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Crisis Rail

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As mentioned the WNXX thread has been closed.


I have settled on an interior works - shed concept not so much for the operational interest but a couple of decent stock items I have would look well displayed in a works environment.


Inspired by the excellent "Boxenby" by Grimleygrid and numerous visits to the NRM at York seeing "The Works" section to create a definitely lesser version of a shed interior where maintenance is carried out. I have a general idea of rail working practice although it is nowhere near prototypical and is only represented by what's in the spares box and is readily available in the model kit market.


Nevertheless I have been employed in a manufacturing environment most of my working life (Aerospace) and know what the inside of "factories" look like albeit in a converted aircraft hangar where I have been for the last 20 years - also use and had an overhead crane hanging above me so I have a general idea of what they do.... :)


Any information about the rail industry way of exams and light maintenance will be very much appreciated.










Oil and grime staining - maybe a bit heavy but better when viewed from a lesser angle - most of this will be covered by inspection platforms.


(I have seen some factory floors as bad as this)




The excellent Scalescenes Kit basis for the overhead crane.



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Lack of enthusiasm has curtailed things at present am waiting for a couple of Scenecraft releases (Shunters Mess - Fuelling Point probably released about 2014) as I have suddenly found scratchbuilding tedious - virtually sold up most of my stock but still follow others projects especially Sandhills now that he is back up and running.


I wasn't happy with the internal office areas - no matter what I tried nothing seemed to gel - I still have the walls if you want to have a go yourself...! :)


I have good old Scenecraft 44-126 here on my bench - might do something with it over the winter as a "what if" Freightliner had a presence in Peterborough - after all it is Peterborough........



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