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Since this morning, when I logged in first thing using this iPad, (pop up there again!), I’ve been using my phone (a Huawei) to access the site, not had any trouble and no pop ups. 

I logged in this evening using my iPad and it worked without the pop up showing up!



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I’ve now got adverts sliding up from the bottom of the screen as I scroll, which I think is new.


Internet adverts are a bit like listening to Radio Luxembourg as a kid in Birkenhead.  You got to hear the music, but there was lots of noise...  I do wonder how many RMWeb enthusiasts actually want to buy a fitted bedroom, presumably enough to make it worth someone’s while!






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As regards the "Options" we are required to approve or deny.

I just came across something on a DC Thomson site and it was decidely dodgy

After I had disabled all the none essential cookies (a rather longer list than normal) I went back to the start to check I had done them all and found they had all re-enabled.

Surely that is illegal? (Windows)

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