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Robert Hudson "Rugga" V Skip Wagons

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They still are in use……


We have lots of Rugga skips and similar ones at Leighton Buzzard….


A very simple wagon for moving minerals, sand, clay……


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On 07/02/2024 at 23:42, Flying Pig said:


A very nicely made short film.  I guess the same Robin and Kelvin Pinnock as this?



Yes, this video was made as a 'before and after' account of the railway, knowing that the area was soon to be redeveloped. 

Kelvin and Robin Pinnock

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On 07/02/2024 at 16:55, Fair Oak Junction said:

Does anyone know roughly how late these wagons were still in use on industrial narrow gauge lines? Or if there were wagons types that replaced them?


Do you specifically mean Hudson Rugga only or are you including similar skips made by other people (like Allens of Tipton, or one of the continental manufacturers like Koppel or Decauville) as well? In any case they’d generally have been in use until the lines closed for replacement by lorries or conveyor belts (or the industry itself closed down), so ‘how late’ depends on the specific line you’re looking at, but otherwise it’s the same general trend as most other industrial narrow gauge (in the UK it would be common in the 50s/60s, much rarer by the 90s and hardly any left today, outside of a few specific industries/applications that make more use of narrow gauge railways). It isn’t really like BR where all the wagons of a certain type were withdrawn by a certain specified date and replaced by a more modern alternative. There may be more modern versions of such skip wagons made by someone like Alan Keef (because Hudson no longer exists) for situations that require them.

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