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DR3D models - 3d printed wagons in 4mm scale. New prints available!


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6 hours ago, Schooner said:

Huzzah and congratulations!


The wagons are excellent, kits easily assembled and instructions among, if not, the very best. More power to your elbow, more of your wares to my layout...!


Thanks for your kind words as well as your previous support and encouragement. It has been very much appreciated.



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  • drduncan changed the title to DR3D models - 3d printed wagons in 4mm scale. New prints available!
Posted (edited)

New print available - 4GWR-016 GWR ex Cornwall Minerals Railway iron bodied China clay tippler wagon. 




The CMR built over 200 small iron bodied, very short wheelbase, but wooden underframe, China Clay wagons in 1874 using two builders, the Swansea Wagon Company and the West of England Wagon Company. Within a few years the CMR and its China clay fleet had been leased to the GWR. The wagons appear to have been built with dumb buffers at the tooling end and self contained buffers at the non tipping end. Later the wagons were altered to have self contained buffers at both ends - probably in the 1900s - although the wagon stock books are silent on these alterations.


As the wagons were built by independent wagon manufacturers not the CMR or GWR, these wagons may also be of interest to those creating proto-freelance independent railway companies of the late Victorian and Edwardian period whose traffic requires an end tippling mineral wagon where a very short wheelbase would be an advantage such as a dock or similar loading/unloading point where there might be very tight radii curves to negotiate. 

4GWR-016 is for the early version of the wagon with dumb buffers and self contained buffers. It comprises a one piece body and chassis complete with brake gear as well as axle boxes and springs at the brake lever end of the print. Included with the print are a pair of separate self contained buffer housings and a pair of axle boxes and spring assemblies to facilitate a compensated chassis if desired.



Also included in the print is an axle alignment jig for either OO or EM/P4 - please state which is required on ordering.   

Cost for 4GWR-016 is £15 plus p & p. Prints can be ordered by emailing DR3Dmodels@outlook.com


Thanks for your interest.




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Better image and additonal info that may be of interest to @Schooner and others
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