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  1. You could use this :- https://www.craftycomputerpaper.co.uk/magic-decal-paper/
  2. I would suspect that foreign vehicles would be included in any long distance parcels train, with vehicles attaching and detaching enroute.
  3. When I was shunting on a preserved railway and out of hours, me and the driver had a chat about what needed to happen and then we just got on and did it, definitely no pussyfooting around, tea and pub were calling. When I was a kid and lived near a large goods yard, the shunting proceeded at a rapid pace, at least into the early 60's, I went to sleep counting the chuff, chuffs, before the crashing and banging of buffers. I learnt later that it was probably an E4 doing the shunting. When dad took me up to London for the Easter show, we always went up on the "slow " and at Gatwick, the train would stop just short of the portion already in the platform, whilst the passengers alighted, but more likely dashing to the front, it was compartment stock, at least in the middle 60's.
  4. The trainshed should keep you occupied for awhile, with all those trusses, but quite repetitive.
  5. How about biting the bullet and building the layout, so that we can see all the fantastic architectural modelling in its natural setting.
  6. I use " Building O gauge " safety flux, there may be a thread on here, but I can't do links on my tablet.
  7. Thanks, Mr Chuffer, I didn't realize that there were two sizes of brake gear, when I looked at the sprue I thought they were the same and just cut out the easiest one. I have now fitted it. I have had to make a new reversing linkage, as the one on the sprue broke as I was cutting it out and one bit pinged off, as a sacrifice to the carpet monster. Hopefully it won't look too awful, once painted.
  8. Another one for tinning the brass first with 145° or higher solder, I then tin with low melt solder, a dab of liquid flux and then hold the piece in place and a quick in and out with the iron.
  9. Try a PM to Coach Bogie on here, he seems to be in regular contact with David.
  10. According to the latest MRJ, David Geen is now selling a full kit, for the K22.
  11. Thanks, there is a linkage, part 9, just visible in the first photo, that goes between the two V-hangers.
  12. I hope that you will post the building process on here, that way I will hopefully know what the pitfalls are, when I get around tuit.
  13. I have recently acquired a couple of MAJ wagon kits for the L & Y. I have a problem with the brake gear for the double end door wagon, in the moulding is longer than the distance between the wheels. Does anyone know of a suitable source of alternative brake gear? The only other alternative will be to try and butcher the existing moulding to fit, not too difficult on the long reach rod end, but it will be a right pain at the short end.
  14. It's possible to get P4 curves down to 3 foot radius, with gauge widening and some slop in the chassis. Tim Venton's, Clutton roundy roundy has 3 foot curves at each end.
  15. Hopefully you have a PM with 6 pages of attachments. After a struggle, the computer didn't want to play, then the laptop couldn't find the drivers, but I got there in the end.
  16. Stars and Castles hauled 4 coach expresses to Bristol via Devizes, that gives you double track running between Reading and Patney on the Berks and Hants.
  17. I have an unopened Great Western Wagons Y2 kit, whichI presume is the same as the David Geen kit. I don't know how well the destructions will scan, but I will give it a go at the weekend.
  18. It's just been on the Spotlight news, driver training has started and you can buy train tickets to and from OKE now to use from the 20th November.
  19. When I used to make home-brewed beer, I used to put the hops in one leg of a pair of tights, the local shop didn't sell stockings.
  20. Going back to the weathering, it might be worth getting hold of something cheap and practicing on that, where at least you can strip it all off and have another go until you have reached the level of proficiency that satisfies you and then do your pride and joy, deseasal.
  21. The water scoop will be redundant, trains don't run fast enough, to be able to make a pick up. Heading for the door, now.
  22. My local only takes cash, but does have a cash machine, so not only does he charge for the beer, but also gets a kick back from the cash machine. I try to remember to get cash before going to the pub.
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