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Hi Mike


Good to see you on here, I hope you are well? Like you I also remember meeting up with you at Swanage for their gala, on a very hot September weekend. many thanks for the links to your own modelling work.

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Changing tack slightly but to give a heads up that a new Southern layout is about to be born. At the Hornby Magazine Live / Hartlepool model railway exhibiton in a weeks time (9/10th July) Mike Wild (editor or Hornby Mag) , Richard Proudman and myself will be building a layout over the weekend of the show as a live demo.

It will be called Ashland, owing to it being loosely based on a couple of North Cornwall Railway stations, and will comprise of a typical passing station and goods yard built across two 4' 6" scenic boards. I will make sure that a few pictures are posted on here after the event. I am pretty confident that we will be able to complete it.


Just to catch up, Ashland was indeed built and finished over the course of the weekend show and we had a full train service running for the last hour of the show. Just to prove it he I am behind the controls with the second train of the day.




A full feature on how we did it will be in the next issue of the Hornby Magazine out next week (it went to press yesterday!)

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Cheeky.......yeah lack of facia painting was due to someone forgetting the black paint! We do have a lighting rig for the layout already as it shares the same one from Mike's Berrybridge layout (which is where the fiddle yards also come from) we just didnt set them up on the day.

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Hello Southern Railway Modellers.


Firstly the usual caveat of 'please feel free to move this if it's in the wrong place.'


Ok. I recently posed a question on RMWeb 'Is my Third Rail Plan Correct?'




Much helpful information came forth.


But what struck me was that my thread would eventually get lost in the archives of RMWeb history. There seems to be no repository for received wisdom/accumulated knowledge /archive pictures on the matter to which others can easily refer in the future. And to my knowledge there are no books or web pages where such information is centralised.


There is the much referenced page by Russ Elliott:


This page helped me a lot, but if you check my thread on the subject, it seems to pose as many questions as it answers when it comes to Southern Railway practices specifically.


So I wonder whether there's any interest in the Southern Railway Group here on RMWeb having such a page or thread, to which we can all contribute/discuss and build a body of accumulated knowledge about Third Rail?


It would definitely benefit me, and perhaps other Southern Railway modellers to come (?)


What does the panel think?


I know there is the SEMG, but they have no such page - and personally, following the email group, I find having photos divorced from emails unintuitive to navigate and a fracture to the thought process. Similarly, the practice of 'daily posts' (of everything) rather than 'thread by subject' equally frustrating to follow when it comes to trying to follow a specific subject matter.




On a similar note: I tried to investigate electric point machines in Southern Railway days and find there's virtually nothing out there (plenty on point rodding/signal boxes/or point mechanisms in more recent years) but very little on the infrastructure in the inter-war years. Or did they not have them until after the war?? That question sort of proves my case :) It's quite difficult to find these things out...


Do people think it's worth having a section/thread of this Southern Railway Group dedicated to such matters?


Just a thought.


Over to the great and good ...







btw - I'm thinking specifically that such a thread would not be about matters such as carriage set numbers, liveries, route numbers etc, that are covered elsewhere - but would cover matters about which it is currently difficult to obtain information - colour light signalling practice springs to mind- there's always plenty about semaphore signals, but less about electric signals in the interwar years.


Equally, I know there is limited interest in this period - so understand if others may not feel this is worthy of much time.

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Hi Mark


Yes I agree an specific Southern related Third rail thread is a good idea, and I would certainly welcome you starting one here within the Southern Railway Group. Perhaps a cut and paste of some of the useful information discussed in your own mentiond thread would be a starting point.


Russ's excellent reference site is already listed in the Southern / BR(s) Miscellaneous links page on here but as you say a thread to capture further discussion would be of benefit.

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Hi Rod


Yes the office block between the Main and Windsor line platforms was known as the 'village'. It was of course demolished to make way for the Eurostar platforms.


There was a rather useful staff canteen there. I remember using it in 1965.

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I hope this is the right place to say "hello".


I've signed-up because I have the beginnings of a cunning plan: to build a central division layout set in the '70s (the summer of 76).


Even at the plywood and imagination stage, I have oodles of questions about prototype practice.


I can offer a bit of knowledge in return, having worked for the cm&ee dept (power supply division) in the 70/80s.


The nooks and crannies of Waterloo............. I could go on for ages, I spent a month assisting a guy who had the sysiphian task of cataloging every piece of electrical and mechanical plant in the Waterloo complex to allow maintenance scheduling. The theatre, the publicity store arch, the rifle range (BTP guys gave me shooting lessons at lunchtime), the boiler house, the boardroom, we trawled the whole place.


Enough reminiscing for now, OS

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I've just had a browse through the SR/BR(S) layouts thread. I'm very surprised to see only one N gauge and one 7mm, all others are various flavours of 4mm/00, further to that only 2 claim to be pre 1948.


I must say I feel very lonely, modelling 1930s steam in N gauge, lovely Maunsell olive, no gaudy malashite, will anybody else admit to pre Bulleid steam - in any gauge/scale? Having gone to school alongside the Bomo/Weymouth line in the 1940s my SR memories are of Ex LSWR Adams, Drummond and Urie classes plus examples of most of the Maunsell classes. My earlier layouts were set mid to late 50s but I've gradually built up a reasonably representative stock of older classes from an Adams A12, B4s, Drummond M7s, 700s, T9, K10 through Urie and Maunsell 4-6-0s and a Q, I also allow a couple of LMS visitors via the Somerset & Dorset.


Future plans include an Adams 4-4-0, and other Drummond 4-4-0s, have a kit for a D15 waiting it's turn. Currently the Nelson is getting a new tender, the Rivarossi drive failed so I'm replacing it with a Minitrix drive and the original pattern tender.


Suppose I'd better start uploading some pics and text.

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Threads on your layout and your locomotive / rolling stock building / conversions would be more than welcome. Once you have stated them let me know and I will make sure they are suitably linked from the relevent threads within this group.

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Bit of news on the 12" : 1'  scale for SR fans




Hope they intend issuing through tickets from Branksome, I can probably just about walk there pushing my 4 wheel cross between a Zimmer and a wheel chair (AKA a Rollator)


Then all I want is a lottery win to get Adams 563 out of York and running on Swanage  rails!!

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                         To fellow Southern modelers', I am dt or David Todd.

Graham, has said he will kindly, link my layout, in Southern Layouts, when time permits.


I have been @ sea,most of my working life (still all at sea  :scratchhead: ), no connection with railways.

What triggered my interest ?

I first moved into a village in Kent, Shepherdswell.

While waiting for an early train to Dover @ 0530, an apparition appeared on the down line 

from the mists,at that early hour in Nov.

On it's own,glided through the platforms' and disappeared into Lydden Tunnel.

It looked like a sad ghoul

Never seen the likes of it before, that was me, "hooked".............. :O

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I'm Foz, 24, live in Essex, work in the south on the railway mostly installing the 3rd rail :)

Been a modeller on and off for ten years influenced by my father whom owns a model shop in Burnham, Essex.

I have developed a longing for a new layout, I will have a 16"x8" shed to play in and plan to build a 00 gauge DCC layout based on something very southern and pre 1948.

Going to have a go at installing 3rd rails and hand building points from the C&L kits :)

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A reminder to S.R.G. Members - and prospective Members - that our annual get together and sales event is at St.Nicholas' Church Hall in Guildford tomorrow ( GU2 4AW ) : - 


11.00 doors open

11.30 AGM

12.00 lunch and quiz

13.30-1500 talk by Brian Jackson on his father's photographs from 1953

End 1530/1600 ..... in time to get home to watch the footie - if you must !

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