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IIRC, Impact started as a crash repair/bodyshop,

and then diversified. I called on them a few times

when I was a rep. (Wynn's, and later, Mega-Power)


I also recall, whilst 'repping', a Chinese takeaway

called The Golden Stool, maybe it lost something

in translation, but I never had the urge to go in!



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Virgin media have started naming their vans with movie-themed pun names as below, also seen Lee Van Cleef, groan ! ! !




A retired freind, an ex Birmingham driver, just  might like them, Cliff Edge.



Theres a couple in melton. Dick van dyke and jean claude van damme. I have also seen van morrison and the international van of mystery...


On the shops front we have a 'wok this way' and 'fu lum' chinese takeaways

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Pun? Cockney rhyming slang? Further East than Bow Bells (or maybe Bow Locks)?




I like "Indilish" for the a combination of Indian, English and possibly delish(-ous).

Apparently Bollywood films are contributing to the rise of Hinglish, a variety of Hindi-Urdu with English words thrown in. I wonder if the language on menus is having the opposite effect, introducing words from India to English?

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On a very long trip out over the weekend, Marriots Chariots on a coach, then by the side of a road on the A47 Kelleys Big Baps and later on somewhere up north Angies Big Baps.

 the Q

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There's a "Rumblin' Tum" in Moffat.
South Croydon used to have "The Rock and Sole Plaice".
In addition to "The Plaice Station", Warrington also has a "Codfathers", "Hairs Rock", "Hair today" and an exotic pet shop called "Leeroy's Lizzard Lounge".
My personal favourites are a chip shop in South Wales, "A fish called Rhondda" and another not far from here, "Frying Nemo".

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One of our local shops a while back was advertising "4 candles for £5".


A colleague of mine walked in and asked for "four candles". Everyone in the shop burst out laughing,apart from the Polish shop assistant serving him who'd never seen the sketch and wondered what all the fuss was about....

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not quite a pun, but amusing to me (although it certainly didn't make me want to shop there). I saw this a few years back when I had the misfortune to be in stoke (but I've nicked a better photo google found - mine was taken at night so wasn't so great):



I also found that in the US there's a chain of car washes called 'Willy Wash' my american friends didn't understand why I found it amusing!

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Coming back from the Mickleover Exhibition today, passed a shop selling fishing gear in Kegworth, named


Soar Tackle


I saw the funny side, SWMBO was less quick on the uptake.





You can also get your tackle and other stuff at this establishment in a nearby town, possible the cheapest of all laughs http://www.yellowpages.com/east-haven-ct/mip/master-bait-tackle-22775413


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