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New Peco Website

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The "new" website is not user-friendly.

I had the same issue with not being able to find point plans - that they had on the previous website.


Where have the wiring diagrams gone?

They used to have links to the instruction leaflets.


I have emailed them to find out where they've been hidden.





A prompt response from Peco with the relevant diagrams that I'm after.


They are in the queue to be added to the new website.




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Resurrecting an old thread - but very frustrated by the PECO website.


Selection of a new view format, sorting rule, or number of items per page resets all the filters. Various other filters get reset constantly, seemingly randomly.


No way of sorting to see all OO landscapes, buildings, rolling stock, etc. I get why they do it by brand, but it'd be helpful to also sort by category.


While there are thousands upon thousands of items, maybe they could start with one range at a time, and those more expensive items? (those more likely to be searched online?).


It should be good; it looks like they put a lot of work into this; and then haven't worked up on functionality since launch.


E-commerce is hard, really hard. Time consuming and expensive. I get it, but even some minor updates could make this a little easier to get around. 

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