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  1. The article refers to "Rolling stock for Kingsferry", the stock referred to are Mallard/Blacksmiths coach kits from the above.
  2. Unfortunately, I see that business has had a mention in the August Railway Modeller, I wonder how many unwary modellers are going to get bitten.
  3. We used to put penny bangers under dustbin lids, the metal ones, they used to make one helluva a racket. Another pastime was attacking each other with air rifles, using tin foil for ammo, cheaper than pellets and less injury if you got hit. Not many snowflakes in the late 50s and early 60s, except the white ones in the winter.
  4. To my eye, the Ratio kit looks more refined than the Rails offering and also the darker grey of the kit, looks better. It would be nice if Peco revisited the Ratio kits now that they're in the Parkside range.
  5. Just don't start CK off on one of his arty type comments.
  6. For droppers, I use lace making pins, I drill a hole slightly under the diameter of the pin, tap the pin in until it's about 3 or 4mm proud of the track bed, put the rail on top and solder it, tap the rail down, turn the board, snip off the pin around 6mm from the baseboard and solder a length of wire to it and repeat until all the track is down and droppered. Connect the wires as required.
  7. I think Gordon's greatest achievement with ET, was that he managed to actually complete the layout sufficiently that he was actually able to run the trains in the manner in which he wanted and he was able to have a play before he went for the op.
  8. If other motors are also showing a short when connected to the CDU, perhaps there's a fault with the CDU. Do the motors work without the CDU?
  9. Following on from young Spams comments, it's possible that the quartering on one axle is slightly out, it doesn't take much. The way I check, is to get the crank pins horizontal on one side and then check the other side to see that they are all either top dead centre or bottom dead centre.
  10. This is great news, thanks to all and Andy Y. for the gesture.
  11. Some lines don't have a signalman, as I mentioned above on the ESR is one of them. Also ISTR that when a DMU failed on the Bere Alston to Gunnislake section of the Gunni branch, the guard had a taxi back to Plymouth, as that was the quickest way to get the staff for the FPL at Bere Alston onto the Thunderbird.
  12. Certainly on the ESR, if the token remains with the loco, there's no way to get a 2nd rescue loco off shed, unless the point locks are dismantled, it's one engine in steam. The fireman protects the train with dets and then returns to shed with the token. I doubt that the ESR is the only railway that operates without the benefit of a signal box and signalmen.
  13. I was always amazed at Colin's dedication to cutting out windows, definitely requires dedication and dexterity to get each the same, especially the 4sub? As seen on the other P4 layout, whose name escapes me.
  14. The rule book is quite explicit on who needs to do what and when, regardless of whether it's a heritage railway or the big one. On single lines withone engine in steam the token needs to travel to the box from which the rescue is coming, to allow the rescue loco to access the line.
  15. I and most members of our club, leave fence and telegraph wires off. Looks better than over scale wires IMO.
  16. In the club, we put the joiner/fishplate on, take it off turn it around and fit it again, then add the next piece of track.
  17. The pick up goods would drop off and pick up, heading up the map, North? all similar sidings would also be dealt with in that direction, sidings in the other direction would be dealt with on the other leg of the journey.
  18. I would say, that, that means work is progressing and not being interrupted by wasting time posting on here.
  19. Not many layout topics stay like that for very long, on here.
  20. Slyme Regis was another notorious hill black spot for motorised transport, just so that the S & D enthusiasts are kept happy.
  21. They are also known to add spurious details, this is so that they can protect their copyright.
  22. Several ranges of hills in Somerset, Blackdowns, some of Exmoor, Mendips and Quantocks.
  23. Agree, Sussex is Sussex, which ever bit you're from.
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