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Anyone got an easy way of fitting Peco bogie coaches on the track?


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2 hours ago, Keith Addenbrooke said:

A rerailer is the thing - presumably an N gauge one would work.  I agree wide, low-slung bodies and small wheels make it more challenging.  Keith.

One of he best (and cheapest) investments I've made.

My only problem is I keep losing mine, but that's

no different from screwdrivers, pencils etc.

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When I fitted new couplings to the body of a scratchbuilt coach with footboards I made a point of keeping a re-railer (Lima N, though I have a Jouef H0e one too) in its storage box. The couplings had originally been attached to the bogies so I used to straighten the bogies up for railing using the couplings.

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