
  3. Berkhamsted on the WCML, the castle (ruined) is just across the road from the rear entrance.
  4. I've got an insulfrog code 100 double slip in the station throat of my end to end exhibition (remember them?) layout that has been no trouble. The key thing is to ensure that it is absolutely flat on the underlay with no twist, I found that out the hard way years ago. It's survived a fair number of shows with an intensive service of mainly EMUs with some parcels stock shunting over it. Hope that helps
  5. If it is all connected correctly as in your photos then the red LED should be alight. As the display is lit then power is getting through to the Powercab. In my experience the lack of a red light has been caused by either a faulty cable/plug or a dodgy socket, I've had one of each over some 8-10 years of use including some intensive exhibition use. So in my experience rare Have you tried wiggling the cable and the plugs in the sockets, are there any kinks in the cable, the wires inside are small and don't like being kinked.
  6. Have a look at the Zimo range of chips, reasonably priced, pretty small and with good range of adjustable CVs.
  7. Which decoder are you using? Some have a limited number of adjustable CVs.
  8. Ah! those 2BIL kits, they got me into 3rd rail EMUs. I picked up two at a very good price quite some years back. They went together well and ran (with Tenshodo power) on my first EMU layout for quite a few shows. I still have them stored away. I then got another along with the conversion kit to make it into a 2HAL, but then Mr Hornby brought out their 2HAL! So it got stored unmade. Oh well, then the same thing happened with Charlie's EMU and DEMU kits. So all in all quite few languishing projects!!!
  9. Works very well agree with Andi, been using a couple for some years very useful at exhibitions ( er .. what are they?)
  10. A set of fine drill bits and a pin chuck. I used to buy mine at shows, so don't know any suppliers, but the model mags should show some. Someone should be along shortly with suitable suppliers. I'ver a reasonable stock so haven't bought any for quite a while.
  11. I noticed! I have corrected the original post.
  12. I've used both Peco 75 and 100 on US layouts, no issue at all. A variety of locos through from Trackmobiles up to SD50s .
  13. I'd suspect an issue with the gearing, maybe caused by wear if something is free in one direction but shifts and binds in the other when run the opposite way, maybe a bearing or the worm gear shifts just enough to catch on something.
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