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Brass HO Scale 0-6-0 "CR 335"

Vanguard 5374

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Looking for help identifying this locomotive, if it was a kit or a good scratchbuild and it’s origins. Has all the hallmarks of a Midland/LMS 4F to my eye but some key details missing for that prototype.


The model appears to be British HO scale, it features a Bonds Horsehoe motor, brass body and tender. Dark blue with “C R” on the tender and is numbered 335.


Chassis construction is very old school and far out of my area of expertise (see the 2nd pic)







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26 minutes ago, Michael Edge said:

It looks fairly generic - certainly not Caledonian and more like a 4F than anything else.


Not banking on it even being remotely Caledonian, rather wondering if that was the initials of the builder or it had belonged to someone with a railway that ran under CR. It's a fine model and looks to have been kit built, can't have been many HO scale kits using Bond's motors.

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There was a partwork called Model & Miniature Railways, is there a photo of that loco in it somewhere? I'm sure I've seen that model before.


The partwork was printed as a book too, but only selected articles.


I don't have either to hand, so I hope I'm not sending anyone chasing undomesticated Geese!

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It is, I would suggest, a Midland 0-6-0 painted in a pseudo-Caledonian livery.  Caledonian livery for passenger and mixed traffic engines was blue (the shade varied quite a bit - we don't want to start an argument about that here) with crimson lake below the footplate.  Lining was white/black/white.


Caledonian Railway number 335 was a Lambie 0-6-0, a development of the well known "Jumbo" class, by Dugald Drummond, so at least who ever was responsible got the number of wheels right.  The livery, aside from its shortcomings, is incorrect, as the real 335 was painted in lined goods black in Caledonian days.


Charming, but it's about as accurate as a Dublo Southern Railway 0-6-2T.





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