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N gauge Crowdfunded APT-P (Warley announcement)

DJM Dave

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Hi everyone,

As promised here's the APT update. sorry it''s late.


ICONIC??.....................You Bet!!!

DJModels Ltd and Durham Trains of Stanley are proud to announce a NEW and exciting crowdfunding venture for the ‘Holy Grail’ of modern era N gauge models ……….. The APT!

This model will be made by the worlds most successful RTR Model Railway Crowdfunder, DJModels Ltd, with exclusive help from Crewe Heritage Railway Centre, who have allowed us Exclusive rights to measure, laser scan, and photograph their APT train, the last one in the world.

The models basic design work has started and as such we already know what we will strive to feature on this train, and it will be available in 5,6,7,10 and 14 car sets all with authentic paint and interior finishes including decalled depiction of Red and Blue tartan seat finishes for first and second class.

Tilt will also be possible we believe and will work to a maximum of 5-10 degrees and be damped to avoid coach wobble. We hope to include internal carriage lighting as well that uses a capacitor to keep lighting alive in the train when operating on DC and stopped for a short period of time!

The train will have provision for a single Next18 decoder and also be fully sound compatible.

Directional lighting as standard, no gap close coupling and electrical transfer.

Lifting nose with NEM pocket behind for ‘dragging’

Auto levelling pantograph mechanism for when tilting. (Final specifications to be confirmed)

Crowdfunding orders for this project will be via the Durham Trains of Stanley web site from Saturday 25th November. It will remain open for 6 months or close before this date if the required sign ups are reached.

Please note, monies are not required until the threshold is reached and only then a deposit will be needed.

Once the threshold is reached each customer will be invited to a scanning party exclusive to crowdfunders at Crewe Heritage Centre where you will get to see it all take place, get a design briefing and presentation from DJModels plus get a light lunch and hot drink on the train itself to get a feel for this iconic train. Tilt may also be operational on the day for you to experience.

We hope that this is the first of a NEW ‘West Coast’ range in N gauge and hope to produce the following models in the coming years as part of the range…..Classes 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85, plus EMU classes 303, 304 and 312.

If there is enough demand they will consider running a crowdfunder for the model in OO gauge.


Now, please understand that this is a DJM crowdfunder, DJM is the designer, manufacturer and supplier for the project, and DToS are handling the orders as their ordering system is far more efficient than DJM's one is currently.

DToS are doing lots behind the scenes, however, to help the model come to fruition.


I have ample capacity to do another 6-8 projects at this time without breaking into anything like a hot sweat, and when anyone asks if i want to be asociated with anything so iconic and desired as the Ultimate UK tilting train, and the zenith, quite possibly, of UK design and build trains, then of course i'm going to say yes.

It's also worth noting that as i have ample capacity it means i can easily take on more work at any time, while still working on existing crowdfunders and DJM own projects. As for the latter, nothing has changed although i have after showing a 3D sample for the 92 in all its true detail glory, extended the deadline for sign ups for both gauges, and i will bring this part of the project to a close in the first week of February for both gauges, and start tooling.

I have consciously decided not to go to tooling now as it would mean asking for the main deposit now right before Christmas and in the first month of 2018 which sometimes a hard month due to its length between paydays, so please be aware that i shall be asking for these fund it Feb.

this will also give crowdfunders the chance to sign up for the Stobart livery 92 as i now have that licence too. (details this week on how and where to order).

I'll finish with a couple of pictures that show the magnificent beast itself plus the Jpeg of the handbills given out at Warley 2017


Please note this is a DJM crowdfunding project and DJM will be invoicing, designing, and finally supplying the finished model and is therefore totally responsible for your investment.

Also: Please Note: Any 'pure' crowdfunding venture is an investment with no guarantee of return, and your invested capital (deposit payments) are at risk. Please consider carefully whether you wish to partake in this venture before ordering.









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I have no need or use for an N gauge one... But that probably won't stop me from getting one.


As for a OO version if things go well with the N version ... That would be a definite 100% order from me!


Great to see DTOS involved in this (another reason for my probable support for the N version)

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Interested in OO gauge one. But given the size of the train, I am curious how it will be offered.

There's a photo of a DJM poster on another thread which suggests it will be available for N in different lengths, up to 14 vehicles. That would be a formidable pack in 00.


2x 00 for me please...



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There's a photo of a DJM poster on another thread which suggests it will be available for N in different lengths, up to 14 vehicles. That would be a formidable pack in 00.


2x 00 for me please...




Where is the poster? I have seen it once but can't find it anywhere in today's DJM posts now...



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£800 for a 10 car and £900 for 14. Far too expensive for a rule one purchase, I’m out I’m afraid! I fear you’ll find it a tough sell at those prices.

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The price compares with the Farish 5-Car Blue Pullman (£300 - £900 for 3 off but at 2013/4 prices!) but even as a collector/runner there are a few too many options even for my wallet.... I would hope these are reviewed as interest is received as this would focus production into models that will reach production.


I am not convinced by the tilt if this is adding to the cost or makes the set derail/run poorly on layouts.




Ah, Thanks for that :no: personally don't think the price is too horrendous given the complexity of such a model...

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